Yukon Summer

Yukon Summers

  • P1-2017-08-16-JennyTrapnell-MilesCanyon.JPG

    Issue: 2017-08-16, PHOTO: Jenny Trapnell

    Hiking Miles Canyon to Canyon City: A Landscape with a Past

    One of the most visited attractions in Whitehorse, the Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge, is a great launching point for interesting half-day hikes. Located about 10 minutes from downtown by road, the historic 95-year-old suspension bridge (which has... more

    Aug 16, 2017

  • GOPR3450.JPG

    Issue: 2017-08-16, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

    Falling in love with the Yukon

    Every week I spend in the Yukon, the more I fall in love with this Northern magical place. I feel lucky to call this place home. This week was spent doing more Yukon Search and Rescue training and volunteering at the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass... more

    Aug 16, 2017

  • P2-2017-08-02-JozienK-FlowersCinquefoil.jpg

    Issue: 2017-08-02, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

    Hiking the Same Ol’ Trail

    I never understood how people love to go camping at the same spot year after year, or walk the same trail over and over, canoe the same river, or go to the same mall. I realize now that we all have different goals. I myself have a strong desire to... more

    Aug 2, 2017

  • GOPR3433.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-07-19, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

    The Week That Was...

    The week began with my English friend finally making it with her CanaDream Camper – a one-month, one-woman journey from Calgary to Whitehorse. For the special occasion , to celebrate her arrival, we decided to head to Takhini Hot Springs; my first... more

    Jul 19, 2017

  • GOPR3348.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-07-12, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

    An Epic Weekend of Hiking

    The saying in Yukon is you only truly experience the Yukon when you get out in the wilderness, and those words are accurate beyond belief.From incredible hikes, to a free boat ride, to some refreshing beers and a Sunday afternoon Canadian barbecue... more

    Jul 12, 2017


  • P06-2017-07-05-YvonneMueller-boat2.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-07-05, PHOTO: Yvonne Mueller

    Big Fun at Little Atlin Lake

    You don’t own a boat or a canoe? No problem – Little Atlin Lodge is one of the very rare locations in the Yukon where you can rent a boat or a canoe directly on a lake shore. The Little Atlin Lodge at km 6 of Highway #7 (Atlin Road) offers boat... more

    Jul 5, 2017

  • P1-2017-06-21-HarryKern-2016RiverQuest.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-21, PHOTO: Harry Kern

    A Year of Firsts for Yukon River Quest

    At this year’s Yukon River Quest, stand up paddleboarders will be competing for prize money for the first time. The 2016 race introduced the stand up paddleboard category as an experiment. “Stand up paddleboards are hugely popular now and we had... more

    Jun 21, 2017

  • P1-2017-06-21-YTG-MidnightSun.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-21, PHOTO: Government of Yukon

    Plenty of fun under the midnight sun!

    Celebrated across cultures for centuries, the summer solstice falls on Wednesday, June 21. Each year, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year and brings with it the kickoff of the major summer festivities in the Yukon. This week will... more

    Jun 21, 2017

  • Cypripedium passerinum.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-14, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

    Orchids In and Around Whitehorse

    The calypso orchid, sometimes called the fairy or venus slipper, was already blooming by the end of May and the rest will follow soon. I suspect that the Platanthera obtusata, known as the northern bog orchid, will follow soon. The height of bloom... more

    Jun 14, 2017

  • P1-Sub-2017-05-14-MarkBeese-LakeLabergeatnight.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-31, PHOTO: Mark Beese

    Camping Etiquette

    Winter has released his icy grip on the Yukon, and that brings my favorite season: camping season. In early May I along with several friends pitched our campers and tents at Lake LaBerge. We lucked out and got choice sites along the lakeshore. As... more

    May 31, 2017

  • storm-918589.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-17, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Thunder and Lightning

    Thunder and lightning do not seem to be as common here in the Yukon as in southern Canada. However, lightning strikes are probably the most common cause of our forest fires. Lightning is a gigantic spark jumping between a charged cloud and the... more

    May 17, 2017

  • Photo1CrocusJPG.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-04-05, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

    Yukon Wildflowers that Bloom in April

    Last year we had an early spring and I found the first prairie crocus blooming on April 1st. Most years the crocus blooms near the end of April. If you want to become a crocus hunter, don’t wait for all the snow to melt. If the daytime temperature... more

    Apr 5, 2017


  • image1.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-04-05, Photo: courtesy of Ryan MacGillivray

    Wicked Fit

    Ryan MacGillivray has been sheep hunting for 10 years. Three years ago, he had the idea to start a boot camp for sheep hunters. He did this because he knew the participants in the camp would push him to train harder for the sheep hunting season. more

    Apr 5, 2017

  • DSC00459.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Pacing Ourselves to Pigeon Spire

    On my third day in the Bugs I team up with my friend Andrew, who is one of the late-comers. We wake up when our bodies decide to and have a leisurely morning. Our objective for the day is the West Ridge of Pigeon Spire - a very easy technical... more

    Feb 22, 2017


  • GOPR1114.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Taking on Sunshine Crack

    I sleep in the next morning and Dan and I take it slow. Ironically named, Sunshine Crack faces north and does not catch sun until late in the day. It is cold in the Bugaboos, despite it being late July. Our approach is easy however and we are at... more

    Feb 22, 2017

  • GOPR1070.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-15, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Taking the Kain Route

    We begin the next day by eating cereal with rehydrated milk powder, gathering our things and setting out. The hike and scramble to the base of the climb involves navigating past several glacier pools, ascending a snow ramp in crampons, and... more

    Feb 15, 2017

  • DSC00414.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-12-14, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Bugaboos, Part 1

    I have a terrible feeling about this. I am mentally preparing for the worst: tent bound by rain, wind, hail and all manners of terrible weather - for days on end. My hopes have been dashed before; it will not happen again. We are heading into a... more

    Dec 14, 2016

  • Heavy Metal Mountain picture.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-06, PHOTO: by Chris Hanlin

    Heavy Metal Mountain

    As Tom unpacked he took inventory: sub-Arctic self-erecting tent, sleeping bag, water/bear proof ruck sack full of high protein granola and astronaut food, zinc for the nose, GPS, selfie stick. He hadn’t been camping in years, since his last fall... more

    Oct 6, 2016

  • IMG_2246 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: Lori Garrison

    On Living With Things That Might Want to Eat You

    “You just take a cup full of piss,” he says, “And then you throw it up high – like, splash it around on your roof, up in the trees, as high up as you can get it. Then, when the bear comes by, he'll smell it way, way up and be like 'holy crap, that... more

    Sep 22, 2016

  • Boat Launch Etiquette

    This was an extreme situation, but I once pulled up to the ramp to put my boat in the water and a Zodiac owner had just pulled his inflatable out of the water and onto the ramp. He and his companion then proceeded for at least half an hour to... more

    Sep 8, 2016

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