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    Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: Miche Genest

    Sweet news: Northern bitters make beautiful drinks

    Yukon concocters, experimenters, cocktail lovers and fans of northern botanicals, take cheer! A kindred spirit walks among us. She is Jennifer Tyldesley, and as you will have recently learned in these pages, she makes her own small-batch bitters... more

    Feb 22, 2017

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    Issue: 2016-08-18, PHOTO:

    Making Sangria While the Sun Shines

    I bought a nectarine in Juneau a couple of weeks ago. It looked large and rosy and promising. The flesh was firm and yet it gave slightly under the pressure of my fingertips and I thought, “Wow, a real nectarine.” But when I cut into the fruit,... more

    Aug 18, 2016

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  • 02-21 EY airport.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-08, PHOTO: Hayley Redpath

    Border Lines

    If I were to search out the exact opposite of local, homegrown food, I would pass through the security gates at an international airport. The sportsbars, food courts and even neo-eco-healthy cafés are part of an isolated microcosm that I’m sure... more

    Mar 8, 2017

  • 02-08 EY pie.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: Kim Melton

    Fear of Pie-ing

    The circle is often used as a symbol of perfection. The delicious combination of sweet or savoury filling and flaky pastry at its best when round is known as “pie.” The magic number that tells us everything we need to know about a circle is called... more

    Feb 22, 2017

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  • 02-21 EY airport.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-08, PHOTO: Hayley Redpath

    Border Lines

    If I were to search out the exact opposite of local, homegrown food, I would pass through the security gates at an international airport. The sportsbars, food courts and even neo-eco-healthy cafés are part of an isolated microcosm that I’m sure... more

    Mar 8, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • 12-5 brassica.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-01, PHOTO: Kim Melton

    Bingeing on Brassicas

    Potatoes, kale and cabbage is a pretty common answer to the question, “What can you grow up there, anyways?” For those of us who get excited about growing, however, it is easy to go kind of crazy even within the parameters of a single vegetable... more

    Mar 1, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Appies.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-15, Photo: Pixabay

    Happy Appies

    Winter is the time for socializing around the wood-stove at the cabin or just in the living room at home. We all want to be warm and welcoming, but when people “just drop by” we get nervous about what we can feed them as far as snacks and... more

    Feb 15, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Sprouts1.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-08, PHOTO: Kim Melton

    Growing in the Dark

    Some of my favourite food-related activities would be better described as passive-ities. I’m referring to the kind of work that involves setting something up, forgetting about it for some time, and then discovering one day that something delicious... more

    Feb 8, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • freepour jennys1 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-01, PHOTO: Jennifer Tyldesley

    Better When It's Bitter

    Jennifer Tyldesley has spent her life behind the controls of aeroplanes: in the Air Force, flying search and rescue and most recently for Air North. I imagine her in a crisp white shirt with epaulettes gleaming, watching the Klondike Valley sweep... more

    Feb 1, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • 01-11 EY Tools (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-01-25, PHOTO: Kim Melton

    Tools of the Trade

    You know that thing you've had for years and haven't been quite willing to part with, though you haven't yet discovered its particular niche? Mine is a small hand-crank cast iron meat grinder, and the niche has been found. Two in fact, in the... more

    Jan 25, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Wintering Ground 1 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-01-11, PHOTO: Darrell Hookey

    Comfort Food Can Be Healthy

    “It is really nice here,” says Virginie Hamel as she looks at the high ceilings and natural woods of the Meadow Lakes Golf Club chalet. “It is super cozy.” This is exactly why she chose to open her new restaurant here in November, called Wintering... more

    Jan 11, 2017

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • IMG_20161213_195757490_HDR.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-12-21, PHOTO: Meagan Deuling

    Cast Iron: The Original Non-Stick Cookware Part 2

    I have about 15 or so cast iron pots and pans with six or seven of them in constant use. The others, too good to pass by, are kept seasoned and see occasional use. At least one fry-pan is too big for regular use, but ideal for making breakfast... more

    Dec 21, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • ferment1.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-12-14, PHOTO: Kim Melton

    I've Got a Gut Healing About This

    Hippocrates alluded to the gut as the source of all our ills, and Katherine Belisle, a health practitioner in Whitehorse, couldn't agree more. Working in the relatively new field of functional nutrition she has been doggedly working to introduce... more

    Dec 14, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Bag-of-Salt.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-11-02, PHOTO: Getty images

    Pickling Salt and Rubber Gloves

    I recently came into contact with a terrifying Yukon beast: Mus musculus, the house mouse. After the encounter, I contacted everyone I knew, in complete panic. “There’s a bear in your house?!” they’d ask, confused. “No, a MOUSE!” I’d reply, to... more

    Nov 2, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

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    Issue: 2016-10-19

    Cast Iron

    Long before Teflon or other spray coatings were on your pots and pans, cast iron was easy to use and easy to clean. It’s been around for hundreds of years and although always heavy, was brought from Europe by the early settlers to North America. more

    Oct 19, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink


  • Canning 3.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-06, PHOTO: by Ken Bolton

    Basking in the virtue of boiling-water baths

    The smugness attack hit a few weeks back, while my wife was visiting an out-of-town friend. Perhaps it was boredom, or the way the pre-autumn sun slanted down on a Saturday morning. Perhaps it having spotted a binful of perfect pickling cukes, ... more

    Oct 6, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

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    Issue: 2016-09-29, PHOTO: by Els Lundgaard

    L - Make Yourself at Home

    I picked up my companion to go for lunch at Legends Smokehouse & Grill, located in the Yukon Inn. We were pleased to find it quite busy. The place has a rustic ambience with wooden tables at the front and raised, framed alcoves by the windows. more

    Sep 29, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • IMG_20160731_105853 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-22, PHOTO: by Sarah Gallagher

    Ode to Bread

    I have become bread-obsessed. There is a fine layer of all-purpose flour on surfaces in rooms nowhere near the kitchen. A person suffering from celiac disease might keel over at the threshold of my front porch. (Sorry, Aunt Pat.) more

    Sep 22, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • IMG_0011.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-15, PHOTO: Selene Vakharia

    Two Chefs, a Dinner and a Whole Lot of Beer

    If you love beer and food, you’ll love this spin on the traditional Winemaker’s Dinner: Hops ‘n’ Grub. Seated at a long table with a hundred of your Whitehorse neighbours, you will dive taste buds-first into dishes created to pair with select... more

    Sep 15, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • IMG_0223.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-08, PHOTO: Els Lundgaard

    K - Come See Why People Line Up

    Klondike Rib & Salmon is only open in the summer. Both tourists and locals alike flocking to the restaurant. It’s a welcoming place, from the steps up onto the cozy front deck and its patio tables, through the entrance foyer to the dining room... more

    Sep 8, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Tomatoes.Circle D.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-01, PHOTO: Lily Quan

    A Market for the Whole Community

    Whitehorse chef and cookbook author (and What’s Up Yukon columnist) Miche Genest has a wonderful description of the Fireweed Community Market: she calls it “community glue.” Providing access to fresh local food is just one role the market plays... more

    Sep 1, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

  • IMG_20160811_144618134_HDR.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-01, PHOTO: by Selene Vakharia

    Whitehorse: The Edible City

    At the downtown community garden in Whitehorse, a beekeeper tends to the newly built beehive in the fading evening light. Nearby, a gardener waters his small plot of potatoes, beans, and lettuce – a zucchini plant takes up a quarter of his raised... more

    Sep 1, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

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    Issue: 2016-08-25, PHOTO: George Maratos

    Sampling the Challenge

    This is the second year that Northern Vision Development has challenged Whitehorse restaurants to make the best burger. This year six restaurants took the bait -- The Gold Pan Saloon, the High Country Inn, The Cut Off, Earls, the Steele Street... more

    Aug 25, 2016

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    Yukon Food & Drink

  • Chef Miche Genest serves meat.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-08-11, PHOTO: Michele Doucette

    The Yukon Culinary Festival Tells a Story of the Yukon, Through Food

    The Yukon is filled with culinary hidden gems, according to Eric Pateman. A culinary expert, Pateman had no idea how rich the Yukon food scene was until Debra Ryan, manager of strategic planning for Air North, finally persuaded him to visit... more

    Aug 11, 2016

    Yukon Food & Drink

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