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    Eric’s Christmas Moose Stew

    I’ve got a moose stew I usually throw together in the winter for a party. I get it going on the stove, and when it's done I set it on the fireplace with a ladle and some bowls laying around for people to tie into it whenever they feel like it. more

    Dec 17, 2014

  • sausagerolls5.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-01-11, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Sausage rolls are bundles of love, and the perfect food for any occasion

    Sausage rolls are an anytime food - breakfast? Top with a runny egg. Light lunch? Just add a green salad. Company coming? Make sure there’s lots of mustard for dipping. Cater to your guests tastes by switching up the sausage, any sort of game... more

    Jan 11, 2017

  • P1-2017-06-14-salmon.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-14, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Salmon: Another Dijon Delight

    Fire up the barbecue, here’s another never-fail salmon recipe. more

    Jun 14, 2017


  • kozzi-gourmet_salmon_steak-2478x1533.jpg

    Issue: 2015-05-14 PHOTO:

    Grilling Salmon

    Salmon can be grilled in your oven. Then, it’s referred to as broiling. It can also be grilled on the barbeque, or carefully over a campfire. During our lengthy winters broiling is the usual method at our house, but occasionally I dig the snow... more

    May 14, 2015

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Recipe Stories

  • moosespinachsunflowerseedstrudel7.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-21, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Moose, Spinach and Sunflower Seed Strudel

    One of my favourite things about living in the Yukon is being able to eat wild game. Like, a lot of wild game. And I know that many of you are in the same glorious position – so here is my attempt to give some of the hunters out there some recipes... more

    Jun 21, 2017


  • P1-2017-06-14-fishermen-fish-in-a-soup-mug.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-14, PHOTO: Graphicstock

    Fish Chowder

    When out on a day’s fishing and you don’t catch one of those big clunkers, don’t be dismayed. You can make a great chowder with little fish too! Gary Hill, one of the very best fishing guides out of Atlin gave me his secret fish chowder recipe. more

    Jun 14, 2017

  • P1-2017-06-14-salmon.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-14, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Salmon: Another Dijon Delight

    Fire up the barbecue, here’s another never-fail salmon recipe. more

    Jun 14, 2017


  • P1-2017-06-07-GraphicStock-FishOnAStick.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-07, PHOTO: Graphicstock

    Salmon on a Stick

    This shish kabob recipe works well, but be gentle as rough handling will cause the cooked fish pieces to break and fall off the skewer. more

    Jun 7, 2017

  • P8-2017-06-07-SydneyOland-rhubarbcornmealcrumble8.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-07, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Oven Stewed Rhubarb with Cornmeal Biscuit Crumble

    Of all the fantastic ingredients that the Yukon has to offer, rhubarb might be one of the most unsung. It’s prevalent in most gardens and even grows wild on the side of the road, and yet it’s fireweed, lowbush cranberries, and spruce tips that... more

    Jun 7, 2017

  • Ribs.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-31, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Classic Meat Recipes

    Peppered Tenderloin Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms Tasty Spare Ribs Pork Chops and Rice more

    May 31, 2017

  • P04-2017-05-24-SydneyOland-stirfriedeggplant.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-24, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Stir Fried Eggplant with Ginger, Sesame and Steak

    Eggplant is a great way to bulk out a stir fry with something meaty and satisfying that’s not actually meat. Japanese eggplants are long and thin and tend to not have the bitter under notes that European eggplant might. They do a great job of... more

    May 24, 2017

  • goulash-soup-250698.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-17, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Gypsy Goulash

    When you're in the backcountry, sometimes you don't have a lot, but you need something fast, tasty and hot. This is a simple, highly adaptable dish that can be made almost anywhere, with a wide variety of ingredients. more

    May 17, 2017

  • Salmon.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-10, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

    Many household freezers have some – or even a lot – of salmon waiting their turn on the menu. Hopefully all our salmon is wild salmon and not the farmed Atlantic Salmon that is so common in stores these days. Farmed salmon looks and sounds to be... more

    May 10, 2017

  • deepfriedpickles6.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-10, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Deep Fried Pickles

    Bar snacks are the best. Any sort of deep fried appy always gets my attention. And deep fried pickles catch my gaze more so than the rest. Being a pickle lover I generally have all the ingredients on hand to be able to make up a batch without much... more

    May 10, 2017

  • vegetables.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-04-26, Photo: Pixabay

    Veggies à la Barbecue

    I bet you can get your kids or even adult veggie haters to enjoy them done on the barbecue. Here are three simple and very tasty methods. more

    Apr 26, 2017

  • Muffins.jpg

    Issue: 2017-04-19, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Muffinize Your Snack Time

    Muffins are not only a treat, but a very healthy treat – especially when you bake them with fresh fruit. Here are some tasty muffin treats to try out. more

    Apr 19, 2017

  • Cookies - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2017-04-19, PHOTO:


    My mother was a master cook sent down from heaven, and as she looks down upon me, I think back to the 1930 and 40s. I must come clean and admit it: I was the person always stealing those great sweet treats... more

    Apr 19, 2017

  • cocteldecamarones5.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-04-12, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Coctel de Camarones

    Having recently spent some time in Latin America to attend a friend’s wedding (congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Spinks!) my head is full of vibrant fruit, spicy seasoning and lovely fresh seafood. While the food in that part of the world is a trove of... more

    Apr 12, 2017

  • sausagestuffedsquidwithpolenta6.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-29, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Sausage Stuffed Squid with Creamy Polenta

    The rule of thumb when cooking squid is either really fast, or really slow. Most people lean towards fast - fried calamari is on thousands of menus all over the country because you can get a great product really quickly. But the depth of flavour... more

    Mar 29, 2017

  • IMG_2149 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-15, PHOTO: Lori Garrison

    Camp Fire Cake

    Sometimes, you just need cake. I've baked this from scratch before, but this is the one time I'm going to advocate boxed over homemade: when you're deep in the backcountry it's just too much fuss to pack in all the things you need to make a decent... more

    Mar 15, 2017

  • Wintercampground.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-15, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Wonder What to do with a Pike?

    Pike Chowder Supreme This will take some time, but it is time well spent. more

    Mar 15, 2017

  • eggsinpeppers7.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-08, PHOTO: Sydney Oland

    Eggs Baked in Peppers

    To be honest, I generally fill these peppers with chopped SPAM. There’s something about the salty, fattiness of tinned meat that just shines in this dish. And what you’re looking for in a simple meal like this is something that very simply just... more

    Mar 8, 2017

  • IMG_2865 (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-01, PHOTO: Lori Garrison

    Bush Gypsy's Banquette

    Sometimes when you're in the bush you need lots of calories, but you don't have lots of time (or energy) left at the end of the day. By prepping the first part of this three part recipe for dinner, you have yourself a hearty, quick breakfast, as... more

    Mar 1, 2017

  • Potatoes.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-03-01, PHOTO: Pixabay

    For the Love of Potatoes

    Let’s go back in time, say 60 some years ago. Potatoes in those days, in my mother’s kitchen, were an everyday vegetable and cooked in some tasty remarkable different ways. Here are some recipes for you to try. more

    Mar 1, 2017

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