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    Issue: 2016-08-18, PHOTO: courtesy of Kyley and Elaine Henderson

    A Colouring Book for Adults

    When Kyley Henderson was in elementary school her mother, Elaine, encouraged her to draw, and one year a drawing of hers was used in the Robert Service School yearbook. Elaine, who is herself a landscape painter and sculptor, says that she always... more

    Aug 18, 2016

  • P2-2017-10-30-MeganSkarnulis-DarnedestThings.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-15, PHOTO: jeffreyw via

    Parents say the darnedest things

    We have all heard it said: “Kids say the darnedest things,” however, I have to admit that at this stage of parenthood I tend to say some pretty, darned, outrageous things myself. It is not until after I utter things like, “Please stop eating... more

    Nov 15, 2017

  • P1-2017-11-18-AmyKenny-TeddyBearClinic-stock.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-15, PHOTO: Pixabay

    It's no picnic

    If teddy’s looking a bit peaked this season, you’re in luck. Whitehorse General Hospital is offering health care for bears this week. The hospital’s first-ever teddy bear clinic takes place from 10 am. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 18... more

    Nov 15, 2017

  • A55Z2612.jpg

    Issue: 2015-03-05 PHOTO: Rick Massie

    Kin and Creation

    Before he met his wife, Simon Gilpin’s paintings were dreary — depicting cloudfilled skies. After, he created wide-open, blue-skied paintings. “I only just realized I did that.” Gilpin used to destroy work he didn’t like. more

    Mar 5, 2015

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