Little Footprints, Big Steps


Images: Courtesy of Little Footprints, Big Steps

Little Footprints, Big Steps was founded to aid in rescuing children from situations of abuse, slavery, homelessness or severe neglect in Haiti. We do this by reuniting families, supporting education and opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity through our programs and services and collaborations.

Our Co-founder was just 18 when she first went to Haiti. 

Morgan Wienberg lived in a Haitian orphanage for 5 months over the spring and summer of 2011 and witnessed the hardships the children face. Yet despite the desperate conditions there, she remains full of life and love. She worked daily to gain access to health care, clean water for showers and food for her 70 roommates. Morgan continues to live in Haiti where she leads the work on the ground with passion, creativity and integrity side by side with Haitian staff members, partners and collaborators.

89% of our donations are used directly for children.

  • Program Services 89.0%
  • Administrative 8.6%
  • Fundraising 2.4%

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