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Exhibitions & Art Events

Get inspired by the latest creations of Yukon's Painters, Sculptors, Carvers, Mixed Media Artists, Illustrators, Jewellers, Beaders, Weavers and more.


        Enjoy a movie night with an ever changing selection of films from Yukon and renowned filmmakers.


              Discover Yukon’s Festivals and Fairs. The fun experts at What’s Up Yukon can help you plan your time to hit all the best events.

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                Remembering Joe Loutchan

                Loutchan played a weekly gig at the 98 Hotel for over 40 years, and the strains of his lively, heart-warming, toe-tapping music could often be heard coming through the doors as eager music-loving patrons came in and out of the bar.

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                Come out and see your friends

                Drawn Together: embroidered portraits by Meshell Melvin and Doortraits: Intimate Pandemic Images by Alistair Maitland, two exhibitions on display right now at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery, will be most meaningful for an audience of Yukoners.

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                Growing young farmers

                In 2020, when the Yukon closed its borders to the outside world due to COVID-19, Sundog Retreat owners Andrew Finton and his partner, Heather, found an opportunity in the challenge. They created the Sundog Veggies project.

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                Ginny’s ‘Boys’ – the k9 ones!

                Ginny and her husband, Grant, are in their mid to late sixties and have three adult sons – Danny, Kevin and Sean. Acquiring anything new, let alone two puppies requiring toilet and other training, was not something many couples in their age category were signing up for.