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Theatre in the Bush 2021

Ramshackle Theatre in the Bush “I’m already out in the yard,” Fidler says. “I’ve got my chainsaw out and I’m clearing the paths.”

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Bloody good cocktails

Being that we can’t travel to a warm climate where oranges and lemons grow, it seems fitting to pay tribute to those lovely flavours now, during one of the coldest months.

Mango avocado salsa

A blend of both salsa and guacamole with fresh diced mango. Perfect with fish or beef tacos, or just with corn chips.

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Discover Yukon’s Festivals and Fairs. The fun experts at What’s Up Yukon can help you plan your time to hit all the best events.

Live Music & Concerts

From pubs to concert venues, there is always great music of all styles from Yukon and visiting musicians.

Exhibitions & Art Events

Get inspired by the latest creations of Yukon's Painters, Sculptors, Carvers, Mixed Media Artists, Illustrators, Jewellers, Beaders, Weavers and more.

Stage Performances

Theatre, dance, comedy, there is seldom a good excuse to be a Yukon couch potato.


Enjoy a movie night with an ever changing selection of films from Yukon and renowned filmmakers.

Fitness & Sports

From yoga to kick boxing, by yourself or with a team, staying fit is not a Yukon problem.


Take good care of yourself with Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and a lot more more

Outdoors Activities

Winter or summer, there are always events to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.


Shop for Yukon made products and goods

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Come and see the wildlife!

The Yukon hasn’t seen many nice days yet this summer, but there are still ample outdoor opportunities. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve, for example, has a full season planned.

Finding History

Beaver castoreum found on an ancient throwing dart has led to new discoveries on traditional hunting technology in the North

125 years of gold

2021 marks 125 years since the discovery of gold in the Yukon. This year there is a series of new commemorative activities.

Racing the clock

The only rule that water seems to obey is that of gravity. Parks Canada collects water samples of The Dezadeash twice per season.

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Ginny’s ‘Boys’ – the k9 ones!

Ginny and her husband, Grant, are in their mid to late sixties and have three adult sons – Danny, Kevin and Sean. Acquiring anything new, let alone two puppies requiring toilet and other training, was not something many couples in their age category were signing up for.