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Cool to be kind

Meg Rodgers is a self-proclaimed “whole food junkie” who exudes kindness in everything she does. It’s not only in the name of her baking company, Kind Whole Foods, but in the kindness she extends to the planet, via the mouth-watering, cruelty-free delicacies she so passionately creates as part of her self-started business. “I think we …

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Ode to Bread

I have become bread-obsessed.   There is a fine layer of all-purpose flour on surfaces in rooms nowhere near the kitchen. A person suffering from celiac disease might keel over at the threshold of my front porch. (Sorry, Aunt Pat.) Who gets obsessed with baking bread in the middle of one of the most beautiful …

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Gluten-Free to be You and Me

I came to the Yukon in the spring of 2012 and that August I noticed a full-page story in the Yukon News saying that more North Americans have gluten problems than once thought. Having been diagnosed Celiac more than 30 years ago, I was curious about the availability of support and reference material for celiacs in …

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Cool Tunes, Swell Suds

Dawson Music Festival (DCMF) is billed as a music event, but there happens to be a lot of beer action in the midst of it. My friend Lee, who didn’t have the foresight to purchase music tickets beforehand, kept calling it Dawson beerfest from his vantage point in the beer gardens. And arguably, beer does …

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