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Ten days in Germany

Sherri Green won our 2018 Condor competition with her ‘pretzel itinerary’ If I were to go to Germany, where would I go? There are so many possibilities. I usually have trouble deciding what to order off of a restaurant menu! I asked some friends and they helped me narrow down the possibilities. Their suggestion? Tour …

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2011-Condor “Picture Yourself in Frankfurt Germany Contest” Congratulations

Cheers and congratulations from What’s Up Yukon to the winners of the “Picture Yourself in Frankfurt, Germany” contest! The winning photographs were drawn randomly after the contest closed April 30, with close to 100 entries. Renate Schmidt won the grand prize of a round trip flight for two to Frankfurt, Germany with the “Easter Bunny” …

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Banff Mountain Film Festival

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Short films and stories of adventure and exploration from around the world to Banff – over 2 nights, per show ticketing or 2 show discount. 

Sparkling Ice Wine

Cold As Ice

Nestled in the Niagara region of Ontario are many vineyards that produce some of the world’s best ice wines.

Santa Claus coming to town with a horse carriage

Christmas and Potato Salad

Having spent Christmas in three countries, there is one thing which will never change for me: eating potato salad and sausages on Christmas.

The soup kitchen in Katutura

A Dispatch From Namibia Part 2

Once is the name of my taxi driver in Namibia (like once in a lifetime). People have strange names here: Darling, Given, Gift, or Mistake.

A water colour painting of two eagles

At Home With Art

Lemker is at home with art and calls Whitehorse his home, as well as an endless source of inspiration to create.

A woman sitting on a bed of pine cones

Coming Back To The Yukon (Part 2)

“I cannot cross the river,” I told my friends as they were about to move on. (The truth was I didn’t want to cross the river.) We were a group of seven people hiking … two of us were staying behind on the beautiful sandy beach at Kusawa Lake, as the others went farther. I felt like sitting back and relaxing. My other friend was feeling the same. We are queens, we said. We don’t like to cross rivers.

Folding paper cranes

To Fold a Thousand Paper Cranes

It was a few bright spots against white snow that stood out. Upon further inspection, the remains of two slightly ripped square papers appeared. They were adorned with Asian-inspired print on one side and a blanket cover of colour on the other. It was an image from the film Blade Runner that connected the paper’s …

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Inked! The Indelible Art of Tattooing

Chat with artists at Yukon tattoo shops. They’re the most kind & community-minded folks & you might walk out wondering why you don’t have ink.

Junk Food

It’s another junk food season, especially for those suffering from cabin fever.

Brendan Preston

Brendan is a freelance film professional based in his hometown of Whitehorse. He wears many industry hats, depending on the size and scope of the project. Since graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2010, he has been working in the film industry in Vancouver, Boston and the Yukon. His work can be seen on National …

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Erik Pinkerton

Erik Pinkerton earned the German equivalent of his Red Seal in photography in Dresden, Germany in 2015. After working for 2 years in Studios and as a freelancer, Erik and his family moved to Whitehorse, Yukon in 2017. Erik works mainly as a commercial photographer creating high-end photos for all marketing needs. His diverse body …

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Daniel Janke

Daniel Janke is a Canadian composer, pianist, filmmaker and media artist who lives in Whitehorse Yukon.Daniel’s work as a composer has gradually drawn him into different roles as a musical director and filmmaker. His multi-media stage production The Grubstake Remix toured Canada, and recently presented at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany.  His short film How People Got Fire (NFB, 2009) has received …

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Declan O’Donovan

Yukon grown musician Declan O’Donovan he has played in Germany, Japan and across Canada, He has made appearances at Canadian Music Week, Sofar Hamburg, Atlin Music Festival, Fuji Rock Festival, and Breakout West, with dozens of theatre and club shows throughout. Stories about Declan O’Donovan

Racing in cyberspace

The Yukon River Quest goes virtual It’s hard to imagine a summer without the Yukon River Quest. For 21 years, the annual event brought paddlers from around the world to “race to the midnight sun.” For participating Yukoners, it meant hours of commitment leading up to the race. Non-paddlers lost their paddling friends to their …

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Summit Kombucha is making an ancient fermented drink Yukon’s favourite healthy beverage

Nicole Schoeneberg (left) and Hilary Seymour (right), owners of Summit Kombucha, enjoying their blueberry and basil kombucha, at their brewery Have you tried kombucha; the effervescent sweet/sour beverage? Statistics say you likely have. This ancient fermented tea drink is now the fastest-growing market in North America and experts say it could be worth $3.5 billion …

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Ready, Set, Howl will visit Whitehorse for a show on Oct 10

Norman Mervyn Barrington-Foote is bringing his own unique combination of music, comedy and puppetry to Whitehorse for a Halloween-themed show on Oct. 10, 2019 at the Yukon Arts Centre. Music, costumes and Halloween are all part of Ready, Set, Howl.

Saved by The Caribou and wolves

Considering the Caribou RV Park at km 1403 of the Alaska Highway was established in 1974 and your humble correspondent lived in Atlin from 1977 to 1984, I must have driven right by it hundreds of times over the years without giving it a look or even a thought. I knew it was built by …

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BreakOut West (BOW)

Break on through

Major Funk and the Employment will bring their funky dance music that Yukoners know to BreakOut West this October   With the emergence of streaming services, social media and new technology redefining challenges in the musical industry, how does an emerging musician advance their career past the local scene and into touring stardom? That’s the …

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Created at the canyon

Diverse work comes out of a varied landscape Though always a popular spot with locals and tourists alike, the basalt columns of Miles Canyon received more than 450 visitors over the weekend of July 5 and 6 for the Created at the Canyon art exhibit. Hosted by the Yukon Conservation Society, Created at the Canyon …

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What it takes to be Canadian

What does it take to be Canadian?  I’ve been in this country two-and-a-half years. After 18 months of processing, I received my permanent residency on Jan. 5,  2019 and started the march towards citizenship. In 2021, I will be able to take my citizenship test and officially call myself Canadian. I was lucky. Being an …

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Limestone reefs in southern Yukon

Part 8 of Your Backyard Geology Within Whitehorse city limits, you can see Grey Mountain from almost anywhere. It is one of the first landmarks tourists see flying into the city. Eight thousand kilometres away, the residents around Salzburg, Austria, can look up from their morning coffee and see the rugged, beautiful grey-white peaks of …

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The Vinyl Cut

Take a listen to Antarticus’ album—you almost won’t believe it was released this year. The prog-rock record is packed with extended solos, synthesizers and sci-fi/fantasy themes. As if that’s not old-school enough, it’s also being released on vinyl. “I think it makes sense for our style and mentality,” said bassist, keyboardist and vocalist Mack Smith. …

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Endings and beginnings

It was the end of my first camino, the ancient pilgrimage route across Spain, and I never wanted to put those dang boots on again.

Family fortune tied to the Klondike Gold Rush

U.S. President Donald Trump’s grandfather started the family fortune during the great Klondike Gold Rush. He never reached the Klondike Gold Fields; he was hundreds of miles short.

The Deli

Fifty years of meat, sausage and community

The Deli, as it is fondly nicknamed by so many, is a local icon to most Yukoners (not just those in Whitehorse), as well as to many travellers from around the world. (This tribute was written to help celebrate its 50th Anniversary on December 14, 2018.)

Brandon Isaak: Spiritual Undertones

After two acoustic solo albums, Bluesman’s Plea (2011) & Here on Earth (2014), Brandon Isaak’s Spiritual Undertones marks a departure.

The sun never sets on the Whitehorse Rapids

The 2018–19 Whitehorse Rapids over-35 soccer season kicks off at the end of September, bringing together a collection of expats and non-hockey-playing Canadians in one homogenous mix.

The Perpetual Immigrant

Since I was 18 years old, I have been an immigrant 12 times. My entire adult life has been spent as a foreigner to those I live and work with. Always being different. Never quite fitting in.

Yukon census missing centenarians

The Yukon’s Lost Centenarian

I was astonished to learn that the Yukon Territory currently is without a card-carrying centenarian, male or female, according to the most recent age data on record which is the 2016 census.

Coming to the Yukon as a refugee

Fiona Azizaj and her parents fled Kosovo to Germany when she was months old. They later settled in Whitehorse in 2003. She will provide details and answer questions about what her family went through to get here at this year’s Yukon Cares Annual General Meeting.

Indigenous Music Awards

2018 CBC Indigenous Music Awards

On May 18, the Indigenous Music Awards will return to Winnipeg with awards in 19 categories that honour music that has been created by First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of Turtle Island.

Black forest cake in Namibia

In Swakopmund, Germany and Namibia come together like the Namib Desert and the ocean just outside the town. If you didn’t know that this is an African country, you would think that it’s a town somewhere in Germany.

Snow sculptures are snow cool…

Mount Sima’s snow guns, ready for action at Shipyards Park Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous has partnered with Air North, the City of Whitehorse, Days Inn, Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre and Shaw Direct to keep a favourite Rendezvous event. Fourteen years ago Whitehorse artist Don Watts, an internationally-renowned snow carver, started the International Snow Sculpting Challenge and …

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A weekend of kid fun

With the advertised Burlesque Workshops and the Pub Crawl, at first glance the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous may seem like an event geared towards adults. But there are a lot of activities for kids too. Just like Yukon’s expanding birth-rate, KidsFest at Rendezvous is also expanding in 2018. Last year KidsFest had one tent with activities …

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From passion to success

It’s been 20 years since Thomas de Jager first discovered the Yukon. Today, he runs his successful business Yukon Wide Adventures that gives locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the Yukon’s outdoors. Thomas, originally from Monheim, Germany first came as a tourist through Alaska and the Yukon in 1996. His parents were avid kayakers …

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Small but beautiful

Our experience at the Mount Sima ski hill in Whitehorse and some facts about skiing

From Bonanza to Bucharest

With the exception of sports figures, Max Fraser contends, Canadian heroes seldom get the respect they deserve. The Whitehorse filmmaker and military history buff wants to help change that, especially when it comes to a larger-than-life former Yukoner, Joseph Whiteside Boyle. “I’m still trying to figure out this character, Joe Boyle, because I’ve never met, …

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Happy Beer-day to You!

If you’re feeling dapper this weekend, you’ve got an opportunity to dust off your best prohibition era outfits and celebrate the Yukon Brewery’s 20th Anniversary. The brewery is throwing a shindig to celebrate, offering the public 20 per cent off stock in their retail store (off everything but the booze. Bummer, I know). There will …

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Dena Zagi

In The People’s Voice

Ross River musician Dennis Shorty grew up in a musical family that spoke Kaska and performed at social events. Now he is sharing his love of the language through the musical duo he formed with his wife, Jennifer Froehling, is called Dena Zagi, meaning “people’s voice”. In August, they toured in Germany with their first …

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Setting Forth for New Frontiers

Yukon musician Jona Barr is pumped. He’s going to Germany – and he’s going to be playing his first set outside of Canada. “I’ve traveled to a few upper American states while touring Canada, but this is my first international festival,” says the Old Cabin frontman. “It’s surreal being 30-years-old and never having been somewhere …

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From the East to the Beautiful South

Keen on history? The Castle Wartburg in Wittenberg in Eastern Germany offers an opportunity to learn about the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation. The castle is the place where Luther translated the bible and lived with his family. The castle’s origins date back to 1067. The castle is hosting an exhibition until November called …

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Celebrating Sausages

The Germans are known by the nickname “The Krauts,” which comes from sauerkraut, a famous German dish comprised of fermented cabbage. Maybe Germans should be nicknamed “The Sausages” instead, because we have 1,500 kinds of different sausages in Germany – according to the Deutscher Fleischer Verband (German Meat Association). There is a sausage for every …

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Experiencing Theatre in Namibia

It’s 15 minutes before our performance starts and one of my actors has a meltdown. “No, I am not gonna play,” he says avoiding eye contact. Philo is 12 years old and usually confident. I would never have expected that from him. It’s Valentine’s Day and we rehearsed for our little performance the whole week. …

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Making All the Right Stops for a Delicious Evening

Let’s make this as easy as possible. No cooking and no fussing, follow these directions and you will arrive at a delicious dinner destination. First stop, sushi night! Sushi is one of these tricky food-wine pairing combinations. Wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce, raw fish, sweetened rice – gah – it is a pairing nightmare. Luckily, …

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An Ice Road Adventure

When I saw the post on Facebook from local Dawsonite Sarah Lenart, asking for two people to join her and friend Jeremy Herndl on a trip to Tuktoyaktuk from Inuvik via the winter ice road, I was elated. The ice road follows the Mackenzie River delta channels, and eventually ends up on the Arctic Ocean. …

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Bringing Yukon literature to the world stage

Each October, the city of Frankfurt in Germany plays host to the second largest literary trade fair in the world, with 7,153 exhibitors representing 106 countries present in 2016. The Frankfurt Book Fair (known as the Frankfurter Buchmesse (FBM), in German,) is a tradition spanning more than 500 years, with the first book fair being …

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Mush Rush 2017

The Yukon Quest … is so much more than just a race. It’s an opportunity as a community event, for businesses and people to come together,”

A Yukoner at Heart with a Lot to Give

Since graduating from Porter Creek Secondary Nicolai Bronikowski has been working on ship design and transit studies. Through his work in Finland, Russia and Canada he showcases the Yukon’s strong science programs and growing potential as an Arctic research hub. Bronikowski came to the Yukon in 2009 for an exchange year, after finishing Grade 9 …

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Write through the winter

While others hunker down against winter’s wrath, the local literary scene is hotter than ever. The winter Writers’ Roundtable organized by the Friends of the Whitehorse Library (FOWL) provides a thorough overview of events for the coming season. Ongoing events include: Every Wednesday writers work from noon to 3 p.m. at Bean North Cafe, kilometre …

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Harvey Burian: Growing up Multicultural on the Stewart River

Life on the river was isolated, especially in winter when the steamboats were not running. Sometimes visitors did stop in to catch up on the news. Harvey remembers: “We had radios…and we got mostly Alaskan stations…KFRB in Fairbanks…[and] in the last few years…we had a Ham radio…and the RCMP office in Mayo had one and …

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The Lure of the Aurora Borealis

Tourists visit the Yukon to see the aurora; it’s the heart of the winter tourism industry. Visitors who have done their research will also have other activities in mind. People arrive from around the world – including Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Korea, and of course the United States and other parts of …

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Learning About Ubuntu in Namibia

My African friends think that Yukoners are cannibals. When I told them the story about the Sourtoe Cocktail I expected the usual reaction: laughter and amusement. But instead I got wide-open eyes and mouths asking me: “You did this?” they asked me. “You drank this human-cocktail?” I did my best to explain the history behind …

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Interview at the Embassy

The status of one’s permanent residency quickly becomes the crux of conversation among the Yukon’s new Canadians. And it’s the crux of this column. No two people have the same story to tell. Not only are there various ways to immigrate, each person’s reason to immigrate is different. Some are poignant, others humorous, like this …

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Healing Through Art

Dennis Shorty created his first sculpture when he was eight years old. It was a moose carved out of poplar with a burbot fish skull for antlers and a bit of “fish glue” to hold them in place. He was proud of the sculpture and showed his father, Alec Shorty. Alec told the young carver …

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A Strong Indigenous Female Presence at Arts Underground

Two new exhibitions curated by Jennifer Bowen Allen, of the Dene Nation, opened Sept. 2 at Arts Underground. In the Focus Gallery, a group show called Hands of Time: Bush Women on the Land honours the way that women who live on the land have supported cultural continuity by maintaining their traditional practices. In the …

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Petting Cheetahs in Namibia

The cheetah appeared suddently, and instantly I was overcome with fear. I saw it walking slowly on the porch of the farm house. I froze and my heart was racing. “It must have come in from the wild,” I thought, “and now it will eat us.” There were three of us looking at the cheetah: …

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More than Just Coffee

I catch Heike Graf between the lunch rush hour at the Caribou Crossing Coffee and picking up her five year old daughter from school. “It was busy today,” Graf, the owner of the coffee shop in Carcross, says while wiping the counter and putting a tray of fresh pizza on the display. The smell of …

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Many Worlds of Words

In Whitehorse we rarely see a group show that’s international in scope. In Words – International Exhibition of Haiku and Handmade Paper, the concept tying the works together is simple: many objects in our lives amount to words on paper. This exhibition offers an astonishing variety of variations on this theme, from a wide variety …

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Joe Boyle: The Klondike King Who Became a War Hero

Joe Boyle came to the Klondike with the first wave of gold-seekers in the early summer of 1897, but soon left with a dream of becoming rich. He was successful in obtaining a large mining concession in the Klondike Valley from the federal government in 1909, and within a decade had gained control of one …

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Sharing His Knowledge of Wolves

For 20 years, Robert (Bob) Hayes was the Yukon’s wolf biologist. During those years, he studied hundreds of radio-collared wolves and conducted several long-term wolf-prey studies. He is considered a world expert on moose and caribou predation by wolves and the effects of wolf control efforts on wolves and their prey. Over time, his studies …

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Germans love Jack London

Why is Robert Service so much better known here than Jack London? This question comes from Wolfgang Robert Greiner, one of five German journalists I was invited to meet for breakfast at the Aurora Inn in late February. Their primary literary interest is in Jack London, whose Yukon themed short stories were standard fare in …

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Newspaper-Making in Namibia

Murder, betrayal or New Year celebrations – these are the topics on the list. It is December 30 and we have to decide which story will be on the cover of tomorrow’s newspaper. Unfortunately, there will be blood leaking from the newspaper on New Year’s Day. The murder of a German-Namibian farmer is breaking news. …

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Donnell Leahy

Joyful Performance

Donnell Leahy remembers exactly how he felt when he made his stage debut as a fiddler at the age of four. “Mom and Dad had a band when we were growing up as kids. They played locally at round dances and square dances and weddings and things,” he says. “One night they took me up …

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There’s nothing like a bird count to inspire new and seasoned birders. This Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) takes place Feb. 12-15 and it’s a family-friendly event for any skill level. The GBBC helps to give a snapshot of bird life throughout Canada, the continent, and the world. Last year 5,090 species were recorded – …

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Gift of Giving

If you’re searching for a little inspiration this holiday season, then perhaps this story is for you.  Many of us give to charity and volunteer our time here and there, but for Sarah Ott, it’s a way of life. At only 17 years of age, Sarah has given countless hours back to her community and …

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Historians agree that our modern Christmas tree tradition originated in the German Renaissance period (circa 1500). Martin Luther added candles as decoration. Prior to candles, Tannenbaum (or Christmas tree in English) were decorated with apples and nuts. The practice of bringing evergreen boughs into the home at Solstice is much older.  Egyptian culture used evergreen …

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The Survivor Tree

Germany: a land of farms and old cities, and the destination of my travels every two years. It is a land with a past. Most towns here still hold scars of war in the form of bunkers that are sprawled throughout the country. A reminder of what once was. One such reminder is a tree. …

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Two Tones

Today, Sid sits outside the Beaver Creek Visitor Information Centre basking in the warm summer sun. As he waits for visitors to arrive, he admires the bodywork of his 1956 Pontiac in the sunlight. “I bought the ’56 in Whitehorse a few years ago. I just put a brand new motor in it and new …

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The Condiment that Some Take For Granted, and that Others are Really Into

Mustard. It calls to mind sausages, one side of the inside of a sandwich (the meat side), pretzels, Dijon, grainy, spicy, Germany, France, omnipresent condiment, pestle and mortar, seeds, curry, and for some reason, fine beer. But Saskatchewan? No. Roslyn Woodcock recently learned that 90 per cent of the world’s mustard is grown in Canada, …

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Five Spectacles To Be Seen At Whitehorse Nuit Blanche

From dance to live painting to a spider web takeover of a local park, the second annual Whitehorse Nuit Blanche (WNB) has an exhibit and activity for everybody. With a focus on participatory performances, the all-night art crawl transforms the audience into creators as it takes over downtown Whitehorse. Here are five more WNB art …

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Northern Bard: Don Green ” The Ballad of Baldy and White-Tail”

And the Winner of our Northern Bard poetry contest is… Don Green The subject line on the email began, “DON YOU HAVE WON” and I was reaching for the delete button until I saw rest of subject line, “THE CONDOR POETRY CONTEST!” Then I thought, “Maybe I better read this.” I had no expectation of winning, in fact my …

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Northern Bard: Collyn Lovelace “Eine glückliche Verbindung”

Eine glückliche Verbindung Ein shared curiosity exists between the land of the midnight sun and the place we call Germany, and they Deutschland. The people of midnight sun take the Condor to Deutschland for the architecture, the beer, the pretzels, the Alps. The Deuschlanders take the Condor to Yukon for the untouched land, the wildlife, the peace the quiet. …

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Northern Bard: Elke Reinauer “The Sound of Home”

I dream of my hometown. Walking through these streets again, listening to music floating from open windows like light. Harmonica, accordion. Walking these streets where I know every corner Like my own body, where I left my thoughts hanging on walls, buildings Like a pair of shoes tossed into a tree – I dream taking …

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Whitehorse Has Gas

If you’re unsure whether you consider Whitehorse a progressive city, here’s some fodder for the thought that it is: we’re one of a (growing) handful of municipalities across North America that is learning how to produce energy from our own waste. It’s called biogas, and if you’ve heard of it, it’s probably because it’s an …

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OUT North comes of age

Contemplating what to write about this weekend’s OUT North Film Festival, which runs from April 17 to 19 at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, my brain landed on the word “age”, and stubbornly refused to budge. So, with apologies for the occasional reach, what follows is a quick tour of how the thread of age, …

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A Poem a Day

If you peruse the 365 poems that make up the Tumblr feed from Lori Garrison’s latest poetry project, Today, In the News, you won’t find much in the way of introspection or outpourings of feeling from individual experiences. But you may find lines that resonate, even if you aren’t really into poetry. That was Garrison’s …

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Homage to a Yukon Birder

Yukon birds, and its birding community, have lost a true friend. When he died last month, at 75, Helmut Grünberg had spent over 40 years promoting the enjoyment, study, and conservation of Yukon’s bird life. He found his way to Whitehorse in the early ‘70s when, en route to climb Denali in Alaska, he was …

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The Call of Fastnacht

I am not a homesick person, but I can hear the Black Forest calling me home during Fastnacht, which means carnival. For many people in southern Germany, Fastnacht is a far more important holiday then Christmas. Families gather and celebrate ancient traditions. It is the best time to travel to the Black Forest and to …

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Here Comes the Sun

At the request of some Facebook friends I spent about a week in late December taking a series of pictures showing the retreating daylight hours. Some of them were people who used to live here — friends and former students. They wanted to remember what it was like. Other requests were from people as far …

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Passion for Detail

Masamichi Nakatsuka has a painting, a watercolour on paper called “Passion”, that he completed in one sitting. The painting is of a skull with paint dripping down its side. Nakatsuka, who goes by Michi, says he couldn’t stop working until it was finished. It took five to six hours. Michi ended up in Whitehorse because …

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War Stories

 “We were praying and killing each other at the same time.” — A German soldier reflecting on D-Day Once peace is waged what do we remember about the battlefields? Tales of war can become like the whispering game after a few generations have passed, apart from the “official versions” of the truth. But World War …

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Can I Come Along Again?

Germany is green and clean — there’s not much garbage, and there are recycling bins everywhere. The people are friendly. Being on a train is fun and comfortable, and riding in a first class compartment is better than flying. We went to a Catholic all-boy school in Mainz for a day, which was different from …

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Condor Contest Jutta Gartner – Maggie Takes Off to Frankfurt

Finally my human is gone shopping and I can use the computer. This morning I overheard her talking about the Condor-contest, what fun it would be to jump on a plane and explore the world starting in Germany. Throughout the last few years I’ve met so many europeans, now I’d like to go and visit …

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PROLOGUE: Please allow me to introduce this tales Hero. Like many heroes, he is much of what you would expect from your everyday individual. He’s hardworking, driven, skilled, and thoughtful. However, what sets this hero apart is that he is a Yukoner! There’s no question, Canadians across this great land are a very special pedigree …

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Condor Contest Emma Kaiser – A Best Friend Adventure

If I could fly to Frankfurt, I would take along my best friend, who has never flown before. We would be squealing with happiness and excitement (we would be driving our families crazy) for weeks before we left. We would board the plane and have the time of our lives, noticing every little detail. Most …

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Condor Contest JKruffen – My Father

Throughout my childhood, my father and I shared a special relationship. Our bond often seemed more companions than parent-child, reflecting our compatibility and shared interests. For one, my father taught me everything he loved about sports, which then consumed me from age 8 to 25. We went on dozens of road trips, camping throughout Western Canada and the …

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Condor Contest Kathleen LaBrie – Take Me To Frankfurt

Years ago my Uncle Fritz stated, “I’ve always wondered what my father’s middle name was?” “Anthony.” I responded. “Now, how do you know that? Let’s write down everything we know about our family.” I was hooked. My lifelong interest in family history and genealogy was launched. Periodically I pull out my “clues to be researched” …

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Condor Contest Jonathon Douglas – Mom’s Ashes

My mother had always told me that I should visit Europe, mostly Germany. My family has military background. My step-father was posted over sea’s, and my mother was able to visit him twice while he was on assignment. Germany was the base,and that’s where they stayed / visited. They also toured France, and I heard most, ( …

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One Autobahn, Many Stops

If you win the Take Me To Frankfurt contest, here are some suggestions for what you should do in Germany. Fly to Frankfurt and take the InterCity express-train (ICE) to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is famous for its car manufacturing industry, like Daimler and Porsche. Visit the Porsche Museum, the Mercedes Benz Museum and the Art Gallery …

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My wife Marion grew up in Grossposna, a small village a few kilometres outside of Leipzig in the Eastern part of Germany. Twenty-five years ago, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, she left everything she knew behind and persued a new life in Canada with her young son Johannes, and un-born daughter Isabel. Tuning …

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Matching Wine to Cheese Fondue

I’m always interested whether when people choose the foods for dinner first, and then select accompanying wines, or vice versa. I use both methods. Several weekends ago my partner and I hosted a cheese fondue in honour of a friend’s birthday. The recipe called for a white wine to melt the cheese. We don’t really …

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Love and War

How do you relate to someone after you discover they’ve committed monstrous acts? The generation born in Germany after World War II – who Berthold Brecht called “those who came after” (Nachgeborenen) – faced that question every day. The 2008 German-American film The Reader, available on DVD at Whitehorse Public Library, explores the effect of …

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The Yukon Quest takes care of the Winter Blues

The Yukon Quest is an annual event in the North that can banish your winter doldrums, lift your spirits, and get you cheering. The Quest, a 1,000-mile (1,609-kilometre) dog sled race, takes place every year in February, bringing people out of their houses and cabins, not only to run the race, but also to volunteer, …

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Selling ‘cool’ … one bottle at a time

Let’s talk about beer. OK, not specifically about beer. Rather about the significant contribution a brewery like the Yukon Brewing Company can make to promote the destination it was born in. Mark Beese, the brewery’s enthusiastic sales manager who could talk beer any day any time (and does), put it this way, “Beer is what …

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Tis the season to raise tally: Tourists give Yukoners a bad name

Now that the days are longer than the nights again (although sometime in January at –54 we thought that this might never happen this year) our thoughts at the brewery turn to Beer Season. We don’t think of the seasons here like “winter” and “summer”, as much as we think of “Beer Season” and “Not …

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Up North: Up-and-coming, award-winning outfitter is just a nice guy

I’ve known Mark Stenzig, owner of Up North Adventures, for a few years. But my most memorable meeting with him was during Christmas 2003. My brother, visiting from Calgary, and I had decided to try out a new pair of snowshoes that he and my sister had given me. A cold but beautiful day, we …

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Local composer adds to Penderecki String Quartet repertoire

A young Canadian string quartet that has become one of the most-celebrated chamber ensembles in the international music scene will be performing a newly commissioned work by Whitehorse composer Daniel Janke this month at the Yukon Arts Centre. Janke has not heard the The Penderecki String Quartet perform his piece in full yet, but, “You …

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Recipes for a Vibrant Community

Red beets and sharp knives are to Agnes Seitz the pinnacle of fall produce and kitchen equipment, respectively. As the recreation director for Mount Lorne, her penchant for good, wholesome food runs throughout the programs and events she organizes at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre. Cookies and scones may be served while old-timers in the …

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A Queer Look at Life

Rae Spoon is not the average musician. The transgender musician has become a household name in Canada’s burgeoning queer music scene.

A Sexy Fall Surprise

I usually wait until Christmas to lurk around the Whitehorse liquor store in search of sexy new beer products, but September brought a surprise: Guinness Black Lager. Guinness has been throwing some heavy coin into advertising this new product. The U.S. commercials adopt the beautiful-people-cocktail-party-scene to portray the beer as a sleek, sophisticated drinking option. …

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How Pure is Your Beer?

There are the purists who believe beer should be simple. The Bavarian Purity of Law of 1516, the famous Reinheitsgebot, stated that beer could only be made with water, malt (malted barley or malted wheat) and hops. Louis Pasteur wouldn’t discover yeast for a few hundred years. Some suggest the Reinheitsgebot was just designed to …

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Back to Homeschool

The first day of school is always fun at my house. We get up at 7 a.m. and have breakfast. Next we have bible time and go downstairs to the schoolroom where my mom gives us our school books, plus pencils, erasers, markers, etc. and tells us what to do. We sometimes get a little …

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USA Hops to the Lead

Humulus Lupulus = Hops. They aren’t involved in the fermentation of beer. They aren’t even a major component. You might have 6 kg of malt in a homebrew batch but only 30 g hops. They don’t get roasted. And they occur in virtually every commercial beer. Hops are preservatives, they have sedative properties and give …

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Food to Fly For

Ah the pretzel. I am a strong German piece of “bread” in the eyes of some, yet I am so much more. To many of you in North America I come in the form of a bag of chips, dried out and crunchy — something that is offered on plane rides. To me the pretzel …

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Serious About Comedy

“I’ve been told several times by lots of people that it ain’t going to happen overnight. It could take years and years.” Luke Roberts is realistic about his goal to write a sitcom for the small screen. However, he’s also committed; he’s taken a year off from his job as a security analyst to dedicate …

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Beer Bottles Make Beautiful Music

The year was 1798 and the place was Helgoland. Helgoland is located in the North Sea, 70 kilometres off of the coast of Germany. This is important, since it is the remote location that made Helgoland, in 1798, the birthplace of the beer bottle organ. The church that was located on Helgoland in 1798 had …

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Play Makers: Puppets, Ragtime and Blood Take On Shakespeare

BY GEORGE MARATOS Eric Bass takes a long pause when asked how he first got his start in theatre. “High school theatre,” he eventually says, speaking at The Old Fire Hall in downtown Whitehorse. Bass is in Whitehorse to workshop a script with Sour Brides Theatre and perform his original piece, Richard 3.5. Bass’ love …

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Tickling the Ivories and Inspiring Students

BY PAM BUCKWAY Edmonton pianist Sylvia Shadick-Taylor is adjudicator for senior piano at the upcoming Rotary Music Festival in Whitehorse. Known for her diverse talents, she excels as a soloist, yet is equally comfortable as a chamber musician, accompanist and teacher. As a soloist, Shadick-Taylor has a strong interest in contemporary music. Premiering many Canadian …

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Finding a Gem

It can take approximately six days to hand-make a traditional pair of beaded moosehide moccasins. That’s why they cost about $250.But when you splurge on a pair your feet will be toasty warm and you’ll be walking around in artwork. During the Sourdough Rendezvous weekend, the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre is hosting a craft fair with …

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Musher and Dog, Racing as One

It all started with a group of friends at a bar; in the North, it often starts that way. The Iditarod was considered the longest and toughest race in the world. And it probably was at the time. But somehow it all seemed a bit commercial and really just, well, just a race. They thought …

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Tasting Tagish

Pat McKenna takes a cook’s tour of famous, infamous and soon-to-be-famous Yukon chefs. Café, motel, RV park, store and more – Tagish Stores is serving up authentic German cuisine, real Italian coffee and a Saturday barbecue for which reservations are recommended. Kurt and Jutta Gantner are the owners, operators and chefs who credit their style …

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Christmas Concert is Caliente, Caliente, Caliente

Barbara Chamberlin is loving the wordplay surrounding the Whitehorse Community Choir’s upcoming Christmas show, Christmas Caliente. “It’s music to warm your soul,” she says deliciously. “To warm your Christmas.” Perhaps it should be explained here that “Caliente” is Spanish for “hot”. “Throw away the cold when you walk into the Yukon Arts Centre,” she says, …

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Dancing up a Storm

BY SARAH LINDSTEIN A blistering blues band, The Twisters, is blazing into town and will ring in the new year, with Whitehorse locals (a most-appreciative audience) at the Yukon Convention Centre (YCC). They’re capping off a successful year in celebrity style. The band, which is comprised of local musician Brandon Isaak as well as original …

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Seeing Double Agents in Berlin

I have decided to mess with the gods of chronology and end my travel reports with the beginning. First, a bit of background. I was the lucky and grateful winner of the Foreign Correspondent contest put on by What’s Up Yukon and Condor Airlines this summer, which included a return flight from Whitehorse to Frankfurt, …

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A Brace of Ron Mann Films at YAC

Yukon Film Society scores again, with a special double bill at the Yukon Arts Centre this coming Monday, November 1. Featured will be two of the newest films from Canadian pop-culture icon Ron Mann. As if that weren’t enough, the Toronto director himself will be in town with his films. Fresh from its showing at …

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The Passion of Bavaria

When Condor Airlines lands in Munich, Germany, it touches down in the capital city of Bavaria, a free state of Germany. I knew nothing of Bavaria until recently and, what little I do know, has certainly piqued my interest. When I asked folks around Whitehorse what they knew of Bavaria, I got very similar responses: …

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The Passion of Bavaria

When Condor Airlines lands in Munich, Germany, it touches down in the capital city of Bavaria, a free state of Germany. I knew nothing of Bavaria until recently and, what little I do know, has certainly piqued my interest. When I asked folks around Whitehorse what they knew of Bavaria, I got very similar responses: …

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Be our 2010 foreign correspondent

I visited Germany once. My brother was stationed there with the Canadian Army and he was dating a German lady, Gabi, who is now my sister-in-law. Germany has the Autobahn, but she took us along slow, winding roads with achingly beautiful scenes of lovingly cared-for farms and country homes. We stayed in “pensions” and sat …

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This Way and That Way, Europe is Magical

Do they serve frankfurters onboard Condor Airlines to Frankfurt? Maybe not, but Condor’s fast-track to Germany takes you to one of Europe’s most infinitely varied countries and a fascinating gateway city from which to explore the rest of Europe. Rent a car and drive southeast over the river and through the Alps to Rome, cradle …

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A Trip to the Black Forest

Europeans like to discover North America — the “New World” — whereas Americans like to visit the “Old World” — Europe. In the heart of Europe lies Germany, the mother country of Condor. Europe is a multicultural country with many different manners, customs and languages, so when you arrive at Frankfurt Airport you always find …

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Finding My Canadian Self in Europe

I’ve always considered myself patriotic. Olympic moments, international events and even Canada Day were all times in my life marked with extreme pride in my heritage. Remembrance Days for my family were times to not only be patriotic, but also humble about the privileges we Canadians had over other members of this globe. At the …

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2010 Condor Foreign Correspondent contest winner

Nathalie Ouellet was feeling the usual letdown after returning from a European vacation, when she saw an advertisement for the Foreign Correspondent Contest in What’s Up Yukon. “I love writing when I travel,” she says. “It re-enforces the experience.” Writing a story that pointed out the everyday whimsy of Europe, and the ironie s, and …

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The Call of the Wild Still Calls!

By the time you read this, Dr. Dirk Rohrbach, from Munich, Germany, should be wrestling with the strong winds on the Yukon River system in his hand-made birch bark canoe. Rohrbach met with churchgoers in Skagway’s Presbyterian Fellowship Hall on Sunday, June 13, before departing on his solo three-month hike and paddle to reach the …

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Made It to the Bering Sea

The first time we met Dirk Rohrbach was after church in Fellowship Hall on Sunday, June 13. What first struck me about Dr. Rohrbach was his mild, confident manner. Here was this handsome athletic German quietly telling us that he had built his own traditional birch bark canoe and, after hiking the Chilkoot Trail, he …

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Pride Week Celebrated in Film

The queer community in the Yukon is full of creative and innovative people doing interesting projects in the areas of the arts and business. One of our local lesbians is a filmmaker named Heidy Enka, who has written and directed a film called Trauma Queens. Her film has been chosen to be screened at Entzaubert, …

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How to Have a Fun Lesbian Summer

Summer is finally upon us. We come out of our houses blinking at the increased daylight like a bunch of groundhogs. Whitehorse feels more vibrant. People are leisurely walking around amazed that it stays light past 5 o’clock. Soon the streets will be teeming with tourists, especially on Tuesday and Thursday when the Condor flights …

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Not the New Kid on the Block

Nobody likes a beer snob. Even beer snobs don’t like beer snobs. So, when someone wrinkles their nose at a Bud Light and then reaches for a Chimay Rouge, it’s hard not to get your back up as they start talking about yeast strains and overtones of cinnamon and ripe apricot. To clarify immediately and …

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