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A family in homemade Halloween costumes

DIY: Low-Waste, Halloween style!

Initially, Halloween—namely, All Hallows’ Eve—was a ritual dedicated to remembering the dead. But now it can bee all about the fun!

A lone leaf on a branch in late Autumn

Eco-Friendly Halloween

In a few days, little feet will be racing over crunchy leaves (or crunchy snow), from house to house, fuelled by vast quantities of sugar.

A spooky pre-Halloween evening

Dawson City’s Old Court House on Front Street will be the site for this year’s Haunted House event, a yearly offering to the community sponsored by Parks Canada. For many years the RCMP took the lead in providing this Halloween celebration, but four years ago they needed to step down. Janice Cliff, with Klondike National …

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A Good Read for Halloween Night

Do ghosts exist? For some they do.  The main character in Marcelle Dubé´s novel, Shelter, moves into a haunted house in a small town in Ontario. Dubé started the story as a gothic novel and in the end it became a ghost story. Marcelle Dubé is well known in the Yukon and she usually publishes …

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Old Crow Haloween

An Old Crow Halloween

I looked out our window in Old Crow Halloween Day, 2014. It was -10ºC outside. Trees were shaking as the wind howled making it much colder.

The Victims of Halloween

As Halloween draws near, let’s honour the many victims of Halloween. First, there are the 139 victims of Michael Myers, the villain of 10 Halloween movies, including sequels and remakes. Rest in peace, screen people, and especially you Jamie Lee Curtis, aka Laurie Strode; you were there from the beginning. There are also the long-suffering …

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Halloween: A Call for Inaction

Regular readers might know me as a generally cranky person, not likely to give out candy freely at any time of year. Today, I will not prove you wrong. The percentage of adults that enjoy Halloween is roughly equivalent to that of co-workers who enjoy staff meetings; there’s the one eager person who likes to …

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Halloween: The Best of Fall

With its love of secrecy, dark passions and spooky details, Halloween is an irresistible theme for holiday decorating. A holiday that appeals to adults and children alike, Halloween is time where you can fantasize (who doesn’t want to be a super hero for a day?) frolic and have a whole lot of fun. From ghosts …

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Dare to Scare … Celebrate Halloween with Some Ghoulish Fun

In our home, there is no holiday more fun to celebrate than Halloween. With bewitching tales and frightening decorations, Halloween is one holiday where you can pull out all the stops for some mischievous fun. There are many creative and inspiring ways to celebrate Halloween. This season, cast a welcoming spell on your front entrance. …

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A No-Holds-Barred Halloween Smackdown!

The sexiness and sass of Varietease combined with the high energy, easy-to-dance-to rockabilly stylings of Sasquatch Prom Date. Throw in a promises-to-be-scary haunted house, bat girls hanging from the ceiling, prizes for best costume, not to mention two bars, and Halloween at the Yukon Convention Centre looks to be the place to be on Saturday, …

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Bear Country: A Tale of Two Halloweens

Halloween is a big event along the Hudson Bay coast. Along with the costumed trick-or-treaters you can find an armed patrol of RCMP, Manitoba Conservation Officers and community volunteers all dispatched to ensure that no polar bears enter the community. Before the sun rises, Manitoba Conservation’s Polar Bear Alert program begins their daily patrol for …

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Halloween Happenings Round-up

Halloween Spooktacular-Saturday, Oct. 27 Location: The Legion Hall, 503 Steele Street Time: 8 p.m.-2 a.m. Tickets: $20, available both in advance and at the door The Halloween Spooktacular will be a dance and costume party for ages 19 and up, with a DJ spinning a mix of top 40 and Halloween specials, a full bar, …

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Major Munk in Mario costumes

Major Funk – New Tunes En Route

On Halloween weekend, the 202 opened its doors once again to Yukoners (in costume). Major Funk took the stage as the cast from Mario Kart.

A jack-o-lantern

All Things Pumpkin

The season of pumpkins is upon us. It seems this fall-favourite vegetable has a way of perfectly blending in with everything.

Grey Matters: Reflections on time

I’m convinced time is speeding up. I remember being told “coming soon! Those things weren’t “soon” Now, at 72, everything comes much sooner

grippers and cutter

Grey Matters: Grip and gripes

I’m coming to grips with how bad my grip is. Some things that have gotten better with time, my ability to tolerate my arthritis has not.

field of pumpkins

Pumpkins in the North

Getting Pumpkins to the Yukon isn’t easy. There’s a lot of shipping logistics to bring them from B.C., maybe Alberta, maybe even California.”


November 1 heralds the start of DiNovember, when my daughter’s pet dinosaurs, full of mischief and hijinks, take over the house for a month.

Yukon See It Here: Tamara Neely

A spooky house in Riverdale where we went trick or treating on Halloween Submitted by Tamara Neely [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Heart your green cart

An axe. A wig. A bone. These are the three things people searched for most frequently on the City of Whitehorse’s What Goes Where waste app.

2019 World Series Primer

Based on their 107 regular season wins, the Astros should meet the Nationals in the 2019 World Series. Yes, the Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners are the only two MLB franchises currently playing which have never won their league’s pennant and have therefore never played in the World Series. The Nats, which Grandpa refers to …

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Candy for the carnivores

Yukon Wildlife Preserve annual Wild Trick or Eat event. Stuffed pumpkins have been added to the menu for special carnivore feeding.

Ready, Set, Howl will visit Whitehorse for a show on Oct 10

Norman Mervyn Barrington-Foote is bringing his own unique combination of music, comedy and puppetry to Whitehorse for a Halloween-themed show on Oct. 10, 2019 at the Yukon Arts Centre. Music, costumes and Halloween are all part of Ready, Set, Howl.

Sophie, the ‘Dog Who Walked in Front’

Sophie was born in February 2008, in Saskatchewan, to proud golden retriever and poodle parents. She spent a happy, early puppyhood romping through open fields on a farm, near Regina, with her twin sister Sasha.

Be afraid … be very afraid!

As the days grow dark and the cool air settles in, Yukoners begin to turn their attention from campfires to pumpkins, embracing the spirit of Halloween. The City of Whitehorse bristles with spooky events for all ages. One of the largest and most-sought-after Halloween fixtures is the annual MAD Haunted House, presented by the Music, …

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Superbirds (a.k.a. ornithology, a.k.a. birdlore)

This quiet, reserved and thoughtful corner of the year-round Yukon has gone to the birds this week, namely Arctic terns, the all-time migratory champions, not only of the bird kingdom but also the entire non-human animal world, including bugs and butterflies. You won’t believe what you are about to read but, first, you have to …

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Rocking the live music scene

When Barry Bellchambers acquired the Whitehorse Lions Pool in 2004, filled it, and created the Yukon Convention Centre, he had a vision of bringing live music to the Yukon. Classic rock bands like April Wine, Nazareth, Randy Bachman, Steve Earle, and Dr. Hook all performed in Whitehorse as part of Bellchambers’ efforts. That era of flying …

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The fear is real…

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys creepy strolls through dark spaces with ghouls and goblins festering around every corner, perhaps it’s time to head to The Guild Hall in Porter Creek, as the Guild Society is preparing to scare the wits out of you at its annual haunted house of horror. The event …

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F*ck Feelings

“There’s no ‘should’ or ‘should not’ when it comes to having feelings. They’re part of who we are and their origins are beyond our control. When we can believe that, we may find it easier to make constructive choices about what to do with those feelings.“ -Fred Rogers. From, The World According to Mister Rogers. …

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The Return of Bushwhacker: Wiser, Stronger, And Ready to Party

Next week sees the triumphant return of a woefully under-represented genre in the Whitehorse music scene – heavy metal – brought in the form of the progressive metal four-piece Bushwhacker. The group has been hard at work in Vancouver over the past five years; they will be returning to their home turf on July 16th …

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Hobgoblins, Skulls, and Warlocks

While the chip and candy industry churns out boxes of treats for the kids, there lies another type of treat adults can enjoy at Halloween: creepy cigars. With names like Insidious, Exorcist, and Warlock, there is a niche market of cigars with freaky name. First, the cigar called Insidious. Line this cigar up with the …

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Murderously Funny

This Halloween season The Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) will present Butt Kapinksi at The Old Fire Hall, an interactive comedic murder mystery set in the style of a classic film noir movie. The show’s creator and star, Deanna Fleysher, slips into the gritty shoes of private eye Butt Kapinski as he endeavors to solve a …

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Chance of a Ghost

Claude Turcotte was the father of my two younger kids, Josh and Sophie Turcotte, also Dad to then-toddlers Geordie MacInnis and Lee Robitaille. He was my partner, lover and frenemy from 1979 to 1988, when his shenanigans became too much for me. Claude came to Yukon in 1973 to work in Clinton Creek, and stayed …

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A Buffet of Freaky Treats

Halloween parties for the mature crowd can’t simply offer a feast of candy and chips. We have issues such as cholesterol, blood pressure and the adult palate to keep in mind. Luckily, there are many healthy party snacks that can be served. Here are some ideas. For a sophisticated-but-creepy appetizer try black caviar. Grab some …

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The future is now

The Yukon Rendezvous Society is throwing a Halloween dance party again this year, and the theme is Back to the Future Part II. The trippy concept is that in 1989, when Back to the Future Part II came out, our man Marty (Michael J. Fox) time-travelled to the future and landed in 2015. And now …

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Breaking Bread and Serving Tea

Most nights, I go somewhere in the hills behind Riverdale, buried in all my warm clothes, and there, standing still, I look at the sky for long hours, until the cold air makes its way through my layers. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, an opening in the clouds reveals dim lights over the northern horizon. Or, …

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1920s Silent Film Night

Halloween is over, but don’t stop dressing up . On Saturday November 8, Open Pit theatre is giving you another chance; it’s hosting a 1920s-themed silent film night, and the directors of the company want guests sporting their Sunday best. It’s an art night true to the theatre company’s multidisciplinary mandate — to create space …

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It’s All About the Candy

Our little apartment in Old Crow is in full Halloween mode; my mom mailed up decorations, and our crib is sporting the spooky colours, orange and black. It’s the first year that our daughter Emily is kind of grasping the concept of taking candy from strangers. The last two years, I basically made her my …

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Serendipity Happens?

The other day I let my daughter Emily watch Tim Burtons’ The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time. She has developed a keen interest in skeletons, and even though the movie may not be for children under three, I decided to play cool dad, and threw it on. As soon as the opening song, …

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Hunt or be Hunted

Zombies. Would you be ready to fend for yourself if the undead filled the streets? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you’re already behind. But that’s okay, because Whitehorse resident Christi Mathews is throwing a party that will have you zombified. After putting on a successful Halloween party last October, Christi Mathews and six …

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50 Ways to Leave Your Sugar

We have all been struck with a case of the sugar blues — nagged by those treats hiding in the kitchen or next to the check out counter as we pay for our groceries. Our relationship to sugar can be a balancing act. Sweets are both a treat and a coping mechanism; in our busy …

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Theatre Returns to The Guild Hall

The stage is set for another season of theatre at the Guild Hall in Whitehorse. The Guild is back with four genre-bending productions that aim to bring out your fears, tears, and cheers. The Guild’s artistic director Katherine McCallum has searched afar for not only entertaining theatre, but also something different. Three of the four …

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Countdown to the hoopla

When does Christmas start? Of course it is December 25, but when can the hoopla begin? Back in 1991, I was volunteered to play Santa Claus at Northern Stores’ “Christmas in July Sale.” I think it had something to do with the fact that it was my idea to help turn all of that left …

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Klondike Rice and Beans

In old Yukon, many a miner survived the winter with a sack of rice and a bag of beans. With escalating food prices, we may be wise to follow suit. While rice and beans by themselves lack certain amino acids, combined together in the same meal however, amino acids lacking in one are present in …

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Unlocking the Tickle Trunk

Does this happen in other places?  I find I’m asking myself this all the time living up here in the Yukon. Most recently it is with regard to Yukoners and their costumes. We’re talking about people going to one another’s homes drinking beer, wine or what have you and doing so while dressed up. I’m …

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Dear Mister Ed

I done it, Darrol. I found Unkle Walt! Well, to tell it true, he found me. I was down to Genral Delivry, like I been evry day, to see if there was anythink from home. Sure enuff, there was a letter sayin’ Walt called to say sell off all his stuff, ‘coz he ain’t comin’ …

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Celebrate the Best of Fall with Ghoulish Fun

What could be more fun this fall than hosting a Halloween party to remember? Celebrate this holiday by gathering together family and friends for an evening filled with ghost-chilling tales, frightful food and good ol’ Halloween laughter. This Halloween, try making your own party invitations. Check out the smashing pumpkin or creepy skeleton invitations at …

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Fit ‘n’ Healthy: The Season of (Over) Eating is Here

Winter is coming and, with it, the season of eating; or should I say, overeating. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and all the celebrations in between, not to mention the added desire for comfort foods to warm us up and the higher instances overeating caused from depression due to lack of sunlight. Then there is the tendency …

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Get Ready for a Heavy Metal Hallowe’en

Halloween isn’t just for kids, and neither is Heavy Metal Hallowe’en, an all-ages benefit concert scheduled for Saturday, October 30 at Takhini Arena. Featuring new and established bands, the show promises to be a treat for everyone. The trick is to come early. Started by Tundra Punk Chris, Heavy Metal Hallowe’en has become an annual …

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On ghouls and garages

The emo wreath of skulls and black flowers hanging off our front door says it all. Halloween is coming. Fortean times have arrived. The real boon of this holiday isn’t just about recycling those old black and orange wrapped toffee candies. (Speaking of which, someone should carbon-date those things. I’m pretty sure we’ve been communally …

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Coasters’ DJ Showdown

Picture this: three hot Yukon DJs together spinning off beats, laying down tracks and raising the dance floor to extreme levels.

Dear Mister Ed

You know how they say if you dont like it hot then stay outta the kitchen. Thats what I been doin’ the past few days. Seems like Eva and Maisy has turned the place into part of the assembley line fer Maw Smuckers Jamworks. This bein’ my first summer hereabouts, I never realized how frantick …

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French Toast: Multi-talented Artist Presents New Work

It’s hard not to find her; she is everywhere. I’m talking about the performance artist, poet, writer and painter Josée Fortin. And starting on Nov. 29, you will be able to see her paintings at Gallery 22, in downtown Whitehorse. Better known under the name of Jo la Jolie, a glow poi dancer, we also …

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Fit ‘n’ Healthy: Getting S.M.A.R.T. About Fitness

Kids are going back to school … maybe you’re an empty nester … or maybe you are a summer outdoor enthusiast. Well, it’s fall time and with the fall comes time to re-set your schedule and, with it, your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. We have discussed goal setting a few times over the last …

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Winter’s Here. Volunteer!

”It’s just a gorgeous day out there.” “Let’s enjoy it. We know what’s coming next.” Terry and I were sitting in a local eatery, stirring our coffees and looking out the window. We sort of sighed over the thought of summers past as a gusty wind pushed the fallen leaves along the sidewalk. “But Halloween …

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Rethinking Privacy and Paranoia on the World Wide Web

My my estimation, the World Wide Web owes me exactly £25 sterling—the exact amount I’ve forfeited since my dear-hearted Scottish grandma stopped sending me cat-adorned birthday cards enclosed with £5 notes for my birthday, instead opting for a 24-point font e-mail wishing me happiness and love on my special day. Absent that, and maybe the …

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Mr. Movie Picker’s Yuletide Flicks

Ah, the holidays! The value of the season is perhaps easy to overlook amidst the calorific parties and ominous-sounding “Black Friday” shopping sprees. Nevertheless, whether you call it Christmas, Xmas, or something else, this time of year offers a moment to reflect on a few high-minded ideas like peace on earth and goodwill toward, well, …

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Dawson’s Got Culture

Things generally slow down at the Dänojà Zho (Hän for Long Ago House) Cultural Centre once the summer season is over and the tourists are gone, but this fall season has been something of an exception. The place is a hotbed of activity, even in December. The building is approaching its 15th year of operation …

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Mystery and Good Causes

Galen Ashley of the Root Sellers will present his band’s new music amidst the mystique and mystery of the Yukon Transportation Museum at this weekend’s Boys’ and Girls’ Club Masquerade. “It’s really grand. It has a giant airplane in the room,” says Ashley with a hint of awe creeping into his voice. “I really love …

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Ghosts, Bees and Wagons

The Yukon Film Society offers its Available Light Cinema showings again this Sunday at the Yukon Arts Centre. The varied bill of fare includes an iconic comedy classic that features lots of Canadian talent – just in time for Halloween, a fascinating documentary, an offbeat western, and an array of animated films geared for the …

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What Your Favourite Candy Says About You

Welcome to the annual celebration of low impulse control known as Halloween. Children can anticipate the sheer volume and variety of candy tha t is bound their way. For adults, Halloween presents a more complex decision-making task. That is, which candy to purchase for the Halloween night giveaway. For some, buying candy is merely a …

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MacHomer Erectus

Somewhere along the line, Rick Miller wandered from Moshe Safdie’s Legoland and the Bauhaus world of Walter Gropius to the raucous playground of William Shakespeare and …wait for it! … Homer Simpson. Miller is an actor, writer, singer, painter, comic and mynah bird capable of mimicking the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Meatloaf, Andrea …

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