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A man standing on a dock under a full moon

In A Moment … ‘In The Twinkling of An Eye’

In the blink of an eye. That is how quickly this idiom of biblical origin (from 1 Cor. 15: 51–52) has been changed, as it describes a mysterious and wonderful moment, at the trumpet sound, when everything will change.

Recycling your wreck

Some old trucks are a source of antique reverence to the past, but too many abandoned cars are an unfortunate part of Yukon’s landscape.

Of Breasts and Beyond

Breasts, boobs, tits, tatas. Mind the title, because, yes, this really is a story about tits, but it’s also, oh! so much more than that. Because, what are breasts to women? I won’t overstep boundaries and assume to know everyone’s relationship with their own; however, whether we have them or we don’t, and no matter …

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Superhero Highschool

Growing up is hard. And the microcosm of high school — with its changing expectations and responsibilities and the push-pull of social dynamics, while, at the same time, you’re trying to establish emotional coping mechanisms and, above all, dealing with the omnipresent questions about the rest of life…? Phew. It’s exhausting just reading that, nevermind …

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Hitting the Powder

I will try anything once; twice if the first time doesn’t kill me. Which is fortunate, because that’s how many times I had been skiing prior to my lesson at the Mount Sima Ski School: exactly twice. I was 17 and had gone on a “romantic ski date” with my then-boyfriend at the Batawa Ski …

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My annual forgiveness tour

Finally, you sinners have reached that one special moment of the year when I consider whether or not I will forgive you for making my life less than pleasant. Anyone and everyone stands a chance as I have already forgiven the following in this annual feature: Stephen Harper, Paris Hilton, the English language, people who …

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A growing passion

“People ask me, ‘how long have you been an artist?’, and it’s been since I was really young. It’s always been a big thing of mine,” Norm Matechuk says with a laugh. “Eventually it came back to wood turning, but I always did art of some sort, like metal sculpting.” With his cap and jacket …

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It’s a Living, Breathing, Social-Networking Thing

As we speak (’cause “read together” sounds kinda weird), I have Facebook open on another window. I’m trying hard not to check it. Indeed, I am one of “those” – one of those people who actually waste their time stalking friends, vague acquaintances and various exes on the extremely popular and widely vilified website known …

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Where I Go to Know When

So I went on this website to see when I’d die. The Internet, being the general purveyor of naked people and random crotch shots, can also tell you how long you’ll have to live. You simply enter a little personal data. You type in your age, history of disease in your family and, generally, how …

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More Than One Way to Become a Guitar Hero

Whitewater Wednesday isn’t just a night for tour-seasoned musicians. It’s also for people who are just starting to play their first songs. Lisa Vollans, a close friend of mine, is one of those. She’s starting to relax and enjoy performing songs like MGMT’s Time to Pretend, and The Moldy Peaches’ Anyone Else But You. And …

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Old Bottle, New Wine

Aremake currently playing in Whitehorse that is in some respects actually an improvement on the original is Arthur. The 1981 version, which starred Dudley Moore in the title role, earned Shakespearian actor Sir John Gielgud an Academy Award for his memorable role as Hobson, Arthur Bach’s manservant-protector. The current version of this comedy is reasonably …

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Bells for Bert and Ernie?

Recently, there’s been talk in the media concerning an online petition asking the Sesame Street producers to let Ernie and Bert marry each other. Apparently a few hundred quixotic slacktivists agreed, and “signed” this online petition. Yep. You heard me. The reasoning is that having these two Muppets marry would teach kids tolerance, in a …

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