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Whitehorse Community Choir Goes Virtual

In these uncertain and unusual times, the “new normal” doesn’t always look like the old one! The Whitehorse Community Choir has come up with a way to permit members to sing while still respecting their health and safety – a virtual choir.  The choir will be holding virtual practices on Zoom starting on Monday, September …

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Whitehorse Community Choir Goes Out With a Pop

It was within the depressing January weather stats that the Whitehorse Community Choir began its preparation for its Spring Concert, taking place at the Yukon Arts Centre on Friday, May 7 and Saturday, May 8. This year’s concert, entitled Pop Goes the Choir, will see the full choir, as well as its smaller off-shoots, The …

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A choir on stage

The Choir Is Back

The Whitehorse Community Choir’s annual Christmas shows are happening Dec. 2-3, and won’t be scaled down due to pandemic restrictions.

Choirs celebrate Celtic music

Spring is coming and so is the merry month of May, when a choir director’s fancy turns to … tartan? Yes, the Whitehorse Community Choir will be celebrating all things Celtic in its spring concert, Ceud Mìle Fàilte (Gaelic for A Hundred Thousand Welcomes) on May 3 and 4 at the Yukon Arts Centre. There will be a …

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Choir is Ready to Get You Into Christmas Spirit

For some Yukoners, there are only two seasons: summer and choir. The four choirs of the Whitehorse Community Choir (WCC) reconvened in September, and, for the better part of three months, members have been rehearsing for this year’s Christmas concert entitled “Let it Snow.” You can hear the 120 dedicated members of the WCC at …

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25 Years and going S(tr)ong

The Whitehorse Community Choir is preparing for their 25th Anniversary Concert, to be held May 4 and 5 at the Yukon Arts Centre.

The Masked Singers

It’s been a complicated year for Whitehorse Community Choir. Around a year ago, they went from regularly scheduled full rehearsals to absolutely nothing, and had no idea when or how they’d be able to return.It’s been a complicated year for Whitehorse Community Choir.

Taking the Sound of the Yukon to a National Stage

On July 1, the community choir, along with the Persephone Singers and the Chamber Choir, will take their sound to Ottawa. As part of the annual Unisong Choral Festival, they will sing with and for choir members and audiences from around the country and the globe.

Protest and Psychedelia

The Sixties are making a comeback in Whitehorse this week, complete with musicians ranging from Pete Seeger to Led Zepplin. On May 2 and 3, the Whitehorse Community Choir will offer its take on hits songs of the 1960s in its Songs of Peace and Protest concert at the Yukon Arts Centre. Choir director Barbara Chamberlin is …

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What Good Does Art Do?

John Trotter was supposed to be a lawyer. Becoming the musical director for Wheaton College in Chicago wasn’t part of the plan. “Music was my first love, but it never occurred to me for a moment that I would be a musician,” he says. “I didn’t know anyone who did that.”  But Trotter ended up …

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Collecting songs of the North

Songs tell the stories of places, and the Whitehorse Community Choir Yukon Song Project reflects the stories of the North. The WCC choir director Barb Chamberlain, and Susanne Hingley are collecting poems and writings of the Yukon. The goals: to compile a library of Yukon songs, and to set Yukon poetry/writing to music. “We really …

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Take Caroling a Step Further

Attention hearty Yukon yuletide carolers: prepare to step up your game. Whitehorse’s choir collective, Messiah Chorale, invites you to sing-a-long this solstice weekend. And not just to “O Come All Ye Faithful.” For the first time in Whitehorse, the audience will be singing along to Handel’s Messiah. Messiah is a mesmerizing English-language Baroque oratorio composed …

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Singers sing sea shanties

“They are clean drinking songs,” says Barbara Chamberlin, half laughing and half pleading. “There is such a thing.” The conductor of the Whitehorse Community Choir was explaining the name of the spring concert, All Hands On Deck, and wanted to ensure audiences knew that this would be clean fun. Chamberlin, who collects songs throughout the …

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Very Close to Home

Wow! Talk about your Northern content … The cover of Barbara Chamberlin’s latest CD, Of Ice and Men, is the work of renowned Yukon artist, Chris Caldwell, and the songs are about fishing, moose camp, Northern men, ice, ice fog … I believe that this CD is Chamberlin’s tongue-in-cheek look at living up here in …

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The Magic of Madrigal

When the Whitehorse Community Choir presents its annual spring concert this week, it will be in a different venue than usual—the Sacred Heart Cathedral on 4th Avenue. It will also be offering musical fare whose origins trace back as far as 14th century Italy, together with items as modern as the Swingle Singers and the …

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Tone and Diction Rule

It’s 7: 25 on a Monday evening. Over the past few minutes, 67 members of the Whitehorse Community Choir have arrived at the Whitehorse United Church and taken their places. Microphone in hand, Barbara Chamberlin calls out, “OK, let’s stand up. Let’s have a massage.” The atmosphere is lighthearted as the singers turn in their …

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Raising Their Voices

After performing Mozart’s complex Requiem earlier this year, the Whitehorse Community Choir will present a more varied bill of fare for its Gloria, Hallelujah Christmas concert this weekend. At the same time, says conductor Barbara Chamberlin, the 80-voice choir is laying the groundwork for some other ambitious projects down the road. “We’re doing a couple …

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