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Bloody good cocktails

Being that we can’t travel to a warm climate where oranges and lemons grow, it seems fitting to pay tribute to those lovely flavours now, during one of the coldest months.

Light and lovely

Need to go for something light. Try this simple recipe for January. I shall call a “Vodka & Soda That Doesn’t Suck.”

Cheers to a new year

This month’s cocktails are an eclectic bunch, but they’re all aimed at celebrating the season, in particular, the impending completion of 2020.

Warm Winter Drinks

Here we are, with the holiday season fast approaching, and it’s quite likely that you will want to celebrate with a few festive drinks. For me, winter with its cold makes me feel the need for warming ingredients such as ginger, cloves, molasses, and chocolate. The recipes that follow are full of these warm flavours.

All About Bubbles

In March, I challenged myself to publish a cocktail recipe every day, for 14 days, on social media – the challenge was that I had to use spirits I already had at home, and that I could not make any extra/unnecessary trips to the grocery store for mixer, etc. This challenge became Free Pour Jenny’s …

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Glass of wine with that pedicure?

Head to Toe is the first ever salon to offer a bar service to their customers, including mimosas, house wines, scotch, coffee and baileys, and import and local beer.

Life hacks for the kids

In previous columns in this space, I have offered various suggestions of ways to improve life for those who roam the earth on two legs, especially those of us who do so burdened by creeping senescence. The recent holidays provided an opportunity to put my brain in idle mode, where it often does its best …

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Cooler Tips

These days the word “cooler” can mean a pre-mixed alcoholic beverage, but it’s also the name of an insulated box to keep your food and drinks cool. Coolers come in various shapes, sizes and prices. A really large one seems like a good idea until you try to lift and carry it after it has …

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How Pure is Your Beer?

There are the purists who believe beer should be simple. The Bavarian Purity of Law of 1516, the famous Reinheitsgebot, stated that beer could only be made with water, malt (malted barley or malted wheat) and hops. Louis Pasteur wouldn’t discover yeast for a few hundred years. Some suggest the Reinheitsgebot was just designed to …

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Making something illegal that used to be legal is a tricky road to manoeuvre.

Making something illegal that used to be legal is a tricky road to manoeuvre. Opium? Sure, I understand. DDT? Makes sense. But making booze illegal after being freely produced and imbibed for hundreds of years in North America — what idiot dreamed that one up? Prohibition was heavily supported by the women of Canada and …

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Grab It and Grill It

Paraguay is home of the largest one-day open-air barbecue in the world. That’s right folks, don’t touch that dial. On October 26, 2008, in the township of Mariano Roque Alonso, on the outskirts of Asunción, there was a real shaker. They fired up the barbecue (in this case, open fires over an area 60 by …

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A Recipe for a Lasting Memory

What makes a vacation, at least for me, is going to a place different than what you are accustomed to. This could be a change in your physical surroundings, your schedule and even what you explore and taste. The last several weeks have been all of that for me and for my children. Even with …

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Dance to sounds of the Big Band

The hallowed halls of learning are hushed, today. “It’s exam week,” Rebekah Bell, band teacher for Porter Creek Secondary School, says, explaining the surprising silence. There are none of the scuffling sounds of students scrambling to get to wherever it is they are going. No chatter, no laughter, no cellphone beeps. The halls are almost …

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Beer Trivia

Delight your friends and family with a couple of beer-themed tidbits this week, or just look incredibly smart while getting your growler filled. The world’s oldest recipe? Yeah, it’s for beer. Despite popular opinion, Guinness in not a meal in a glass: It is one of the lowest calorie non-light beers, coming in at 125 …

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Extreme Beer

I blame my current state of beer obsession on Christmas of 1995 when I bought my partner a beer kit as a present. It somehow took hold and made beer a part of the family. We now have two converted freezers full of craft beer and kegs of homebrew. Rod (my partner) has a “Brewing …

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When Life Gives You Lemons

We are all feeling this way at the moment, and because the lemons are so lovely now, and in the same springy theme, I give you a refreshing, sassy, and springy gin sour!

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