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Diyet and the Love Soldiers

Diyet and the Love Soldiers

This July, Diyet and the Love Soldiers released a video project to accompany their song, “Brave Face.” The track was the third single and opener from the multi-stylistic group’s recent studio album, 2018’s Diyet and the Love Soldiers. The album had already received recent accolades including winning the Canadian Folk Music Award for Indigenous Songwriter …

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Pain, Compassion, and Hope: Diyet releases second album When You Were King

“Wake up from your slumber sleeping beast. It’s time breathe again, it’s time to see again. You were born, you were born to be the greatest of all… It’s time to roar, like you did when you were king.” These are some of the lyrics from the title track of Diyet‘s new album, When You …

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Diyet van Lieshout comes from a family of musicians, singers and great storytellers. Her paternal grandmother was a Japanese opera singer and dancer and her maternal great-grandfather was an Southern Tutchone singer and dancer. It’s no wonder that she has been drawn to music, song writing and performing her entire life. Born and raised in …

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Diyet Keeps True to Her Roots

Kluane-born singer/songwriter Diyet is perched on the cusp of local — perhaps national and international – stardom, and yet remains playfully demure. Her newly released album, The Breaking Point, is an eclectic mix of contemporary rock, R&B, country and a touch of roots. Diverse, too, is her band of musicians, culled from her surrounding Yukon …

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Diyet’s Poetic Lyrics are Heartfelt and True

With these lyrics from Home, the opening track of Diyet‘s debut album, The Breaking Point, the singer/songwriter from Burwash Landing sets the mood for this CD. She reflects on her hometown, a tiny, remote First Nations community, with its beauty and its struggles. Her community has a tie that brings her back, and is a …

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Paris Pick Performance

From Paris, With Love

After nearly a decade in the Yukon, Paris Pick is moving away to pursue music school and then her career as an music artist.

Summer Music Camp

This year’s Yukon Summer Music Camp is going ahead, with a new producer and administrative officer at the helm. Yukon Music Camp Society has opened registration for the second year of Yukon Summer Music Camp, pandemic edition.

Going the Distance

Physical distancing has thrown a wrench in the plans of musicians all over the world—here’s how the Yukon’s own are dealing with these times

Inspiring on stage

On January 15, Tentrees was joined on the small Hamilton and Son stage for his 90-minute performance by Amelia Rose Slobogean (fiddle) and Graeme Peters (guitar). The trio explored some of their new works and shared their crafting experiences and inspirations of the pieces, displaying a rare chance to see the creative process through someone else’s eyes.

Laurel Parry – Loud and Proud

On her first day as a government arts consultant in 1987, Laurel Parry was ushered to a desk that held a typewriter, a large black ceramic ashtray, and an in-box loaded with letters and materials from Yukon artists. “The job had been vacant for quite awhile and the sport consultant had been pinch-hitting, so I …

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Writing Across the Borders

An ambitious pan-Northern ensemble of seasoned musicians from all three territories will make its debut in Whitehorse next week as one of the performance highlights of the fifth annual Adäka Cultural Festival. The New North Collective will bring together the songwriting and performing talents of four Yukoners, two residents of the Northwest Territories, and a …

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Remembering Sandi Gleason

A friend of Jeanie Dendys’s 15-year-old son told Dendys he gets more excited for the native hockey tournament than he does for the Canada Games. Dendys figures it’s because of the exposure and the level of competition — and the community. A nation-wide community forms during the Yukon Native Hockey Tournament; teams come from all …

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Florent Vollant’s first exposure to music was in his family’s cabin on a trapline in Labrador. After a successful caribou hunt, the family would celebrate with traditional songs and dances, in the Innu tradition of the makushan, or pow wow.  “I was four or five years old the first time I remember the sound of …

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Northern Opry Project takes the Yukon back In time

Lovers of old-style country music will gather together this month to recreate the golden age of country radio. Singer-songwriter Kim Beggs and music fest organizer Dale Harnish have rustled up country and folk musicians from inside and outside the Yukon for two Grand Ole Northern Opry concert performances on Dec. 20 and 21 at the …

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Barney Bentall—new and old

There will be two Barney Bentalls performing at Yukon Learn and PGI Yukon’s The Night Before Gala. The one Barney Bentall is the we all know as the Canadian rocker who fronted The Legendary Hearts and gave us such hits as “Something To Live For,” “House of Love” [Is Haunted] and “Come Back To Me.” The …

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Aboriginal Day Gives Olympic Ambassadors a Proper Hometown Hurrah

Ever since June 21 was declared National Aboriginal Day in Canada in 1996, Yukon First Nations have taken the opportunity to gather together on this special day, celebrating their culture and history both within their own nations and with the people of the Yukon as a whole. Since 1996, there have been many reasons for …

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A Circumpolar Soundscape

The Adäka Cultural Festival is a new, focused showcase aimed at developing visual arts, honing performance skills, and promoting the revitalization of Yukon First Nations culture. Along with these goals, the festival presents opportunities such as A Circumpolar Soundscape – opportunities for First Nations artists and performers to draw inspiration from each other, and for …

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