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Erin Dixon – Artist documents the vintage, the eclectic and the historical houses of Whitehorse and Dawson

Erin Dixon is interested in how other people live.  “I have been interested in other people’s houses, since I was a little kid,” she said. “Trick-or-treating was always my favourite because you got to go to other people’s houses and peek inside. Now, I love it when you drive down a dark street and everyone …

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Whitehorse Warms to Vintage Fashion

BY SARAH LINDSTEIN Ivan Sayers, Vancouverite and prodigious collector of antique and vintage clothing, is set to show Whitehorse how to stay warm. His fashion show, Keep Me Warm, organized by the Northern Fibres Guild of Whitehorse, shows the practical side of vintage style. The “warmth” aspect of the show means wool and fur clothing, …

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Lifetime Love of Vintage Bikes

I’ve always had trouble when it came to focusing on a particular passion in my life. Anyone who knows me would likely say that I am constantly pursuing my passions. That’s the point: it is passions, plural, and they are changing all the time. I never stick with anything beyond intermediate knowledge or competence. Jörg …

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A woman with a stack of books

Books To Read On A Trapline

When the evenings get longer, we enjoy reading a good book. So here we go with the books to hunker down with on a cold, dark night

A filmmaker documents archeology work

Unfrozen After 85 Years

Parks Canada got the call late last August—a cache of items left behind in 1937 (by legendary photographer Bradford Washburn…

Ted Tullis

Planes, trains and automobiles

Tullis, 83, likes to build. A retired heavy duty mechanic, the airplane, steam engine & Ford Model T occupied him for the last 30 years.

Warm Winter Drinks

Here we are, with the holiday season fast approaching, and it’s quite likely that you will want to celebrate with a few festive drinks. For me, winter with its cold makes me feel the need for warming ingredients such as ginger, cloves, molasses, and chocolate. The recipes that follow are full of these warm flavours.

The owl that beckons

If you have lived in Canada for any time, you will likely recognize her work, even if you weren’t sure how to say her name. Kenojuak Ashevak’s image, “Owl’s Bouquet,” is featured on Canada’s $10 bill.

Beauty Through Decay

Beauty Through Decay is Jennfer Jay’s first exhibit, although she has been making art all her life. Yukoners may not know her name. As she notes in her bio, Jay has spent a lot of time being put into boxes that she never felt like she belonged in.

Gin, Gin, Gin-ity Gin

This selection of cocktails is, you guessed it, inspired by gin, but really, it’s inspired by the Prohibition era cocktails of the Roaring Twenties.

An old skill, relearned

We’ve all been going through the COVID adjustments. I’ve had more time to pursue some of my interests such as writing, painting, gardening, and hiking but also to get back to some old interests – like biking. I used to ride a motorcycle many years ago, but that’s not the kind of biking I’m talking …

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Tenor of his times

The Sam Taylor Trio will present an evening of jazz standards at the Yukon Arts Centre on Sunday, Jan. 26, as part of the Jazz on the Wing series. Besides Taylor, personnel will include Aaron Seeber on drums and Neal Miner on upright bass.

Canadian inspiration

Amber Church’s solo exhibition True North Strong and Free features new work and is her first solo show in more than three-and-a-half years.

Discover the Okanagan

Breathtaking views, delicious food and delectable wines. The Okanagan is the top wine destination in the world, according to Huffington Post and I had to go find out how true it is. Day one incorporated incredible views, delicious food and possibly too much wine in Naramata Bench, so the following day, we (Ryan and I) decided …

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A trip to town

Sid’s youngest daughter was in conversation with Yukon artist Jim Robb for a commission of Bordertown Garage and Museum / Sid’s Treasures.

Yukon See It Here: Jonny Wilkie

A vintage Yukon licence plate collection Submitted by Klondike Lost Photography (Jonny Wilkie) [box] We invite you to share your photos of Yukon life. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and what camera equipment you used to [email protected][/box]

Yukon census missing centenarians

The Yukon’s Lost Centenarian

I was astonished to learn that the Yukon Territory currently is without a card-carrying centenarian, male or female, according to the most recent age data on record which is the 2016 census.

Gifts for geeks

If you don’t know what to get the geek on your Christmas list, the Yukon Comic Culture Society (YCCS) is coming to the rescue. The Society is hosting an event called Geek the Halls on Sunday, December 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Gold Rush Inn. According to Tracy Erman, president of …

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Canada’s first superheroine saved from obscurity

There’s no need to be a closet comic nerd anymore. The genre has exploded into accepted popularity over the last 10 years and it’s definitely something worth openly celebrating. If you’re like me, however, and relatively new to the scene, you might be surprised to find the roots of Canadian comic artists went mainstream more …

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Less is Definitely More

Dawson City did not have burlesque in its repertoire until long-time local resident Rachel Wiegers decided to take up (or off, as the case may be) the mantle and bring it to town. Wiegers says her journey towards burlesque started when she was young and discovered her father’s girlie magazine stash. “I was too young …

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A Home Away From Home

Stepping into Johnson’s Crossing Lodge nestled off the Alaska Highway at historic Mile 836 feels more like walking into your mom’s living room than a highway lodge. Vintage tins and rusted relics line the shelves overtop a cozy room with tables and chairs. A table top is scattered with hundreds of puzzle pieces waiting to …

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Hang on, George

Christmas Eve, 1946. Several actors huddle around their microphones, live-broadcasting a radio station’s seasonal drama, complete with commercial intervals and a touch of Yuletide music. The story they are dramatizing concerns a well-meaning chap from a small town, struggling to save his deceased father’s savings and loan company from bankruptcy. His world is collapsing, because …

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Imagination & Artistry at the Whitehorse Etsy Sale’s coast-to-coast pop-up event is back in Whitehorse for a second year, celebrating local artisans. Over a dozen vendors will be there with wares for you to touch, smell, see and drool over, and buy.   The event takes place in 38 communities across Canada on the same day. is a online forum where …

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Passion for Fashion

Evelyn Koh wanted a reason to stay in Haines Junction. She worked for years in Whitehorse, at the college and for the Yukon government. She also did carpentry and design work. For a while, she traveled back-and-forth between Whitehorse and Haines Junction. Finally, she settled in the community. She owns a piece of land off …

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Banners! Banners!

“They were popular back in the 1960s,” Sid tells me as we stand in one of his many garages. Built attached to his house, his old garage holds tools, machines and different parts of Sid’s antique/vintage collection. Looking up towards the ceiling, vintage banners, t-shirts, and hats are attached to the wooden beams above us. “They’re …

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The CutOff Restaurant & Pub: Real food for real Yukoners

The CutOff Restaurant & Pub has really nice customers. On a Sunday night, looking at the crowd that has come in for the ever-changing weekly dinner special, you see a lot of long-time Yukoners. Real Yukoners who dress comfortably and laugh out loud. This is what you get when you open a new restaurant 20 …

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Community Knitting

22,360 stitches an average sized pair of hand knit socks I knit in the morning I knit at night I knit in my car only at a red light. I recently had my blood pressure and heart rate checked. When I told my sister my heart rate at rest was 61, she said, “Well that’s …

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Art show at the YAC until May 28 explores colonization

All three exhibitions currently on display at the Yukon Arts Centre’s public art gallery have to do with colonization. Joseph Tisiga: IBC 1st Hole: Death Prophecy Denied Joseph Tisiga’s paintings in watercolour and acrylic surround an interactive mini putt course in IBC 1st Hole: Death Prophecy Denied to create a critique of the Canadian government’s …

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Heidi Hehn is Raven Mad

Heidi Hehn is crazy for ravens. It’s a taste she shares with many northerners. These big, black, intelligent birds bring wilderness into the city. Sometimes they bring that wildness closer than you’d like it, for example, when they tear apart the garbage in the back of a pickup truck. However, many people really appreciate their …

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States of Inebriation

We gratefully dropped our packs in the well-appointed bedroom of the houseboat. After one hour and five boats we had settled on the first we had been shown, and, not having found anyone with whom to share, were looking at two nights of what seemed like ridiculous indulgence: an entire houseboat complete with air-conditioned bedroom, …

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‘Tis the season: Christmas 2015

Jessica Vellenga will offer antique lace pendants and cowls created from old sweaters. A graduate of McMaster University with study abroad experience at University of Leeds, England, Vellenga brings a wonderful fine arts sensibility to her work. There will be at least 10 vendors with incredible products participating in re:design. A personal favourite is the …

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Crazy ’bout a Mercury

Local musician Ryan McNally really does have himself a Mercury, which he definitely does cruise up and down the road.

Pop-up Fashion

Jessica Vallenga has an eye for quality-made clothes; she is an artist trained in textiles, and she makes clothes. She turns embroidery into pendants and earrings, and she makes lingerie. As well as making clothing, Vallenga keeps her eyes peeled for second-hand finds wherever she goes. Most recently, it was Seattle, where she found a …

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General Store

Sid van der Meer’s Bordertown Garage & Museum is composed up of numerous themed rooms. One room is themed as an old general store and post office. “I made the General Store because I had all this stuff pertaining to an old store. Those stores had everything, canned goods, tobacco products, lamps, shot gun shells …

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Tattoo You: Sara Alexis

Hello readers, Do you have a tattoo that is important to you? Is it inspired by something or someone in the Yukon? Please submit a highres image of your ink along with a brief explanation of its significance to [email protected] Tattooed: Sara Alexis This tattoo was thought up on my drive across Canada to move …

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Ironing it Out

No matter how often you visit Sid van der Meer’s Bordertown Garage and Museum in Beaver Creek, there is always more to see. Many people visit Sid more than once to hear his stories and discover additional objects in his collection. Sid’s collection is in constant change as he trades, sells, barters, and buys antiques. …

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Mini-Fibi and Radio Rob in Tagish, circa 1988

Radio Rob

I’m almost at the Tagish Bridge when 106.7 CFET kicks in and the truck is flooded with Estonian pop music. I’m on my way to interview the fellow that makes this happen. I spent some time growing up in Tagish, and it’s there that “Radio Rob” Hopkins continues to be a close neighbour to my …

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Diner Lights

Sid van der Meer recently travelled from the gold rush fields of Arizona back to Canada’s most westerly community — Beaver Creek, Yukon. Sid has strong family ties to the White River First Nation, on whose lands he resides. He built his own home and museum behind Beaver Creek’s baseball diamond. His museum has become …

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The fiddle remembers

Harold Routledge did not remember that he had built this fiddle with his own hands; but the tunes, and the skill to play it, were memories that had not yet been robbed by Alzheimer’s. “There is something about music that it is so deeply ingrained to memories from a long time ago,” says Keitha Clark, …

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Overcoming Emotional Collapse Through Creation

Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic broke up in 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia. Like most post- relationship humans, they had ordinary objects kicking around their houses that sparked emotions, relating to the relationship, or the demise of it. The two artists joked about starting a museum. They asked their friends for their relationship remnants. They got …

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Making of a Queen

If you thought royalty was something found only in Europe, check again. In the Yukon, February ushers in a new breed of Queens for the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous festival. However, becoming a queen is no easy task — because there is much to learn and prepare for.  One aspiring candidate is Whitehorse resident Brittany Mai. Originally …

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Neil Young’s Wild Ride

If there is anyone left in Canada still interested in figuring out how Neil Young’s brain functions, his second memoir Special Deluxe, A Memoir of Life & Cars, is not likely to clear up the fog. Young, 69, is just not wired like the rest of us. He may possess too many talents to be …

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Keeping Warm

This week, van der Meer tells the story of his collection of White Pass and stagecoach foot warmers. As the winter months are fast approaching, he digs out his collection of three foot warmers. As seen in the image, the foot warmers are rectangular-shaped objects that are covered in a felt-like material. Van der Meer …

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Looking for Yukon Love Online: Part 1: What (and who) are the odds?

Okay, here I am — an educated, articulate, professional, employed man. I’m mid-1950s vintage, a home owner, and unattached. I keep fit with outdoor activities. I love drama, art, and music. During the several years I’ve been in Whitehorse, I’ve joined and organized groups, taken and presented courses, been a volunteer, and attended a wide …

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Bush is coming back?

Why do people get so fired up about a little bush? In January, the British newspaper The Telegraph ran an article by Louisa Peacock describing the public response to a pubic display. Clothing manufacturer and retailer American Apparel is known for their controversial advertising campaigns, and this year the New York American Apparel’s Valentine’s Day …

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Triple Threat

With three noticeable talents, namely photography, singing, and fashion design, Emma Blair is exceptional – and not afraid to be loud and proud about her interests. Her father ignited her passion for photography when Blair was four years old. It was 2005, Christmas time in the Yukon. The family had just moved to the Yukon …

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Some New Wines to Look For and Try

Since September there have been some good additions to the Yukon Liquor Corp. (YLC) shelves. October and November seem to be emerging as the wine tasting season in the Yukon. In the span of five weeks, I participated in, or organized, three events: the October Rotary festival in Whitehorse, the second annual tasting held by …

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The Yukon Connection

If there’s one thing I’ve come to count on as I travel and gig across the country, it’s that there is always a “Yukon Connection”. It is safe to say that anywhere I’ve gigged, there has always been someone in the audience with a Yukon connection. This past year, I’ve spent my winter working my …

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Everything Old is Beautiful Again

Stuff’s got to be old to make it worthwhile for Tara Hale to hit the pavement bright and early every weekend. Hale and her sister Sandy Schmidt have a standing Saturday morning garage sale date from May to August — no friends, no kids, go light and go fast. They’re particular about what they’re looking …

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Fundraising Fun avec Vin

About a year ago, I worked with Yukon Artists @ Work on a project called “Canvas Confidential,” a fundraiser to help Yukon artists if illness prevented them from working. As part of this event, we hosted a wine tasting, and had very specific criteria for the chosen wines. First, we had to order wines from …

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Bringing Up the Rear

Riding has a tendency to push your personal limits. Whether it is the distance you cover in a day … or your speed … or the cold weather … or how bad a road you can navigate successfully. The problem is I seem to get a lot of help from my companions in that whole …

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The Yukon flag

The Yukon is Not Just a Place

Naturally, I miss the Yukon. To be specific, it certainly wouldn’t be the weather (heh … sorry), but far more importantly, the people.

Go where the music takes you

From the gritty, primal rhythms to the lingering, sweet slide of steel guitar; and from the soulful roots of jazz to the vintage romance of classical guitar – and so much more – the music of Fathers & Sons takes you places you never thought you would go. “Sometimes it sounds like you’re kind of …

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Opening That Bottle Again

I have a confession. After encouraging friends and readers to participate in Open that Bottle Night, I remembered I had committed to attend the Rotary Club banquet where I found myself sipping the only red offered, a Jackson Triggs Merlot ($8.75). It’s a passable food wine and I will admit to it being infinitely more …

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Everything Old is New Again (or, ‘Pump It Up’)

Brace yourself, Yukon. There are strange things coming to the North this summer, and I am not just speaking of the various transients descending shortly. I guess it is not a for sure, but if Toronto and Montréal (the so-called meccas of Canadian fashion) are any indication, the Klondike will soon be under the same …

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Beef Wellington and Great Wines

Sometimes a dinner invitation can turn into a wine adventure. This past Saturday night was one such occasion. My partner and I had been invited to the home of some close friends, Mark and Jally, for beef Wellington. This puff pastry-wrapped beef tenderloin, flavoured with mustard, mushrooms and shallots is one of my culinary favourites, …

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Sipping Rosé Wines for Spring

The return of the light and the steady drip drip drip of the snow melting has re-awakened my yearning for all that the Yukon has to offer us in our other, non-winter seasons. Last week, I stopped at the Liquor Corporation store to look for a couple of rosé wines (rosé meaning “pinkish”) to try …

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Kitchen Sink Wines

With the exception of New Years Eve, I think I drank two glasses of wine in January — not propitious behaviour for a wine writer. I even missed having something nice for my birthday, but I guess the flu followed by pneumonia is a decent excuse. I even managed to lose 10 pounds, which under …

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P-Wing: Not your daddy’s cover band

Pegasus Wing beckons listeners to recall the profound messages and blissful sounds made by artists whom (unbeknown to them at the time) stood at the 80s doorstep of strange musical wonder, having just come off a 70s classic rock high. André Gagné, Fiona Solon, Ken Hermanson, Micah Smith, and Mike Millar (with an “a”) collectively …

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Whitewater and Wedgies

I can’t make this look good. I’ve just stepped out from the Yukon Canoe and Kayak Club’s (YCKC’s) wooden change room wearing neoprene booties, baggy board shorts stuffed into my vintage ’80s short-legged wetsuit with orange stripes down the side, a puke-grey paddling jacket, a purple PFD and a black kayak “sprayskirt” that flares boldly, …

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Mentioning the Unmentionable

The quiet history of Gold Rush good-time girls is revealed in Jessica Vellenga’s show at Arts Underground. “Are you a lady or a whore; if a whore, then pay $17, then pass through,” proclaims a hand-stitched embroidery, the fragile whimsical textile art betraying the somewhat-harsh proclamation of the licensing fares for houses of illicit operations. …

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100 under $100

While you’re out craft-fair-sale-ing in search of one-of-a-kind, homemade-in-the-Yukon Christmas gifts, swing by Cadence Cycle in downtown Whitehorse. Artist Nicole Bauberger is presenting her annual Christmas art show-and-sale in the bright, homey and gritty atmosphere of the shop on Wood Street. This year, nine Whitehorse artists and one artist from Tagish have work in the …

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Celebrating hockey and love

Hockey and Valentines. Although it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “love and marriage” and it doesn’t seem to go together like a “horse and carriage,” the two have come together in a Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon (LDAY) fundraiser. “This is a very unique event – the masterpiece of many creative minds,” …

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Dancing in Parallel

We’re sitting in a Waves Café, kitty-corner to Harbour Centre, where part of the new Simon Fraser University (SFU) Fine Arts campus is located in downtown Vancouver. We left the apartment this morning at 7:20 in order to get to an 8:30 a.m. tutorial and squeeze in a quick interview. We have survived the “sardine” …

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206 Hawkins: The Riverboat Captain’s Braw House

Joanne Baines, current owner of 206 Hawkins Street, says she can’t remember who told her that Albert Henderson built the house for his sweetheart, but the first time she walked in, she knew the house was now hers. To restore the house, however, would bring alive the love the builder put into it so long …

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Dancing in Parallel

We’re sitting in a Waves Café, kitty-corner to Harbour Centre, where part of the new Simon Fraser University (SFU) Fine Arts campus is located in downtown Vancouver. We left the apartment this morning at 7:20 in order to get to an 8:30 a.m. tutorial and squeeze in a quick interview. We have survived the “sardine” …

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When the Fire Hall Got Hauled

Back in Column #2 of this series, I promised you a couple of moving stories about Dawson buildings. My last column should certainly have made it clear that I was thinking about actual physical relocation rather than a tug at the heart stings. When I moved to Dawson in 1985, there was a clunky complex …

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Where Did You Say That Was

There are lots of people in Dawson who couldn’t give you street directions to save their lives. Part of the confusion is the problem with street and house numbers that I wrote about last time, but that’s not the only reason. Simply put, building functions, locations and names keep changing over time and people tend …

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Angry Sheep Tales and Sales

Home-based business owners always face a challenge when it comes to finding their business space. Local clothing designer Shauna Jones works from an unusual location – under her bed ! Jones made the choice when she moved into a place that had only her own bedroom for an office. She had a loft bed made, …

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Underground Vibe Upstairs

A hidden gem is tucked away in the lot behind the Hougen’s centre, above Triple J’s Music Café. Accessible by a narrow, graffiti-covered staircase – and with a tattoo studio just off the display area – Gallery 22 is a small, one-room space with an artsy, underground vibe. It’s an eccentric showroom for both established …

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Love It or Leave It

Sometimes late at night I make believe I am sleeping next to someone so I don’t feel so alone. A meandering row of worn, travel-marked suitcases tracks its way along the wall of the Yukon Arts Centre’s Community Gallery. Above them, personal statements, typed on cream-coloured paper, form a gentle arc that belies some of …

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Happy New Beer!

In case your windows are too iced up to tell, it’s winter outside. For brewers, nothing really says winter like a barleywine: it’s strong, intensely flavoured, and pairs beautifully with a wood fire, an old pair of slippers and a good book. Lord of the Rings trilogy, anyone? (She said: The Girl with the Dragon …

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EA Wine Triple Treat

I was asked by some friends to participate in “An evening of Art, Wine and too much fun” presented by The Artist Relief Fund Society, and I was delighted to get involved. The Canvas Confidential event will be held on Saturday May 14 at the Old Fire Hall, and proceeds from the event will go …

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Inspiration Everywhere

You don’t need to be creative to be fashionable. You just need to get inspired. The inspiration can come from anywhere, anyone, or anything. For myself, one of my prominent fashion inspirations was time spent in a second-hand shop in the Okanagan (actual location is classified). The clothing I found there was genuinely one-of-a-kind. Even …

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A Walk Through the YLC Wine Store: Part 2

The third Thursday of November, chalkboards across France announced, Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! (literally, “The new Beaujolais has arrived!”). This annual event is the first opportunity for wine lovers to taste the first wines made from the 2011 vintage harvest, grapes picked just six to eight weeks earlier. I always look forward to this …

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Turning to Argentinian Whites

In the week that followed the holidays, when I returned to earth with a thump to reflect on the fun and parties and food and drink I had consumed over the holiday season, there was a moment when I thought I’d spend all of January eating those boxes of mandarin oranges, and drinking nothing by …

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Rock Like a Smile

Nicolas Basque finds that touring in places where not all bands go can be the most fun. “There’s something really real about it,” he says. “People are really there for the music and to have fun.” Because of this, he looks forward to his band’s upcoming visit to Whitehorse. Hailing from Montreal, the three-piece indie-rock …

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Why Wines Differ

Last night a friend stopped by for dinner. He brought moose sausages to grill; I boiled up some Yukon grown red potatoes and added butter and rosemary. We washed it down with the better part of a bottle of one of my “go to” bottles of Italian red wine, a 2009 Citra Montepulciano D’Abrruzzo (about …

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Trying Some Malbecs

After more than a month of grey skies and rain, the sun finally made a re-appearance over my lake. Still, it feels like it is too late for summer, with the first trees turning yellow, the underbrush taking on reddish hues, and falling leaves starting to mass on my road. I am trying to find …

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Beer Cocktail, Anyone?

Beer adulteration. It sounds dirty. But it’s a way to make an otherwise pedestrian beer seem wildly exotic. So-so wine can be made into sangria. So-so beer can be mixed with clamato for a great hangover remedy and an inscrutable flavour combination. However, I suspect people who drink this abomination are either caesar drinkers in …

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Dawson Blooms in the Summer

I managed to mow our lawn before the rain began to sprinkle this morning and was pleased to find that several of the dog damaged areas that I reseeded earlier in the summer no longer stand out as patches of bare earth. Indeed, the new grass there is greener and thicker than some of the …

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Carving Whilst Drinking

There’s an ongoing story surrounding Scott Rogers’ Meanders Into Nonesuch Place. At the center of this story is Jan Welzl, an Arctic explorer, locksmith and inventor whose life reads like an epic saga. Welzl spent his life traipsing around the world, lived in a Siberian cave for 30 years, wrote a bestselling book, and eventually …

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Bohemian Belles

The Bohemian look will always be a classic. It may seem effortless but it really is anything but. It’s a style that comes together by matching up items in your closet that you definitely did not purchase all in the same shopping trip. It will almost always consist of at least one item obtained from …

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Branching Out

The shop is lined with seed packets and items for the outdoors, with a medley of unique giftware tucked away in the corner. Large cotton bags hang along the wall and meticulously curved pottery mingles with vivid framed photographs of flora and fauna. Medium-sized pillows dressed with whimsical felt flowers sit on shelves. It seems …

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