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Beese Entertainment Publishing

205-105 Titanium Way, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0E7 (867) 667-2910

Erika Serviss Low "Wonder Team" EditorErika Serviss-Low
"Creator Of Opportunities"
(867) 667-2910 Extension #3

Amy Kenny "Wonder Team" Copy Editor
Amy Kenny 
Orange Arrow"Copy Whisperer"
Copy Editor

Tammy Beese "Goddess Of Chaos"

Tammy Beese  

"Goddess of Chaos"
Publisher and Sales
(867) 667-2910 Extension #1

Chelsey MacDonald Wonder team Lady Macca
Chelsey MacDonald
Orange Arrow"Lady Macca"  
Client Care & Advertising Sales
(867) 667-2910 Extension #2

Monica Garcia "Wonder Team" Ground Support 

Monica Garcia

 "Ground Support"
  Government & Corporate Care & Administration
  (867) 667-2910 Extension #2

Penny "Wonder Team" Events Guru

Penny Bielopotocky 
Orange Arrow"Events Guru" 
Events Listing Specialist 

"Our Design Wizards"

Paulette "Wonder Team" designer Didier "Wonder Team" Design Wizzard Lesley Ord "Wonder Team" Design Wizard
Paulette Comeau Didier Delahaye Lesley Ord