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205-105 Titanium Way, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0E7 (867) 667-2910

Danny MacdonaldDanny Macdonald
"Rhetorical Devises"
(867) 667-2910 Extension #3

Josephine Holmes
Josephine Holmes 
Orange Arrow"Copy Whisperer"
Copy Editor

Tammy 150 x 150

Tammy Beese  

"Goddess of Chaos"
Publisher and Sales
(867) 667-2910 Extension #1

Wha'ts Up Yukon's Client Sales Dancer. “It’s just a jump to the left.” (Thank you Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Mauretia Holloway
Orange Arrow"Sales Dancer"
"It’s just a jump to the left"  
Client Care & Circulation
(867) 667-2910 Extension #2

Monica Garcia 

Monica Garcia

"Ground Support"
Government & Corporate Care & Administration
(867) 667-2910 Extension #2

Penny Bielopotocky

Penny Bielopotocky 
Orange Arrow"Events Guru" 
Events Listing Specialist 

Keira Howard  
"Collections & Enforcement" 
Accounting Administration

Website Updater

Orange ArrowUlrich Trachsel 
"The Updater
Website Content Updater

"Our Design Wizards"

Paulette 150 x 150 Didier Lesley 150 x 150
Paulette Comeau Didier Delahaye Lesley Ord