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  • Discover the Okanagan

    Kylie Campbell

    Discover the Okanagan

    The last day involved experiencing the Okanagan bucket list’s top winery—Mission Hill. We booked half an hour in advance for the Mission Hill Sommelier Experience. Read more

    Oct. 09, 2019

  • P3-2019-07-23-KylieCampbell-AG-DiscoverOkanagan2.jpg

    Issue: 2019-10-02, PHOTO: courtesy of Kylie Campbell

    Discover the Okanagan

    Breathtaking views, delicious food and delectable wines. The Okanagan is the top wine destination in the world, according to Huffington Post and I had to go find out how true it is. Day one incorporated incredible views, delicious food and... Read more

    Oct. 02, 2019

  • P4-2019-07-23-KylieCampbell-AG-DiscoverOkanagan1.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-11, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

    Discover the Okanagan

    Breathtaking views, delicious food and delectable wines. The Okanagan is the top wine destination in the world, according to the Huffington Post, and I had to find out if they were right. Read more

    Sep. 11, 2019

  • P8-2019-07-07-LillianMaguire-PortugalFoodies.jpg

    Issue: 2019-07-31, PHOTO: Lillian Nakamura Maguire

    A tasting tour of Portugal

    I’m not a real connoisseur of fine dining, but I do enjoy trying out new tastes and exploring local foods, especially when I’m travelling. Portugal provided lots of opportunity for that when my friend and I went there in late March and early April. Read more

    Jul. 31, 2019

  • P1-2019-06-17-DougSack-RVH-ForgottenTown.jpg

    Issue-2019-07-10, PHOTO: courtesy of Doug Sack

    Forgotten Town

    Two prominent American tourism publications hit the streets recently. Neither included much of a mention of Dyea, except to list the Dyea Campground in Skagway and note that it is the start of the Chilkoot Trail to the Klondike. Read more

    Jul. 10, 2019

  • P2-2019-04-18-LillianNakamuraMaguire-InsightsOnPortugal.jpg

    Issue: 2019-05-15, PHOTO: Lillian Nakamura Maguire

    When in Faro… Portugal

    Here are some of my tips on travel to Portugal as a curious 70-year-old with a “willing to try it at least once” philosophy. This is based on two weeks travelling by train with another 69-year-old woman in late March and April... Read more

    May 15, 2019

  • P1-2019-03-09-KylieCampbell-WomensDayIran copy.jpg

    Issue: 2019-03-06, PHOTO: Kylie Campbell

    One woman’s tale travelling solo in Iran

    In 2016 I was living in the Republic of Georgia and travelled to the Islamic Republic of Iran for two months solo. Where and why you may ask? Two years prior I was travelling through Eastern Europe, and while in Ukraine, I met travellers heading... Read more

    Mar. 06, 2019

  • P2-2019-02-27-DianneHoman-Camino - Copy.JPG

    Issue: 2019-02-27, PHOTO: Dianne Homan

    Endings and beginnings

    It was the end of my first camino, the ancient pilgrimage route across Spain, and I never wanted to put those dang boots on again. For the previous decade, they had served me well and felt comfortable during many one-to-four-day hikes. After a... Read more

    Feb. 27, 2019

  • P5-2018-10-01-AlexanderWeber-SecondBearMountain.JPG

    Issue: 2018-12-05, PHOTO: Alexander Mark Weber

    Bear Mountain – A redux

    If you’ve read about our first attempt to climb (or even glimpse) Bear Mountain, you may be wondering how or why we ever returned. I wish I knew myself, with any sort of confidence. Was it the resentment of failure? Was it the undeterrable... Read more

    Dec. 05, 2018

  • P1-2018-10-01-AlexanderWeber-FirstBearMountainPt2.JPG

    Issue: 2018-10-24, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Bear Mountain – A loving tribute to a living nightmare

    Things started off great when we immediately got off trail (we wouldn’t know this till days later). We attempted to follow some GPS tracks I plucked from the internet. This involved scaling a wet, lushly vegetated and slippery mountainside... Read more

    Oct. 24, 2018

  • P5-2018-10-05-JozienKeijzer-SaskatchewanInOctober.jpg

    Issue: 2018-10-24, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

    Saskatchewan in October

    Once upon a time, “back in the days” (last year, in October) when the Greyhound bus still existed, a garter snake slithered out of the way, a pronghorn bounced over a fence, and I happened to step into cactus. This is the beginning of a most... Read more

    Oct. 24, 2018

  • P2-2018-08-09-AlexanderMarkWeber-BearMountainPt1.JPG

    Issue: 2018-09-19, PHOTO: Alexander Weber

    Bear Mountain – A loving tribute to a living nightmare

    In the late summer of 2016, my friend Dan and I attempted to climb Bear Mountain, a 2,400-metre tall peak situated in the North Cascades National Park, just south of British Columbia. The north buttress of this mountain offers 670 metres of superb... Read more

    Sep. 19, 2018

  • P2-2018-07-30-DianneHoman-ChilkootTrailHike.JPG

    Issue: 2018-09-05, PHOTO: Dianne Homan

    Walk, hike, stroll …

    Walk … “You weren’t in any hurry to walk,” my mother said as she showed me a photo of myself at 15 months, happily sitting on a blanket in the yard. But after a late start, there was no stopping me. Read more

    Sep. 05, 2018

  • 20180530-pg02.JPG

    Issue: 2018-05-30, PHOTO: courtesy of Sherri Green

    Ten days in Germany

    If I were to go to Germany, where would I go? There are so many possibilities. I usually have trouble deciding what to order off of a restaurant menu! I asked some friends and they helped me narrow down the possibilities. Their suggestion? Tour... Read more

    May 30, 2018

  • P3-2018-03-05-LillianMaguire-CubaImpressions.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-04-11, PHOTO: Lillian Nakamura Maguire

    Cuba Impressions

    Passion – that’s the word that comes to mind when I reflect on my recent Cuban holiday in January. The passion of our tour guides throughout our travels. Their devotion to sharing their love of Cuba and how Cubans are working to build a more... Read more

    Apr. 11, 2018

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