Yukon Hobbies Stories

  • P5-2018-12-13-JozienKeijzer-EYB-LichensandMosses.JPG

    Issue: 2019-02-06, PHOTO: Jozien Keijzer

    Lichen what I see - But not always sure what to call it

    If there is anybody out there who recognizes what is in these pictures, please step forward. Recently, I found myself looking more intensively at lichens and mosses. As there are no blooming wildflowers in the midst of winter and as there happened... Read more

    Feb. 06, 2019

  • P2-2019-01-30-JimBorisenko-CN-AlgoltheDemon - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-30, PHOTO: Jim Borisenko/

    Algol the demon - The exoneration of an eclipsing binary star

    The sheer darkness of our Yukon winter sky is studded with many awe inspiring wonders. Some obvious and dazzling, such as the naked eye “stellar nursery” that is the Orion nebula, or the glittering pocket of jewels of the Pleiades open star... Read more

    Jan. 30, 2019

  • P1-2018-12-19-DeborahMcNevin-GM-BridgeTooFar.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-23, PHOTO: Deborah McNevin

    Bridge too far

    It began innocently enough. At a gathering shortly after I stopped working, I overheard a friend mentioning that another friend had said she was going to learn bridge in order to have something to do in the nursing home... Read more

    Jan. 23, 2019

  • P2-2018-11-02-JimBorisenko-CN-GlobularClusters.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-19, PHOTO:

    In the realm of the globulars – Ancient companions of the Milky Way

    Messier 13 (M13), the best and brightest globular cluster gracing our northern sky, resides in the Hercules constellation and is a most-intriguing class of star cluster, so very different from all the open star clusters of our Milky Way galaxy... Read more

    Dec. 19, 2018

  • P2-2018-11-14-DMAC-GN-GeekTheHalls2018.JPG

    Issue: 2018-11-14, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Comic Culture Society

    Geek the Halls, a craft fair for the geeks-of-us

    The second annual Geek the Halls craft fair is a different affair than the larger, more established craft fairs. But the vendors participating are a different sort of crafters and artists than the traditional Yukon crafters... Read more

    Nov. 14, 2018

  • P2-2018-08-14-JimBorisenko-SG-DoubleCluster.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-14, PHOTO:

    The Double Cluster – Stellar beauties from a distant spiral arm

    One of my favourite star clusters resides high overhead in our winter sky. In fact, it is always in our sky, for our viewing pleasure, as it is circumpolar. It is close enough to the North Star (Polaris) that it never sets... Read more

    Nov. 14, 2018

  • P2-2018-10-16-UlrikeLevins-DrinkingWithScissors - Copy.JPG

    Issue: 2018-11-07, PHOTO: Allison Button

    Drinking with Scissors

    Do you like crafting, socializing with friends—perhaps with a beverage or two—in a casual, relaxed yet well-lit atmosphere, complete with pinball machines to take a break and try your game expertise? Then Drinking with Scissors is for you... Read more

    Nov. 07, 2018

  • P2-2018-08-14-JimBorisenko-SG-ScaleDistances.jpg

    Issue: 2018-10-03, PHOTO: Pixabay

    A Vast and awesome Universe – Understanding cosmic distance through analogy

    When a budding interest in astronomy is pursued with even a cursory investigation into the nature of our cosmos, one quickly comes to the realization that the human mind cannot fully embrace the awesome extent of it all—the unfathomable distances... Read more

    Oct. 03, 2018

  • Yukon Comic Culture Society

    Embrace your inner geek!

    On August 25, all ages will be given the opportunity to get their geek on as the Yukon Comic Culture Society hosts its Get Your Geek On! Craft fair at the Gold Rush Inn Read more

    Aug. 22, 2018

  • P1-2018-08-08-JoieQuarton-FindingGreatFindsB.png

    Joie Quarton

    Finding great finds

    The Whitehorse Community Thrift Store Society will be looking to open a local community-minded thrift store to repurpose your stuff! Read more

    Aug. 22, 2018

  • Yukon Astronomical Society

    Photo: Erik Pinkerton

    Dancing with the stars

    After testing the waters in 2017 with the first-ever Yukon Star Party, the Yukon branch of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) is bringing back the event, with promises of education, fun and most of all, community engagement. Read more

    Aug. 15, 2018

  • P2-2018-07-11-DMAC-FortniteTournament.jpg

    Issue: 2018-07-11, PHOTO: BagoGames on

    Fortnite drops at Titan Gaming and Collectibles

    Titan Gaming and Collectibles is adding Fortnite to its menu of gaming options, and they’re marking the occasion with a kickoff tournament on July 14. Fortnite launched as a paid-for game on July 25, 2017, that encouraged cooperative play between... Read more

    Jul. 11, 2018

  • P10-2018-04-18-DMAC-MedievalFightingChampionships.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-05-02, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    Full metal and padded jacket

    Many Yukoners will have seen members of the Company of the White Wolf at events around the territory. It’s hard to miss grown men and women dressed in full medieval combat armour, striking each other with swords and axes... Read more

    May 02, 2018

  • P1-2018-03-07-DMAC-GN-WhitehorseDiceKnights.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-02-28, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    Calling all players who are LFG

    The Whitehorse Dice Knights are providing a haven for roleplaying gamers who are “LFG” – or looking for group – in the Yukon’s capital. The Dice Knights are the brainchild of group organizers Eli Boivin, Siobhan McLeod and Travis Lohner, and they... Read more

    Feb. 28, 2018

  • P1-2017-11-04-DMAC-GN-eSports-CatherineNewsome.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-01, PHOTO: Catherine Newsome

    eSports: Gamers reach superstar status

    This November one of the most watched sporting competitions on the planet will be broadcast and you likely know nothing about it. On November 4, small groups of Yukoners will gather in living rooms and basements for viewing parties to watch the... Read more

    Nov. 01, 2017

  • P4 - DMAC - NorthmenGaming - Cthulu Wars Angle.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-10-18, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    Any Given Saturday...

    Every Saturday evening, in a humble garage in Riverdale, the Northmen Gaming Club gathers to roll dice, game and share some laughs. The casual observer can be forgiven for fearing that a prohibition-era gambling house, full of craps and blackjack... Read more

    Oct. 18, 2017

  • P1 - AngelaS  - Star Party- Double-Loop Solar Prominence.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-10-18, PHOTO: Daniel Brousseau (RASC)

    This party is cosmic

    At the end of October, the Takhini Hot Springs, a short 30-minute drive north of downtown Whitehorse, will be turned into a hub for astronomy lovers. The Yukon Astronomical Society (YAS) will be hosting its first annual Star Party from October 20... Read more

    Oct. 18, 2017

  • P2-Dated-2017-09-27-SueStarr-SocksForOutreach.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-09-27, PHOTO: Sue Starr

    Helping to Warm Whitehorse Feet

    For decades – well, for centuries - knitters have worked their craft to warm others. Whitehorse knitters are continuing that tradition this year, aiming to collectively craft 150 pairs of socks to contribute to the city’s Outreach Van... Read more

    Sep. 27, 2017

  • P1-Dated-2017-09-20-Hurlburt-DarkSky-Workshop.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-09-20, PHOTO: Neil Zeller

    Turn Your Eyes to the Skies

    Yukoners – and others – who enjoy celestial pursuits may want to follow the stars to Kluane’s “Northern Nights” Dark Sky Festival at Kathleen Lake this weekend. This is the second time around for this event, which is jointly sponsored by Parks... Read more

    Sep. 20, 2017

  • Pg11.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-09-13, PHOTO: Pixabay

    Friends and Hobby Miners: Exploring New Ground

    Late at night around a campfire, a local miner may share their story. This one was told on an informal basis, but, there’s no need to name names. We all know someone like this. If not, imagine this is you: you’re lured to the Yukon to mine for gold.. Read more

    Sep. 13, 2017

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