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Yukoners Making A Difference

  • P2-2018-08-01-Angelakrueger-BigSqueeze-Andrewkrueger.lumelstand2.JPG

    Issue: 2018-07-18, PHOTO: Andrew Krueger

    You sure look thirsty... try some lemonade!

    For some of us, summer reminds us of the days that were filled with outdoor activities and hanging out with friends, but there were always a few entrepreneurial folks who saw summer as an opportunity to make some pocket change by cutting lawns for... more

    Jul. 18, 2018

  • P2-2018-04-18-DMAC-SpringFoodDrive.jpg

    Issue: 2018-04-18, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    The green bags of spring

    The signs of spring are appearing all across the territory and Whitehorse residents will soon see another of those traditional symbols. Between April 16 and 19, local residents will discover reusable green bags appearing on their front porches... more

    Apr. 18, 2018

  • P1-2018-03-29-AngelaKrueger-BowlforKidsSake-ErikPinkerton-kidsbowling.jpg

    Issue: 2018-04-18, PHOTO: Angela Krueger

    A fundraiser to help kids have a positive mentor in their life

    When we think of bowling most of us can feel the weight of the bowling ball in our hands as we release it down the lane, crossing our fingers that it doesn’t end up in the gutter. Some skilled (or lucky) bowlers might even recall the sound the... more

    Apr. 18, 2018

  • P1-2018-04-04-DMAC-YukonDenimDay.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-04-04, PHOTO: Cathie Archbould

    Put on your Canadian tuxedo for Denim Day

    The big “C”. Cancer. It’s a diagnosis that rocks you to your core. Earlier this year, a close friend of mine was handed that news and it definitely shatters any delusions of health and normalcy. And that’s because we tend to focus on the most... more

    Apr. 04, 2018

  • P1-2018-04-04-DMACTamaraNeely-SpecialODinner.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-04-04, PHOTO: Tamara Neely

    Kicking it Special O-style

    What’s Up Yukon is excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Special Olympics Festival Dinner Auction on April 7. Special Olympics Yukon enriches the lives of Yukoners with an intellectual ability through opportunities to train and compete in sports... more

    Apr. 04, 2018

  • P2-2018-03-28 -DarrellHookey-SU-SpecialOlympics.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-03-28, PHOTO: courtesy of Special Olympics Yukon

    A different kind of volunteer

    Tom Gibbs doesn’t get as many hugs as he used to. As the president of the board of Special Olympics Yukon these past five years, he isn’t working with the athletes as much and he isn’t able to give out as many of those encouraging hugs... more

    Mar. 28, 2018

  • P1-2018-01-24-DMAC-GoodDeedsCup-RickMassie.jpeg

    Issue: 2018-01-24, PHOTO: Rick Massie

    Celebrate our local hockey team’s good deeds

    The local hockey team, led by coach Michael Nemeth, is a semi-finalist in the nationwide Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup Competition this year. They’ve qualified by volunteering and giving back to the community and have already won $2,000 for the... more

    Jan. 22, 2018

  • -P5-2017-11-21-DMAC-FarewellSoupKitchen (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-29, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    Don’t mourn the soup kitchen, ask what’s next?

    The volunteers at the soup kitchen don’t want the spotlight. Approach a soup kitchen volunteer to discuss their contributions and they quickly promote others who have put in time and effort to provide weekend lunches at the CYO Hall in the the... more

    Nov. 29, 2017

  • P1-2017-11-19-RhiannonRussell-Bruno-Bourdache.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-29, PHOTO: Rhiannon Russell

    A conversation with Bruno Bourdache

    Rhiannon Russell: For those who might not know, tell me about the services Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon offers. Bruno Bourdache: We are a volunteer centre, so we help people find volunteer opportunities and we help NGOs find volunteers. With other... more

    Nov. 29, 2017

  • P2-2017-11-156-AmyKenny-VolunteerofYear.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-11-29, PHOTO: Sarah Lewis / courtesy of City of Whitehorse

    Meet the City of Whitehorse Volunteer of the Year

    Now that Jeff Marynowski is retired, he can finally get some work done. “It’s unbelievable, all the stuff, the things that had piled up over the years because I was so busy volunteering,” said the former head planner with Highways and Public... more

    Nov. 29, 2017

  • P3-Dated-2017-09-06-KylieCampbell-ysar-waterrescue.JPG

    Issue: 2017-09-06, PHOTO: Mike Fancie, Yukon Search and Rescue

    Yukon Search and Rescue: The Basics

    Yukon Search and Rescue (YSAR) is a volunteer-run organisation that provides ground and water search and rescue support for the territory. Prior to 2014 each community had their own search and rescue organization, but since then the amalgamation... more

    Sep. 06, 2017

  • P1-2017-07-05-StarFlowerPhotography-SpecialOlympicsBocce (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-07-05, PHOTO: Star Flower Photography

    Giving Everyone a Chance to Shine

    Getting a medal is never the point of the Special Olympics Provincial Games. “We’re there to have fun,” says Gaetan Michaud, captain of Yukon’s Special Olympics soccer team. “It’s about doing your best.” more

    Jul. 05, 2017

  • P1-2017-06-07-AlastairMaitland-RideForDad.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-06-07, PHOTO: Alistair Maitland

    Get Your Motor Running (For a Good Cause)

    It’s impossible to ignore 200 motorcycles ripping down the road. That’s kind of the point, says Sean Secord, board member of the Yukon chapter of Ride for Dad. Ride for Dad is a national event that raises funds and awareness around prostate cancer... more

    Jun. 07, 2017

  • P01-2017-05-24-PeterTurner-RebaParris (copy).jpeg

    Issue: 2017-05-24, PHOTO: courtesy of Peter Turner

    Lobsters for Literacy (And More)

    Whitehorse might be the site of the northernmost East Coast kitchen party in Canada this summer. On Friday, May 26, the Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre will serve as the venue for a Rotary Club dinner featuring fresh Prince Edward Island lobster... more

    May 24, 2017

  • PG2.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-22, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Lions Clubs

    If There’s a Need, There’s a Lion

    As Lions Club International celebrates its one-hundredth anniversary, long time Grey Mountain Lions Club member Gerry Gerein sees this year as a culmination of all that the Yukon Clubs have accomplished in the Yukon. “I’m very proud of our... more

    Feb. 22, 2017

  • guatemala 1.jpeg

    Issue: 2017-02-08, PHOTO: Paul Carrick

    Riding Motorcycles for a Good Cause

    Dawson City’s Eldo Enns has found the best of both worlds. Ten years ago, Enns saw an ad in Cycle Canada magazine by Cause Canada, a Canadian NGO that provides sustainable, integrated community development in rural West Africa and Central America. more

    Feb. 08, 2017

  • IMG_3951.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-12, PHOTO: by Meagan Deuling

    “It Can Happen to Anybody”

    “Once you hit homelessness your world crumbles. People don’t know that there’s people who care.” So says Kerry Nolan, who is speaking first hand. Now, she is the administrative coordinator at the Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre in downtown... more

    Oct. 12, 2016

  • GroupShot_UWBreakfastClub.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-10-06, PHOTO: by Sue Thomas

    Creating Healthy Communities

    United Way Yukon is a charity that raises money to fund Yukon organizations. Its mandate is to fund programs that enhance the “physical, mental and social well-being” of Yukoners. So says Brian Bonia, who is United Way Yukon’s campaign cabinet... more

    Oct. 06, 2016

  • Ullyett 1.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-09-15, PHOTO: George Maratos

    Running for a Cause

    If there's a competitive foot race nearby, or a fun run for charity, Tom Ullyett will almost certainly be there. The 58-year-old deputy minister of Justice has been an avid runner since his teen years, with at least 40 half-marathons under his... more

    Sep. 15, 2016

  • 20140820_151820.jpeg

    Issue: 2016-05-26, PHOTO: Liam Campbell

    Pony Up For A Good Cause

    Looking for a busting, bawling, rocking good time that’s also for a good cause? Then head out to the Gr8ful Spud on May 28th for a fundraiser for the Gyan Jyoti School Building Society. The Gyan Jyoti School Building Society is currently raising... more

    May 26, 2016

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