Yukon Careers

Yukon Careers

  • P3-2019-10-30-SamHand-SC-RileyHildebrandProfile-C636.jpg

    Issue: 2019-10-30, PHOTO: courtesy of Skills Canada Yukon

    Getting on the wrench

    As a kid, I always enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out what makes them “tick.” Finding ways to make them work better or perform different functions than originally intended. Turns out a career as a heavy equipment technician Read more

    Oct. 30, 2019

  • P1-2019-10-02-BarryWaitt-ReadySetHowl.jpg

    Issue: 2019-10-02, PHOTO: courtesy of Norman Mervyn Barrington-Foote

    Ready, Set, Howl will visit Whitehorse for a show on Oct. 10

    Norman Mervyn Barrington-Foote is bringing his own unique combination of music, comedy and puppetry to Whitehorse for a Halloween-themed show on Oct. 10, 2019 at the Yukon Arts Centre. Music, costumes and Halloween are all part of Ready, Set, Howl... Read more

    Oct. 02, 2019

  • Doug-Davidge-self-portrait - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2019-10-02, PHOTO: Doug Davidge

    For more than 30 years Doug Davidge has helped solve Yukon’s historic mysteries, both hidden and exposed

    Doug Davidge finds lost things. Over the course of more than three decades in the Yukon, Davidge has been known to find things that people know are missing–such as the A.J. Goddard, a steamboat that vanished in Lake Laberge in 1901–and things that... Read more

    Oct. 02, 2019

  • ParisPickPhoto1.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-25, PHOTO: courtesy of Paris Pick

    Still feeling the love

    Paris Pick has been up to a lot this past year. Last November, she was featured in What’s Up Yukon for the local release concert of her debut album, Feeling Love, and its subsequent touring. It’s been nearly a year since then, but the Whitehorse... Read more

    Sep. 25, 2019

  • P1-2019-07-18-CareyMarshall-OneYearInOldTown.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-25, PHOTO: courtesy of Carey Marshall

    You talking to her?

    “When you haveit flat tire, you throwit over there and you takeit spare tire from that pile. Every three days you takeit air filter out of car and you putit on dirty air filter pile and then you grabit filter from clean filter pile and putit in... Read more

    Sep. 25, 2019

  • P2-2019-06-11-LeighannChalykoff-HC-ErinDixonHistoricalArtist.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-25, PHOTO: Leighann Chalykoff

    Erin Dixon - Artist documents the vintage, the eclectic and the historical houses of Whitehorse and Dawson

    Erin Dixon is interested in how other people live. “I have been interested in other people’s houses, since I was a little kid,” she said. “Trick-or-treating was always my favourite because you got to go to other people’s houses and peek inside... Read more

    Sep. 25, 2019

  • P1-2019-09-11-DougSack-CaribouRVPark.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-18, PHOTO:courtesy of Caribou RV Park

    Saved by The Caribou and wolves

    Considering the Caribou RV Park at km 1403 of the Alaska Highway was established in 1974 and your humble correspondent lived in Atlin from 1977 to 1984, I must have driven right by it hundreds of times over the years without giving it a look or... Read more

    Sep. 18, 2019

  • P1-2019-09-28-AimeeRobinson-GoldPanComposting.jpg

    Issue: 2019-09-18, PHOTO: Aimée Dawn Robinson

    Local squared

    Chef Robert Brouillette, of the storied Gold Pan Saloon in Whitehorse, is passionate about showcasing local ingredients. Brouillette began working in restaurants at age 16. After working in his family's Québec vineyard for six years and studying... Read more

    Sep. 18, 2019

  • Preview-P4-2019-19-06-AmyKenny-Triniti-AlistairMaitland.jpg

    Issue: 2019-06-26, PHOTO: Alistair Maitland Photography

    Tech company grows byte by byte

    You’d be forgiven for thinking Triniti Technology only sells cell phone cases. Sylvio Lin, general manager for the Whitehorse-based company, knows that’s what it looks like from the outside. Read more

    Jun. 26, 2019

  • P6-2019-03-27-Kylie Campbell-YG-Ember Academy-AlistairMaitland.jpg

    Issue: 2019-06-12, PHOTO: Alistair Maitland Photography

    Women fight fire

    Many ancient civilizations had a form of organized firefighting. The earliest recorded fire services was in Ancient Rome. Read more

    Jun. 12, 2019

  • P1-2019-05-27-DMAC-SabrinaClarke.jpg

    Issue: 2019-06-05, PHOTO: Danny Macdonald

    Worming their way onto a kitchen counter near you

    Yukon Innovation Prize finalist Sabrina Clarke was a worm composting novice when she first moved to Montreal. In fact, the city didn’t have a composting program at all and residents had to devise their own solutions. Clarke lucked out by... Read more

    Jun. 05, 2019

  • P2-2019-05-27-DMAC-ShaneWolfe.jpg

    Issue: 2019-06-05, PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

    A breath of fresh air

    Energy efficiency and well-ventilated healthy air. Yukon Innovation Prize finalist Shane Wolfe is attempting to maximize the potential of heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) units that are integral for those two concepts to co-exist in a building... Read more

    Jun. 05, 2019

  • P1-2019-05-10-OdessaBeatty-HBY-Outpost31-GBPCreative.jpg

    Issue: 2019-05-29, PHOTO: courtesy of Outpost 31 / GBP Creative Media

    Outpost is in this year

    In 2018, the Yukon saw vast growth within the local film industry. One of the reasons for this was the emergence of northern production company, Outpost 31. Outpost 31 is a full-service media and entertainment company located in Whitehorse and... Read more

    May 29, 2019

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