Yukon Careers

Yukon Careers

  • P1-2019-01-16-KathleenNapier-NakaiSufferettes.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-16, PHOTO: courtesy of The Sufferettes/Nakai Theatre

    Comedians Becky Johnson and Kayla Lorette find the laughs in suffering and the unexpected

    Comedians Becky Johnson and Kayla Lorette have worked together for nearly a decade. The pair have performed around the world, worked with Second City and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and acted in Baroness Von Sketch and Schitt's Creek. Now, they’re... Read more

    Jan. 16, 2019

  • P1-2018-12-12-Bolton-RideForDad-JamesMoore.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-19, PHOTO: James Moore

    Shine those Shoes

    If you’re a budding comedian who’s burning to go on the road with Lars Callieou, pay attention to your appearance. Oh, and don’t forget to show up for the sound check. These are some of the signs of professionalism the Edmonton comic looks for in... Read more

    Dec. 19, 2018

  • P5-2018-09-24-Kylie Campbell-Business - Transition Industries.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-12, PHOTO: Tyler Nichol

    He builds them (and they are coming!)

    Tyler Nichol, originally from Dawson City, has been building parks since he was a kid on the Dawson Dome and has gone from gold miner to a nationally renowned park creator in Canada. “I started off working in the mining industry at 18, so I gained... Read more

    Dec. 12, 2018

  • P1-2018-10-29-Kylie Campbell-Eirik Sharp-Sharp End.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-12, PHOTO: Eirik Sharp

    Managing avalanche terrain

    Eirik Sharp, owner and operator of The Sharp End: Mountain Adventures, with his extensive avalanche background, is bringing change to how the Yukon manages avalanche terrain. Sharp, 36, was born in Hong Kong. He is Norwegian and his family... Read more

    Dec. 12, 2018

  • P1-2018-12-12-KylieCampbell-PunjabChristmasShow.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-12, PHOTO: Matt Jacques Photography

    From the Punjab to the Yukon

    Gurdeep Pandher was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Yukon. I walked into a Scottish country barn dance at the Old Fire Hall, in Whitehorse, and here was a guy in the remote North in his pagri, at an event, sitting and absorbing... Read more

    Dec. 12, 2018

  • P1-2018-11-19-UlrikeLevins-Deli50thAnniversary.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-28, PHOTO: Ulrike Wohlfarth Levins

    Fifty years of meat, sausage and community

    The Deli started as a dream that Ernst Wohlfarth (better known as Ernie) had when he was growing up in war-torn Germany. He dreamed of making sausage and became an apprentice in that field, as a young teenager. He soon realized that it was not... Read more

    Nov. 28, 2018

  • P1-2018-09-19-Kylie Campbell-Graham Kraft - Fairweather Ski Works.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-28, PHOTO: Graham Kraft

    Fairweather Skis

    The small town of Haines, Alaska, lies near 72 miles of glacier terrain and 15,000 feet below the icy summit of Mount Fairweather, which is the namesake of Fairweather Ski Works. Here is where a small hobbyist’s dream has become synonymous with... Read more

    Nov. 28, 2018

  • P3-2018-11-21-MBW-Proskida.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-28, PHOTO: courtesy of Proskida

    Revolutionizing endurance training

    “We’re just at the cusp of changing an entire sport, and it’s coming out of a town of 23-thousand people. It’s incredible where we’ve got to,” said Alastair Smith, co founder of Proskida. Current performance-monitoring technology that’s widely... Read more

    Nov. 28, 2018

  • P1-2018-11-21-Bailey.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-28, PHOTO: Alison Hasbach

    Swinging Hard

    After more than two decades as a jazz guitarist, Sheryl Bailey still invokes the name of a player who first inspired her love of the genre, but who died when she was just two years old. “I got into jazz when I was about 15. I heard Wes Montgomery... Read more

    Nov. 28, 2018

  • P2-2018-11-21-ElkeReinauer-LilleyDebutNovel - Copy.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-21, PHOTO: courtesy of Joanna Lilley

    An author’s dream ...

    Yukon-based writer Joanna Lilley has published her first novel, Worry Stones, after 17 years of working on it. “I wasn´t working on it every day, during that time. There were periods when I put it aside.” Read more

    Nov. 21, 2018

  • P2-2018-11-21-KenBolton-GuildNoExit.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-21, PHOTO: byzantiumbooks on

    Searching for a way out

    Genevieve Fleming is counting on Whitehorse audiences to take in the upcoming Guild Theatre production, even if just to indulge in some cold-weather Schadenfreude. In one sense, the Vancouver-based director suggested in an interview, staging... Read more

    Nov. 21, 2018

  • P2-2018-10-16-UlrikeLevins-DrinkingWithScissors - Copy.JPG

    Issue: 2018-11-07, PHOTO: Allison Button

    Drinking with Scissors

    Do you like crafting, socializing with friends—perhaps with a beverage or two—in a casual, relaxed yet well-lit atmosphere, complete with pinball machines to take a break and try your game expertise? Then Drinking with Scissors is for you... Read more

    Nov. 07, 2018

  • P1-2018-10-20-ManusHopkins-ParisPickAlbum.jpg

    Issue: 2018-11-07, PHOTO: courtesy of Darius at Shakat Art & Photography

    Are you feeling the love?

    There hardly seems to be a local show these days without the presence of singer, musician, songwriter and enthusiast of all things tack, Paris Pick. In her six years of living in Whitehorse, Pick has gone from being the new kid in town to one of... Read more

    Nov. 07, 2018

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