Yukon Careers

Yukon Careers

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    Issue: 2019-03-13, PHOTO: Upper lower case

    Conservation conversation

    Marika Kitchen can’t remember a time when she wasn’t environmentally conscious. She grew up with parents who led a low-impact lifestyle and took her camping as a kid. That, she said, influenced her views as an adult and that’s what led Kitchen, 19... Read more

    Mar. 13, 2019

  • P1-2019-03-06-Bolton-JOTW-Thiroux copy.png

    Issue: 2019-03-13, PHOTO: courtesy of Katie Thiroux

    Enjoyment is the whole point

    A legendary bass player who died almost two decades ago indirectly influenced Katie Thiroux’s decision to inject a healthy dose of standard jazz content into her concerts and recordings. “I learned a lesson, by way of Ray Brown, that it’s a good... Read more

    Mar. 13, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-03-06, PHOTO: courtesy of the Yukon Comedy Festival

    Focus on the funny folk

    Ricard Eden makes no apology for putting the focus of the Yukon Comedy Festival on the performers as much as on the audience. “We obviously want to bring up talent that residents are going to want to see and we want to make our ticket price... Read more

    Mar. 06, 2019

  • P2-2019-03-06-DougSack-FastestLadyInTheKlondike.png

    Issue: 2019-03-06, PHOTO: Charles Horton Metcalf Photograph Collection, 1896-1899 / Wikimedia Commons

    The fastest lady in the Klondike Gold Rush

    No, her name wasn’t Klondike Kate, the Oregon Mare, Bombay Peggy or the (immortalized by Robert W. Service) “Lady that’s known as Lou.” She and her husband Albert were in the fabrication and construction business in Seattle... Read more

    Mar. 06, 2019

  • P3-2019-27-02-AmyKenny-WhoWeAre.jpg

    Issue: 2019-03-06, PHOTO: courtesy of Peggy Baker

    Things that go bump in the night

    Relieved - that’s how Peggy Baker feels to be bringing her latest choreography to the stage after more than a year of preparing for it. “We’re so ready to do this,” she said over the phone, two weeks before who we are in the dark comes to... Read more

    Mar. 06, 2019

  • PG1-2019-02-20-Bolton-JazzInHall-Fritzen-C888.jpg

    Issue: 2019-02-27, PHOTO: Angela Drainville

    Diving in, doing the work

    Fawn Fritzen hasn’t always considered herself a feminist. The Whitehorse jazz singer/songwriter wasn’t using that term in 2013 when her first CD, Bedroom Voice, came out. Or in 2016 when she released her second album, Pairings... Read more

    Feb. 27, 2019

  • P1_2019_02_13_MBW_FiddleRendezvous.jpg

    Issue: 2019-02-20, PHOTO: courtesy of Shane Cook

    Champion fiddler makes his Yukon debut this Rendezvous

    Having won over judges at competitions around Canada and the United States with his uniquely Canadian style, Ontario born fiddle player Shane Cook is coming to Whitehorse this Rendezvous for his first gig north of 60... Read more

    Feb. 20, 2019

  • P2-2018-11-20-KylieCampbell-SkagwayBrewCoExpansion-C1233.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-30, PHOTO: courtesy of Skagway Brewing Company

    Skagway Brewing Company expands

    Whether you’re visiting Skagway by boat or by highway from Whitehorse, a visit isn’t complete unless you’ve tried the local beer. Skagway Brewing Company is a popular spot for Yukoners, and we caught up with owner and operator Mike Healy to... Read more

    Jan. 30, 2019

  • P1-2019-01-23-Bolton-JazzInHall-Powell-C910.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-30, PHOTO: courtesy of Lonnie Powell

    Gluing it together

    Lonnie Powell’s passion for percussion dates back to a childhood night in B.C.’s Kootenay region, when he attended a wedding reception with his mother and watched a “really animated” drummer strut his stuff... Read more

    Jan. 30, 2019

  • P7-2018-11-30-KylieCampbell-DimensionsTech.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-30, PHOTO: courtesy of Dimension Tech Services

    Dimensions Tech Services

    Dimensions Tech Services is a specialized company that mostly provides technical training to emergency services staff in the Yukon. It was started in 2012 by Warren Zakus, former training officer with the Whitehorse Fire Department... Read more

    Jan. 30, 2019

  • P1-2019-01-16-KathleenNapier-NakaiSufferettes.jpg

    Issue: 2019-01-16, PHOTO: courtesy of The Sufferettes/Nakai Theatre

    Comedians Becky Johnson and Kayla Lorette find the laughs in suffering and the unexpected

    Comedians Becky Johnson and Kayla Lorette have worked together for nearly a decade. The pair have performed around the world, worked with Second City and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and acted in Baroness Von Sketch and Schitt's Creek. Now, they’re... Read more

    Jan. 16, 2019

  • P1-2018-12-12-Bolton-RideForDad-JamesMoore.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-19, PHOTO: James Moore

    Shine those Shoes

    If you’re a budding comedian who’s burning to go on the road with Lars Callieou, pay attention to your appearance. Oh, and don’t forget to show up for the sound check. These are some of the signs of professionalism the Edmonton comic looks for in... Read more

    Dec. 19, 2018

  • P5-2018-09-24-Kylie Campbell-Business - Transition Industries.jpg

    Issue: 2018-12-12, PHOTO: Tyler Nichol

    He builds them (and they are coming!)

    Tyler Nichol, originally from Dawson City, has been building parks since he was a kid on the Dawson Dome and has gone from gold miner to a nationally renowned park creator in Canada. “I started off working in the mining industry at 18, so I gained... Read more

    Dec. 12, 2018

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