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    Issue: 2019-04-17, Photo: Dan Davidson

    What is the Yukon Writers’ Festival?

    In 1990, a number of organizations joined together to merge the Young Authors’ Conference (YAC) and the National Book Festival into the more far-reaching Yukon Writers’ Festival. The goal was to highlight Canadian literary arts in the Yukon... Read more

    Apr. 17, 2019

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    Issue: 2018-11-07, PHOTO: Pixabay

    We will remember them

    It’s important to reflect each November 11th and remember those young men and women who gave their lives on behalf of their country. As time moves on, it’s important that our memories of what happened and our commitment to end conflict both remain... Read more

    Nov. 07, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-06-13, PHOTO: Hugh Copland

    The Tintina Trench

    There was a not-so-urban myth out there that you could see the Tintina Trench from the moon. That is not true, unless the person on the moon had a good telescope. You can see the Tintina Trench from space, though, from the International Space... Read more

    Jun. 13, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-04-25, PHOTO: courtesy of Owen Laukkanen

    Owen Laukkanen: “Keep writing and edit your own work ruthlessly”

    Owen Laukkanen is unabashedly a writer of commercial fiction, also known as “genre” fiction, having produced a novel every year since The Professionals came out (and was nominated for four major genre awards) in 2012. The Professionals was Book 1... Read more

    Apr. 25, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-04-18, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

    Gearing up to explore ideas and the written word

    In 1990, a number of organizations joined together to meld the Young Authors’ Conference and the National Book Festival into a farther reaching Yukon Writers’ Festival to highlight the Canadian literary arts in the Yukon. The current sponsors of... Read more

    Apr. 18, 2018

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    Issue: 2017-08-30, PHOTO:, courtesy of Yukon Women in Mining (YukonWIM)

    Yukon Women in Mining

    Yukon Women in Mining wants to raise the profile of mining as a vibrant career option, especially for Yukon women and youth. To do that in May they launched the Experiential Extravaganza in three Yukon communities. Read more

    Aug. 30, 2017

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    Issue: 2017-08-23, PHOTO: courtesy of the Went family

    There’s Always a Stack of Books Hidden Under Their Quilts

    The Yukon Imagination Library — non-profit organization that gives free books to Yukon children from birth to age four — is turning 10 this year. To celebrate the milestone we have collected reading stories from families who have used the library... Read more

    Aug. 23, 2017

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    Issue: 2017-08-23, PHOTO: Dan Davidson

    The Yukon is Great for Summer Travelling

    Summer, with its long daylight hours, is a great time to travel around the Yukon. We started our travels the summer after we arrived, trading up from a VW Beetle to a Ford 150, and loading a second hand 8 ½ foot camper on the back. Over the next... Read more

    Aug. 23, 2017

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    Issue: 2017-06-07, PHOTO: Jim McMynn

    Tee Time in the Town of Faro

    Faro Golf Club President Gary Jones remembers when it all started. “For our first tournament we drew circles on the soccer field to serve as holes,” he says. “There wasn’t much to do and not a lot of jobs. We used to hit golf balls around.” ... Read more

    Jun. 07, 2017

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    Issue: 2017-04-26, PHOTO: Town of Faro

    Wild Times

    “They're a much more delicate bird, compared to the swans,” says Carrie McClelland, a wildlife viewing biologist with Environment Yukon. “They stand three and a half to four feet tall, with a six foot wingspan, but they only weigh around seven or... Read more

    Apr. 26, 2017

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