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    Lest we forget

    Each year we hope you take the time to remember on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, wherever we are. Read more

    Nov. 06, 2019

  • Mike Mancini

    Evan Rensch

    As Elsa moves towards an uncertain future, a former resident reflects on its past

    Elsa’s prospects rose and fell with the price of minerals. Its population swelled to 700 in the 1940s, drawing people from allover the world to work on the site. Read more

    Oct. 09, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-08-21, PHOTO: courtesy of Sally Lee Baker

    Faro writer nabs excellence award

    Wise and wordy Sally Lee Baker weaves wicked words in Toni Tanager, the latest instalment in her series of alliterative children’s books. In doing so, she has also found herself the recipient of a 2019 Book Excellence Award. Read more

    Aug. 21, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-06-19, courtesy of the Town of Faro

    And many more ...

    The town of Faro is turning 50 this year and the party runs all week. A birthday extravaganza will take place from June 28 until July 7. Read more

    Jun. 19, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-05-15, PHOTO: Lillian Nakamura Maguire

    When in Faro… Portugal

    Here are some of my tips on travel to Portugal as a curious 70-year-old with a “willing to try it at least once” philosophy. This is based on two weeks travelling by train with another 69-year-old woman in late March and April... Read more

    May 15, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-04-24, PHOTO: Imran Babur

    New Kate Weekes CD reflects singer-songwriter’s growth as a musician

    When Kate Weekes plays in Whitehorse on May 2, the audience will hear something new and maybe surprising, even if they’re already fans. Having lived in the territory from 2003 to 2014, the singer-songwriter still spends several months here each... Read more

    Apr. 24, 2019

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    Issue: 2019-04-17, Photo: Dan Davidson

    What is the Yukon Writers’ Festival?

    In 1990, a number of organizations joined together to merge the Young Authors’ Conference (YAC) and the National Book Festival into the more far-reaching Yukon Writers’ Festival. The goal was to highlight Canadian literary arts in the Yukon... Read more

    Apr. 17, 2019

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    Issue: 2018-11-07, PHOTO: Pixabay

    We will remember them

    It’s important to reflect each November 11th and remember those young men and women who gave their lives on behalf of their country. As time moves on, it’s important that our memories of what happened and our commitment to end conflict both remain... Read more

    Nov. 07, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-06-13, PHOTO: Hugh Copland

    The Tintina Trench

    There was a not-so-urban myth out there that you could see the Tintina Trench from the moon. That is not true, unless the person on the moon had a good telescope. You can see the Tintina Trench from space, though, from the International Space... Read more

    Jun. 13, 2018

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    Issue: 2018-04-25, PHOTO: courtesy of Owen Laukkanen

    Owen Laukkanen: “Keep writing and edit your own work ruthlessly”

    Owen Laukkanen is unabashedly a writer of commercial fiction, also known as “genre” fiction, having produced a novel every year since The Professionals came out (and was nominated for four major genre awards) in 2012. The Professionals was Book 1... Read more

    Apr. 25, 2018

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