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This page is here to help you get the most out of the community events listings with What’s Up Yukon.

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Take control of your information

With the events listings on our website you can take control of how your events look both on-line and in print.

Did you know we often create your events for use by other organizations? That includes TravelYukon.com

Grow with us and learn more!

This newsletter will serve as a reminder to post your events so you don’t miss being included in our printed publication. We download events every Tuesday for the following week’s issue.

Over the coming months we’ll be adding even more new features. In fact we are just about ready to invite partners to our event ticket sales feature. That’s right, no more outside ticket processing, we can do it right here in the Yukon with a local company…that’s us! Our exclusive group of event organizers (YOU) will be the first to know and use new features. Plus, you will have direct influence with our developer.

Please feel free to invite fellow organizers to our platform and help them sign up to this newsletter too. What’s Up Yukon is always pleased to share tips and tricks on how you can get the most from our Digital Community Events tool. We love being a part of your success!

Thank you for helping What’s Up Yukon deliver events to our community. You are a big part of how we are able to be…The Fun Experts!

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