Category in Yukon Events Listings

Category in the Yukon Events Listings

Category Filter

There can be an endless number of categories to group events into using our Yukon events calendar. Although we don’t want to have an unlimited amount of options, there are numerous, and it’s important to choose your categories appropriately.

Which Category should I fall under?

You should select any category that relates to your event. Selecting the right category is significant because users can filter events to get the information that interests them and because some of our pages display events that are related to the page’s content.

Can I select more than one Category?

Yes! You should undoubtedly select more than one. We NEED to know what region your Yukon event is in because it will determine where it appears in the printed newspaper. Additionally, we want to make sure that you have carefully selected the kind of event (live music, yoga, etc…)  so that we can display all related events where we have deliberately targeted events relevant to content. Our age categories are an important filter for our users as well. We have also added “19+” and “All Ages” categories.

What if the Category I wanted to be in doesn’t exist?

Remember how I said before that there was no limit to the number of categories we could have? That was not to suggest we wouldn’t introduce a category if it was going to be a useful one. Please let us know at [email protected] or in the comments below if you feel like a category needs to be added. We’ll review it and add it if we think it will be helpful to our audience.

Where do I choose a Category?

Choosing your category is currently not made simple by the entry form. You must begin typing the categories in order to view them, assuming that you are already familiar with the categories. We are working on a fix because we are aware that this isn’t ideal. The solution to this is coming, as well as a number of other improvements you will see over the coming weeks. We can give you this list of categories as a guide for the time being.

What if my event takes place across multiple regions?

If your Yukon event spans more than one region, there are a few different possibilities to take into account.

The Yukon Motorcycle Ride for Dad, that makes the Tagish loop, is an event that clearly begins in one region and travels through another, so Whitehorse should be listed as the Region.

A different kind of event is one that includes activities that take place in various locations. Consider the Yukon Motorcycle Ride for Dad‘s trip to Dawson City. It had a ceremony in Carmack, a start event in Whitehorse, and a finish event in Dawson City. Also consider the Southern Lakes Market Loop, where Marsh Lake, Tagish, and Mount Lorne all had marketplaces. The best way to handle these events is to break them into their own events and connect them in a series. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance with that; we will have a post about it later.

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