Why should I enter my events on What’s Up Yukon

That is undoubtedly a question that needs to be asked. If you are going to enter your events, you need to know that it is worth the effort it requires. We put a lot of effort in to ensure that it is.

We have more events!

It’s probably fair to say that What’s Up Yukon has the most comprehensive events calendar in the region. What’s Up Yukon is where a person who is searching for events in The Yukon will ultimately land. You want them to find you when they do.

Your event is shown in more places than you think.

1. Numerous pages of our website feature your event.

In addition to appearing in our calendar, events submitted on our website also appear in a variety of other locations.
Our entire events calendar can be filtered to display only the ones the visitor is interested in. Your open mic night is listed in the sidebar for people who are searching for live music.
Related events are displayed in the sidebar on many of our archive pages and stories. The art exhibitions listed in our events pages will appear next to articles about local artists.
We pick a few activities from our homepage to appear visually on the carousel on our homepage as well.

3. We promote our events listings on Social Media

What’s up? Yukon is very active on Social Media. We frequently use our posts to draw attention to the stories and events we are covering and have listed. Every Friday afternoon, you’ll see a story about live music for the following weekend.

We have partners that share our events

To have events from our website distributed through their channels, we collaborate with the Yukon Department of Tourism & Culture. You can find events from our website at visitor information centers and on the TravelYukon website.

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