Clowns running amok at Yukon Arts Centre: Humour in the finest traditions of Bugs Bunny

Skating on wash buckets, pratfalls, explosions and fart jokes – Fart jokes! What can be better than fart jokes? – combine for a rollicking fun circus show.

“It’s the funniest show I’ve seen on a Canadian stage in five years,” says Eric Epstein, the artistic director of the Yukon Arts Centre.

He had heard good things about the show and was able to see it at the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Edmonton. He tried to book the show for last year, but Cirkus Inferno was touring Australia and was urged to stay for more and more shows.

Trying to explain how an artistic director could be so enthralled with fart jokes, etc, Epstein said there are different levels of comedy for different ages. But, really, he was laughing at the same physical comedy the children in the audience were.

“It’s the forces of anarchy; it’s the fun of the show; it’s in the tradition of the Road Runner and Coyote.”

The premise of the show begins with Lady and Lucky arriving late for a circus. As they walk over seats, spreading popcorn everywhere, they are just as disappointed as the rest of the audience to learn the circus has been cancelled. So they hop onto stage and start playing with the props.

There will be three shows, each starting at 7 p.m., on Feb. 22, 23 and 24. Tickets are available at the Yukon Arts Centre Box Office and at the Hougen Centre Ticket Office.

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