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The Whitehorse Motors Sourdough Sams—what are they about? Every year we hear about these Sourdough Sams, this “Call for the Cup,” and that the search for the “primo Yukon male” is on again, but what does any of that really mean? I managed to catch up with lead Sam coordinator, or, as he’s known, “The George” Time Bomb Tamara, to get to the bottom of what this tradition is all about. I was surprised by how much I didn’t know about this Yukon tradition.

The Sourdough Sam Competition began in 1985 and was hosted by none other than Lake Laberge Marj. Over its 34-year run, the contest has taken many forms, but always keeps a core ideal at its heart. It is a chance for local fellows to come together and put on a series of shows that raises money to support the family-friendly side of Rendezvous. When looking into the numbers, we found last year that the Sourdough Sams raised over $7,000. Time Bomb told me that anyone can be a Sam. That’s the magic of it.

“Most people think that the Sams are young college kids or something, but that’s usually not the case,” he said. “These are family men with careers who are looking for a fun and exciting way to give back.”

This year’s Sams are a diverse group. Each has created a character. Here’s what we know so far:

Russell the Love Muscle (Russell):

It is written in The New Chestament that one day a Sam will appear who brings gainz to all those who listen to his word. That Sam was born Russell the Love Muscle, son of the Mountain and The Bearded Lady. Conceived in The Iron Temple and birthed in a squat rack, The Love Muscle was blessed by the Allspotter himself. However, The Love Muscle was snatched away by the trickster Broki, and was fooled into following the path of many false gains for many years until he discovered the Book of Brodin. The Love Muscle quickly realized the error of his ways, and began to pray at the Iron Temple daily, performing prayers of five reps for five sets of the swoliest of lifts, including the squat, the bench, and the deadlift. He felt the Swoley Spirit enter him with each rep and, like a diamond in the rough, he slowly carved his once soft body into a body that may one day enter the blessed halls of Swolehalla. To this day, the Love Muscle continues his journey to bring awareness of the word of Brodin. This is why he steps forward as a Sam.

Sam-Pool (Evan):

Hi I am Captain Sam-Pool … no, just Sam-Pool. I figured it was time for a little break from fighting mutants and cyborgs, to spend a little time back home and show you all how talented and sexy I am. I’m a glimmering gem in a burlap sack, a sparkling stone under a shag carpet. I am a true Canadian diamond in the rough, nasty skin of an old avocado. My super healing powers allow me to metabolize vast amounts of alcohol, giving me a huge advantage over other Sams. Huge, like that Russell the Jugger Muscle. I’d let him rip me in half.

ShaneSaw Sam the Lumberman (Shane):

Shanesaw Sam the Lumberman has emerged from isolation in the deep forest. He has come to rip it up even though he knows that the beavers will be all over his wood, because that is what a Shanesaw does.

The Mad Fapper (Derek):

The Mad Fapper has been a man of woods for so long. He is here in Whitehorse to find out if he can become the Yukon’s primo male.

Old Man Sam/Grandpa Sam (Jon)

Old Man Sam is a Sam for yesteryear. He brings the wisdom of times gone by, and plans to show these young whippersnappers a thing or two about becoming a Sam.

Wolf Man Sam (Drake):

Man raised by wolf! Once a year, the mother becomes a human being named wolfeness, met by her hunter in a field under the emerald lights. The creation of the ultimate Wolf Man Sam takes place, so that he may take his stand in the race to become Sourdough Sam.

This year, the Sams have five official events, making for an amazing evening of adult entertainment. Come out and show your support for this awesome Yukon tradition.

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