The cozy, friendly music festival

The intimate “anti-stadium” music festival, that is the Atlin Arts & Music Festival, has gotten even smaller this year, July 10 to 12.

The performing arts director, Rick Newberry, says this is a good thing as organizers were responding to the wishes of performers and audiences.

“They both said they want to spend more time with each performer.”

So, the sets will be longer this year and that adds to the quality of the festival. Since the festival will not grow in size, they are focusing on quality.

“We don’t want to be a big festival,” says Newberry. “We would lose what is appealing about the festival.

“It’s what makes Atlin, Atlin. Everybody feels connected to the performers; you aren’t lost in a sea of thousands and thousands of people.

“If you want to see a performer up close, this is where you can do that.”

How do the performers feel about a (relatively) small crowd?

“We pick people who want to be here. Word has got around; they get excited.

“Others have taken it back home and word has really spread, but it is not for everybody. If you want a deluxe hotel downtown, it’s not here.

“All we have for you is a billet and it could be an inflatable mattress and a sleeping bag. But some people love that; they love to be in this unique place.”

One month before the festival in Atlin, 75 per cent of the advance tickets were sold.

If tickets sellout at the gate, word will be sent down the highway.

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