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Yukon arts magazine, What’s Up Yukon encourages you to discover Yukon’s true gold – the arts! We love covering Yukon’s arts and culture, who wouldn’t.  Without delay, make sure to take the time to enjoy Yukon’s art galleries, dance, theatre, culture, music and more.

Guided to an Imperfect Light

Rick Massie’s songs are often long, complex and multi-stylistic, they usually start with one riff or idea and grow from there.

I’m not even an animal yet …

I’m not even an animal yet …‘Cause I’m not as strong as a grizzly bear ‘Cause I’m not as big as a moose ‘Cause I’m not as fast as a fox‘

She Mooned the Poor Bear

The lady mooned the poor bear And he bit her in the rear The bear bit the poor spouse When she went to the outhouse

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