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Fall has arrived and Yukoners have all started to settle into our winter routines. This busy time of year seems like the perfect time to take over as editor of What’s Up Yukon. I’m excited for the challenge and have already had some great ideas sent my way, so stay tuned over the coming months as we continue to give you the best scoops on the Yukon cultural scene.

I feel that I’m expected to impart pearls of wisdom or charming witticisms during my inaugural editorial, so that a high quality is established. But as I started looking through our files and submissions, I discovered some different inspiration. I found a unique submission that we don’t often receive: a handwritten letter to the editor inquiring about pen pals and offering to share German recipes.

I think that we have readers out there who’d love to connect with a visitor who was enchanted by their trip North. I’d like to share it with you.

August 21, 2017

Dear Lord of Letters!

I found your newsletter in Whitehorse during a six and a half weeks long vacation in Alaska/USA and North Canada.

Because I like it to write, I want to ask for pen pals. Maybe you can put my address in the news? Also, if you wish, I could write German recipes for your newspaper.

I am German, married, two kids, five grandkids. I have a lot of hobbies and hate computers! I was born in December 08, 1948.

My story about going to Alaska: Dieter, my husband, and I married July 25, 1969. It was a very warm and sunny day. One year later at our first anniversary it was very warm again. When we celebrated this special event, I said to Dieter, “Our 25th wedding anniversary we will spend in Alaska. There it is cold, snow, and maybe we could even see ice.”

Well one year before my husband did ask me whether we should go to Alaska.

“Of course honey, all people know that we want to go there,” I answered.

So we went to Alaska where we wore shorts and shirts because it was hot! But nevertheless, we both fell in love with Alaska and (the) Yukon. I don’t know how often we were there. In this summer, we drove for the third time the Dalton Highway. Three years ago (we drove) for the third time the Dempster Highway and we must do it again because of this new extension.

Dear Lord of Letters, if you publish my story please may I get a copy.

I am looking forward to hearing/reading from you.

Best wishes,

Brigitta Schorn

This letter reminded me about how the Yukon has that unique quality to get in your blood and draw you back over and over again. I’m looking forward to sending Brigitta a copy of her letter in print and wanted a chance for any of you to write to her as pen pals. Perhaps you have a story to share, or just want to find some great German recipes.

For those interested in writing Brigitta, she left her contact information and can be mailed at: Brigitta Schorn, 5705 Harbour Preserve Cir, Cape Coral, FL, 33914.

Our team is hard at work to produce an entertaining and informative publication that keeps you up on all the great cultural happenings here in the territory. I hope that you enjoy the magazine we produce for you over the coming months.


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