Veggies à la Barbecue

I bet you can get your kids or even adult veggie haters to enjoy them done on the barbecue. Here are three simple and very tasty methods.

Simple Method #1

Cut carrots diagonally, broccoli any size, cabbage in slabs or just about any other veggie. Wrap in tinfoil with a little olive oil and oyster sauce; use a simple sealing fold on the foil to make it easy to open. Give them about 25 minutes in generous heat. These can also easily be done on the coals of any fire.

With stove-top cooking such as boiling or steaming, veggies have a tendency to end up limp with a great loss of flavour. With these three methods, unless overcooked, the veggies on the fork are as crisp as you want and still full of natural flavour.

Simple Method #2

Use the same or any other veggies including peppers, zucchini and red onions. Coarsely chop or leave in longer narrow pieces. Marinate the veggies in a Ziploc bag with olive oil and crushed garlic. Two hours is best, but shorter time still gets the flavour out in the cooking. Use just enough olive oil to cover the veggies, not float them.

Use a pre-heated, very hot vegetable grilling dish (under $20 at Canadian Tire.) Just dump the veggies, oil and garlic into the very hot grilling dish and stir a flip around with a spatula for 8-9 minutes.

Sample to be sure of cooking time and remember for next time. When they are done to suit you and yours, serve from the grilling which will be very hot or using a glove, dump the veggies out into a serving dish.

These cool very quickly on a platter, but are still delicious even when they are cool. Keep any leftovers for an omelet next morning.

Simple Method #3

Use various peppers, yellow and green zucchini, tomatoes cut into strips and slices. In a Ziploc bag, coat with olive oil and make a shallow tin-foil tray or use a tray from the cupboard. Neatly lay out the pared vegetables coated in olive oil and sprinkle on parmesan (fresh or the type sold in a plastic container) or other tasty cheese sprinkles.

Carefully slide the tin-foil tray onto the top rack of the barbecue (sliding it off a cutting board always works.) Cover the tray loosely part of the time with a tinfoil piece if you find the veggies get a little dry on top.

Cooking time varies with your taste as to the texture of the veggies; start with half an hour.

These can be served with tongs or a spatula, but when moving the tinfoil tray off the barbecue, don’t forget to slide something of the same size under it to keep it firm.

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