Yukon Talent

Robyn McLeod at the Milan Fashion Week.

Making A Fashion Statement

On a narrow street in Milan, motor scooters are parked on the side of the road and people are rushing by. A woman is wearing a black dress…

Paris Pick Performance

From Paris, With Love

After nearly a decade in the Yukon, Paris Pick is moving away to pursue music school and then her career as an music artist.


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Yukon Visual Artists

Yukon’s creative side is alive and well with Painters, Sculptors, Musicians, Carvers, Mixed Media Artists, Illustrators, Jewellers, Beaders, Weavers, and more.


To call Yukon’s music scene vibrant is an understatement. Hardly a night goes by without live music, from folk to hip-hop and all styles in between.


Yukon has an incredibly active film community. From the Available Light Film Festival, to small independent films, Yukon is home to fantastic talent that reaches out far and wide.


It is no secret that the Yukon is highly photogenic. It brings out the best in image makers. But there is more to it than mere landscape as our lens experts can show.


Yukoners are seldom at a loss for words, and the setting is totally conducive to finding just the right ones. Meet our incredible authors, writers, poets, and storytellers.

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