Major Funk & The Employment


Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

Remy Rodden

Eco-singer Remy Rodden is a bilingual, rich-voiced teacher and biologist committed to helping children learn about nature. He's a clever songwriter, deeply concerned about the environment, and his wholly entertaining show ignites both the young and the young at heart. Remy’s target is to inspire wonder and foster responsible action with his fun and poignant curriculum-connected songs. Remy’s many years as an adventurer, camp leader, educator and entertainer uniquely position him to delight family audiences. He draws on his experience of countless school presentations, travels and performances in all continents (yes, even Antarctica) and a wilderness life in Canada’s Yukon Territory. He has degrees in biology and environmental, outdoor, and experiential education and puts them to full use in his music! Remy’s first family album Think About The Planet (1997) has proved an enduring classic, with songs about biodiversity, invasive species, and more. The song "What's That, Habitat?" is part of United Nations music compilation to celebrate the Earth Charter, and the title track is part of the Playlist for the Planet which includes artists like Raffi, Cockburn and Lightfoot. An adult album In The Hills was released in 2011.

Speed Control

Straight out of -40 degrees in Canada’s Yukon, comes the power trio Speed Control with super tight, riff heavy, harmony rock. Steeped in a jazz and classical background they have turned to their true passion – rock n’ roll.

The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones are a Yukon band with members contributing from Lake Laberge to Old Crow, Whitehorse to Dawson City, and Faro. They grew up listening to the music of their parents, and their parents' parents before them.​The Lucky Ones' unique brand of authentic country-roots music imparts traditional arrangements with a contemporary disposition, reminiscent of old-time dances in hotel taverns and barrooms, barns, kitchens and saloons.​Recipients of the 2018 Professional Recording Grant from the Yukon Film & Sound Commission, The Lucky Ones make their debut walking in the footsteps of such Northern Canadiana icons as Hank Karr, Al Oster, Buddy Tabor, and the Pointer Brothers.​

Patrick Jacobson

Patrick Jacobson is a Whitehorse-based indie-rock songwriter. Originally hailing from Vancouver, he earned his reputation as the front man for The Capitals by writing endearing, dulcet anthems with crackerjack choruses. He also co-wrote songs and with The Top Drawers and The Luna Riot. Now he's is returning to his roots with a guitar in his hands to sing for anybody who still enjoys a good melody.

Rob Dickson

Based in Whitehorse, nestled in the sprawling landscape of the Yukon, Rob Dickson is a songwriter and singer. His songs emerge from a place of discovery, of seeking solidity and forming identity. At the center of Dickson's world is his family, and his writing is profoundly linked to the emotional expanse of these relationships. Through an autobiographical lens, Dickson reveals himself with a sound that is both raw and modest, inviting reflection, inviting us to consider the people we become as we grow up.


Based out of Whitehorse, Jennihouse provides ambient post-mushroom-folk rock, often improvised. Scott Maynard grew up in London, UK, and as a teenager moved to Toronto, where he lived for the next 25 years. Scott moved to the Yukon full time in 2013, and ran the open mic at the Gold Rush Inn for a couple of years, which is where he met Sam. Sam Gallagher hails from rural New Brunswick and arrived in the Yukon with his family and two cats, 18 years ago. He has been playing lap steel for about the last 30 years, mostly self-taught except for a few lessons with the late great Aylie Sparks.

Lara Lewis

Lara Lewis is a keyboard player and singer who writes and performs pop music with a smattering of R&B. She studied classical piano for many years before coming to the conclusion that she actually sucked at it. After a long hiatus from music, Lara began hitting open mics in Whitehorse in 2006. In 2007, she joined the Yukon Women in Music collective. Her song was one of the songs chosen to be on their 2009 compilation album, and was also chosen to be the title for the album (Tether, Hooks and Velcro). She has played in various bands since 2007 and even went to the Olympics in 2010 as part of the cultural contingent with the Sophisticated Cavemen band. Lara currently performs original and cover songs with the band Lara and the Danz, and is releasing her debut full length album in October 2017 - Lov Lavatic. This album of pop songs is melodic, upbeat and artfully arranged by producer Jordy Walker. Recorded at Green Needle Records and Stackwall Productions in Whitehorse, it features Graeme Peters (drums), Daniel Bouck and Micah Smith (both on bass), Jordy Walker (guitar and vox), Scott Maynard (vox) and Lara Lewis (keys and vox).

Kim Beggs

Kim Beggs is a songwriter, filmmaker, mentor, author, and musician.  She has released numerous CDs.  Her music features: Original Folk Roots | Old-time Country | Americana | Bluegrass Bramble | and infuses sweet old-time roots country with dark tales of northern life

The Dark Fruits

The Dark Fruits is a northern rock project from collaborators Jordy Walker, Micah Smith, Patrick Docherty, and debut singer-songwriter, Jeff Wolosewich. [button link="" color="orange"] WUY article[/button] 

Groan Boy

With his roots buried deep in the permafrost of the Yukon, Groan Boy is a goblin rock sensation that is sweeping the territory with his signature wall of sound. A personal project of Dawson Beaulieu’s that lyrically explores some of the darker sides of music, he is occasionally accompanied by other musicians – drums, bass, and Vox organ – but the heart of Groan Boy is Dawson’s earnest performance taking the lead as a guitarist and vocalist.Groan Boy is the therapy you didn’t think you needed – his thematic and volume swings from the awkward, to the angry, and back again will have you go from swaying on the spot to headbanging on the dance floor - and if that’s not enough, Groan Boy will make you laugh, groan, and (if you’re feeling emotional) shed a tear or two.[button link="" color="orange"] WUY article[/button]


Home grown in the land of the Midnight Sun, long-time electronic music enthusiast DJKJ hails out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Aided by over a decade of DJing and a deep appreciation of the relationships born in raves, DJKJ’s passion resonates through intricate melodies, dirty beats and stompy layers lying deep beneath the surface. Having spent many years playing at all of the local watering holes (alongside local hard-hitters and international acts alike), DJKJ has pioneered the Yukon’s electronic music scene since 2001. Having opened the stages for acts like Deekline, Krafty Kuts, Jon Horvath, Ali B, Matt the Alien, and many more. Throughout holding multiple residencies in the Yukon, KJ has also played abroad in Vancouver B.C., Haines Alaska, and Sayulita Mexico, and DJing special events (including loud, elaborate parties in the woods) and promoting his own shows, DJKJ has had a lot of time to evolve, expand and establish his personal sound. DJKJ is the founder, creator, and president of the Paradise Electronic Music Festival in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Deet Wise

I'm a folk singer-songwriter and make my home on the Yukon River outside of Dawson City.

Kate Weekes

Kate Weekes stood on the Trans-Canada Highway ten years ago; she stuck out her thumb and left Ontario for an adventure in the Yukon. Now deeply imbedded in the Yukon music community, Kate lives in a little orange cabin outside of Whitehorse and spends the Yukon winters working with 19 sled dogs. On her travels throughout Canada Kate has been moved to capture the stories of characters she meets along her way and ponder a sense of place within the varying lifestyles of our country. Her songs paint pictures of mushing through the mountains and paddling in the remote corners of the Yukon.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY article[/button]

Rick Massie

Rick Massie's musical projects are based in progressive hard rock/metal, and include a wide variety of musical styles and ideas from many genres, including pop, avant-garde, cinematic music, electronic, and more. His debut album, "Eclipse" was released on May 1, 2020. Rick is a Newfoundlander, and has been influenced by the music of Newfoundland (and his father's affinity for prog rock and Alice Cooper) from birth.He is currently living in Whitehorse where the land, wildlife and people keep inspiring him to create new music. "There is hope, that amidst the dark, you can find your own glimpses of light - sometimes suddenly - in the most unexpected of places."[button link="" color="orange"] WUY article[/button]

Sophie Villeneuve

Born in La Tuque, Quebec, Sophie Villeneuve is a folk singer-songwriter based in Whitehorse since 2013. Mixing story telling and music, she transports her audience into her Yukon world inspired from Nature and northern adventures. In 2016, Sophie wins the music competitions Pacifique en Chanson and Chant’Ouest in which she also obtains the Public's Choice Award. In 2017, Sophie is the first Yukon francophone artist to represent the Yukon at the prestigious Festival International de la Chanson de Granby. In 2018, Sophie is nominated for Francophone Artist of the Year at the Western Canadien Music Awards. Her first full-length album, Le Chant du Hibou, was released in January 2018 and produced by Jim Holland from Green Needle Records.

Major Funk & The Employment

Paris Pick hitchhiked to Whitehorse Yukon when she was 18 years old from Vancouver islands Port Hardy, BC. The young & enthusiastic artist made herself known around town quickly by crashing open mics regularly with her singing, bass playing and of course, her ukulele. Busking on main street during her leisure time dressed like a pirate was also a phase not long forgotten.5 Years later and now 23 years old, Paris has honed in on her best skill yet, being herself. Naturally comfortable in-front of a crowd, Paris captures audiences attention with her outrageous and fashionably flamboyant stage presence.A fancy for 4-string instruments has Paris Pick tending to wield an electric ukulele plugged through various FX-pedals.Paris' melodies are heartening while her lyrical content remains candid, sassy and occasionaly fanciful.Current Member of:  Paris Pick & The Pricks & Swamp Sex Robots Past Band Member of: Ukes of HazardThe Steiner Recliners & Sonic Poon 

Daniel Janke

Daniel Janke is a Canadian composer, pianist, filmmaker and media artist who lives in Whitehorse Yukon.Daniel's work as a composer has gradually drawn him into different roles as a musical director and filmmaker. His multi-media stage production The Grubstake Remix toured Canada, and recently presented at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany.  His short film How People Got Fire (NFB, 2009) has received numerous awards, and has screened internationally.

Claire Ness

Claire Ness grew up singing Broadway show tunes, Motown melodies and outlaw country oldies while exploring the Yukon wilderness by horseback and canoe. Never far from her guitar, Claire writes prolifically in both English and French, with jazz and blues influences often wrapped into rootsy folk songs. Her catchy tunes feature poetry, storytelling, imagery and metaphor, and an abundance of humour and imagination.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY Article[/button]

Stephen Gallant

Stephen Gallant is a classically trained, multi-instrumentalist director and performer who has held the role of Musical Director at Diamond Tooth Gerties in Dawson City, Yukon, for 7 consecutive seasons. In the winter months he teaches piano, guitar, drums, and vocal lessons at the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC). Stephen is originally from Cape Breton, NS and has divided his time between Dawson City and the east coast for several years.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY article[/button]

The Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons Band is a Canadian rock band consisting of Alex Johnston (Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Docherty (Drums/Vocals), Ian MacIntyre (Bass/Guitar) and Daniel Stark (Guitar).  The group was formed in December of 2012 in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Since their inception, they have been spreading their music playing music festivals and venues across Canada. Their original sound is a mix of melodic guitar rifts, dynamic percussion, ambient background sounds with soulful lyrics and vocals. Their influences range from contemporary rock, to blues, to folk and their lyrics shed light on both the good and the bad of young manhood, and life north of 60.  The Midnight Sons band was formed December 2012.

Drea Naysayer

Drea. Drea Nasær. Drea Naysayer. The Naysayers…. you might know her music from Peterborough, Ontario where she cut her teeth in music. You may recognize her music from the Dawson City Music Festival, CBC Searchlight, or a national or EU tour. Drea pushed hard on the EU Folk circuit between 2005-2010 before coming back to Dawson City, YT in 2011. Drea brought her touring experience, prolific song writing, leave it on the stage blood, sweat, and tears performances to Yukon audiences. In this third wave of Drea’s career, two babies later, 10 records on streaming platforms, and a catalogue of powerful, catchy songs, audiences can still expect a sound authentically Drea, but evolved. Drea has always been an unforgettably honest singer songwriter, and this most recent metamorphosis is no different. As a barrier breaking musician, Drea continues to make no apologies for her no holds barred attitude or songwriting. She has been compared to everyone, and yet there is no real comparison. Drea consistently gains fans, albums, and refines her craft as a singer songwriter of nearly 20 years. She is one of Canada’s best kept singer songwriters you never heard of, but might be listening to right now.


Having numerous artistic roles in music, Kelvin has developed his career to participate in many fulfilling opportunities that have taken him all across North America. He’s also been fortunate to feature in some spectacular works created in his hometown of Whitehorse, YT, which further exemplifies the beauty of collaborative art in this small, yet thriving, Northern city. As Musical Director of Borealis Soul, he’s worked with a plethora of musicians and vocalists to design dynamic soundscapes for full-length presentations. He also collaborates with Jeremy Parkin, under the guise of Local Boy, a hip-hop duo that has had great local success, and aims to gain more traction by increasing listening audience in Canada and abroad.

Matthew Lien

Matthew Lien was awarded “Best Yukon Artist” and has received two nominations at the Western Canadian Music Awards. He was also awarded the Parliamentary Certificate of Honour by the Canadian government, and the Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development appointed him “Special Envoy to Taiwan” in recognition of his contribution to Taiwan-Canada relations.

Roxx Hunter

Roxx Hunter is a well-versed, exciting musician who has played in Canada, the US, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, achieving critical acclaim for his skills on the guitar, as a bassist, and as a singer/songwriter.Roxx is also a member of Soul Migration on guitar and vocals [button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY article[/button]

Declan O'Donovan

Yukon grown musician Declan O'Donovan currently divides his time between Whitehorse and Montreal. Scotch was a party band, centred around brothers Ryan and Declan O'Donovan. 

Peggy Hannifan

Peggy Hanifan came from Ontario 36 years ago for a visit to the Yukon. She fell in love with vibrant music scene in Whitehorse and never left. Peggy started singing and playing guitar at the tender age of 11 and has honed her craft hosting the Whitewater Wednesday Jams in Whitehorse for the last 23 years. Peggy started the Whitewater Wednesday jams at the Kopper King and is now in her 11th venue at the Towne Club in the T & M Hotel. Peggy is currently working on her first CD with producer & Canadian singer-songwriter Kim Beggs. She has performed on various stages throughout her career including Frostbite Music Fest, Arts in the Park, Atlin Arts and Music Festival, and has hosted numerous benefit shows. In 2018, she won the Conrad Boyce Award for the Arts. Peggy likes to say that music and the Yukon keep her young.

Soda Pony

Soda Pony members Patrick Hamilton and Aiden Tentrees can often be found scouring the corners of Whitehorse's various dump freestores in search of costumes for their next show. They have been scouring these same dumps for the last decade, and the dumps always abide them with something newly strange and/or stylish. Far from romanticizing life in the north, Soda Pony's songs subvert regional clichés with a humorous mixture of small town coming-of-age tales and science fiction scenarios. And this is the magic of Soda Pony's space-dump-rock style: at the heart of their original sound is their friendship, tried and sailed through years of learning, performing, and exploring together.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY article[/button]


Sputnik is a psychedelic-rock trio based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Formed by Sudbury-import Zacharie Pelland & local garbage man Aiden Tentrees joined by Lee Campese on drums. Performing a solid original repertoire of songs about alien abductions, perception ascension, mass soul exile, programmed cyborgs and cartoons. Successfully touring from Yukon to Montreal after their self-titled album 'The Sputnik Experiment' was released shortly after the bands formation. Currently Sputnik resides in the Yukon. Continuously writing, and only performing at the most appropriate opportunities that can accompany their brand of estranged astro-stoner rock.

Diyet & The Love Soldiers

Matthew Lien was awarded “Best Yukon Artist” and has received two nominations at the Western Canadian Music Awards. He was also awarded the Parliamentary Certificate of Honour by the Canadian government, and the Yukon Government’s Department of Economic Development appointed him “Special Envoy to Taiwan” in recognition of his contribution to Taiwan-Canada relations.

Soir De Semaine

Soir de Semaine rouse the soul with their original lively music while fusing Franco-rock with ska, reggae, folk and funk. On stage Soir de Semaine create a visually rambunctious show, dressing up in costume and painting their faces. The band has play shows in schools, bar venues and especially festivals.Soir de Semaine believes interaction is key to any performance, and they engage their audiences to participate in the show, bringing the joys of music and performance and creating an atmosphere of fun around them.Marie-Maude Allard – Vocals/Accordion/FlutePascal St-Laurent – Vocals/Guitar/UkuleleAlain DesRochers – Vocals/BassMarc Paradis – DrumsCory Chouinard – Percussion

Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun

Should you catch a performance of Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun, you’ll hear mountain to valley, northern Canadiana singer-songwriter music with a hint of the traditional south. Hailing from Whitehorse, the band has a sound described as tumbleweed pop and city folk with original songs that are inspired by northern living and landscape. The Bennett Sun’s harmony rich music ranges from folk, country and roots to the collaborative bluegrass tradition. Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun released their first EP in 2015 followed by a full-length album in 2018. The band performs at venues from tiny homes to concert halls and events from pond hockey tournaments to festivals including Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival and The Wood Stove Festival (Cumberland, BC).

The Animal Warfare Act

The Animal Warfare Act is Whitehorse’s new heavy metal attack. Formed in 2018 by Warrmauth vocalist and guitarist Manus “CuddleBunny” Hopkins, The Animal Warfare Act aims to tackle serious real-world issues like pollution, gender violence and addiction, while creating invigorating, straight-up metal music. Visual aspects are also prominent in the band’s performances, with each member wearing a unique mask and portraying a themed character. The story goes that The Animal Warfare Act was created as a military initiative, with animals being genetically modified for combat. Their brains were fused with AI technology, which eventually led them to turn on humanity and eliminate the overgrown and destructive species. Soon, the world will recover from the catastrophic damage humans inflicted on it, as prophesized by The Animal Warfare Act through the group’s vicious music.

Paris Pick

Paris Pick hitchhiked to Whitehorse Yukon when she was 18 years old from Vancouver islands Port Hardy, BC. The young & enthusiastic artist made herself known around town quickly by crashing open mics regularly with her singing, bass playing and of course, her ukulele. Busking on main street during her leisure time dressed like a pirate was also a phase not long forgotten.5 Years later and now 23 years old, Paris has honed in on her best skill yet, being herself. Naturally comfortable in-front of a crowd, Paris captures audiences attention with her outrageous and fashionably flamboyant stage presence.A fancy for 4-string instruments has Paris Pick tending to wield an electric ukulele plugged through various FX-pedals.Paris' melodies are heartening while her lyrical content remains candid, sassy and occasionaly fanciful.Current Member of:  Paris Pick & The Pricks & Swamp Sex Robots Past Band Member of: Ukes of HazardThe Steiner Recliners & Sonic Poon 

Barbara Chamberlin

Yukon Musician Barb Chamberlin came to Yukon with her band the Cover Girls. When the Cover Girls broke up, Chamberlin moved to Whitehorse and teamed up with Pam and Bernie Phillips and Manfred Janssen to form a new band, Agents of Chaos.Her folk-blues CD, Sanctuary, released in 2000, was nominated for a West Coast Music award. Her 2005 release, Walking With Ghosts, was a mix of pop, folk, rock and country. She became the Whitehorse Community Choir director in 2005.  She also directs the Persephones, and the Neptunes. In 2009, she released a third CD, Of Ice and Men. A fourth, called Boomerang Girl, September 2014. Then, there are her students. And the four instruments she plays – piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone.And live performances with a variety of other local musicians.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY Articles[/button]

Local Boy

Jeremy Parkin & Kelvin are a Producer / MC duo from Whitehorse, YT. They began working together in 2014 for Borealis Soul: a collective that integrates dance, music, and visual effects into live performance. With musical flavours that are based in hip hop and electronic, they are keen to experiment and shape their own sound, embracing lyricism, boom-bap, trap, down tempo, and house, within their musical styles. With just three singles released, Local Boy has had great local success, as they fulfill offers to perform at festivals such as Breakout West, Forthwith, and Atlin. On top of collaborating on soundscapes for theatre productions, they are currently making their debut album. They have a unique method to creating songs: often Jeremy pitches an instrumental that Kelvin writes to and records; Jeremy then mixes the song, and Kelvin masters it. The collaborative, in-house process results in a sound incomparable to anyone else.

Jon Ostrander

A self proclaimed 'tall, blonde, sing-song man', Jon Ostrander has been writing, performing, and even threatening to record and release music for well over a decade. In a past life, he was the lead singer/songwriter in the the Dawson City folk trio "Three Chords and the Truth", as well the fondly remembered "Dredge Pond Swans", and in the self proclaimed Yukon super group "Community Chest" Jon has been a long time contributor and solo performer at the Dawson City Music Festival over the years, sharing the stage and hosting workshops with many of Canada's greatest artists. His most recent release is a collection of recordings from 2012/13 which have been re-mixed, mastered, and released in 2018 under the title "Magnetic Anything"

Brandon Isaak

Brandon Isaak is a one man band playing a foot operated drum kit, neck rack harmonica, guitar and vocals. His original blues songs ring with authenticity and wit and his singing, guitar and harmonica playing are the living spirit of the best of the blues today! I consider Brandon to be a national treasure!      - Jack Lavin – “Powder Blues”

Calla Kinglit

Calla Kinglit is a musician, songwriter and poet who draws inspiration from the awe of wilderness and exploring the human experience. She is currently recording her debut album comprised of songs written while living as a researcher in the Congo Basin in the Central African country of Cameroon, exploring the vast and redemptive beauty of her home base in Canada’s Yukon wilderness, manoeuvring through landslides in the Himalayas, and contemplating the spiritual journey of one small being. Calla's music is characterized by haunting melodies combined with deep wilderness based lyrics. She is a multi instrumentalist, primarily writing on a warm hollow body electric guitar. “God River Waltz” and “Dreamer’s Sea”, Calla's first singles, were released in 2016 and have since been played on CBC Radio 2 and are on rotation on CBC North.

Lucie D and The Immortals

This eclectic collective of musicians from the Yukon known as Lucie D & the Immortals transport their listener on a journey to lands far away, This band is often described by audiences as the dream team: thunderous lead vocals soaring over soulful melodies, backed by a solid rhythm section and intricately dressed by melodious harmonies woven together with tasty piano and guitar styling. Not only are they talented, but multifunctional. They offer their audiences multiple performance options: Jazz-pop originals in French, Latin Jazz standards and or a night of soulful R & B for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Swamp Sex Robots

Swamp Sex Robots is a swamp-rock duo based out of Whitehorse, Yukon featuring Aiden Tentrees & Paris Pick. They could be described as a ween-esque mix of hip-hop influenced bass lines combined with gritty guitar melodies topped off with intense lead female vocals alongside soft & sometimes silly harmonies.

Jordy Walker

Jordy Walker is a versatile composer, producer, sound artist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist.Jordy’s roots are in jazz and classical guitar, his approach combines creative invention with a knowledge of tradition. His works have been featured in dance and theatrical productions, documentaries and short films for the likes of CBC, NFB, Discovery Channel and HIFI. Jordy has performed and/or recorded with Mary Margeret O’Hara, Christine Fellows, Veda Hille, Oliver Schroer, Tanya Tagaq, Michael Feuerstack, Richard Reed Parry, Little Scream and others.

Nicholas Mah

Award winning guitarist Nicholas Mah has been a fixture on the Canadian music scene for several decades. He is an active practitioner of classical, jazz, country, rock and flamenco guitar based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. With many years of studying music, teaching, writing and performing under his belt, Nick can compose in almost all genres of music. His work can be heard in recordings and films both locally and nationally.

Ben Mahony

Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Rock, Pop, Alt-Rock

Church of Zombie

Church of Zombie (CoZ) is a hard rock / punk group from Whitehorse, Yukon. Drawing upon a diverse range of influences from ska to 1980's hair metal, their music is flavoured with danceable grooves and deliciously-bated hooks crafted to keep an audience engaged and moving. CoZ's growing repertoire is composed exclusively of original works penned by guitarist/vocalist Clancy McInnis, and polished to sonic perfection by bassist Lane Currie, drummer Daniel Dunphy, and lead guitarist Jordan Schmidt. These veterans of the Whitehorse music scene (Mr. Vein, The Midnight Sons, Off the Menu) have come together to collaborate on this fresh new project. CoZ’s live performances are engaging and dynamic. They often incorporate visual and theatrical elements, creating a memorable experience for show-goers. CoZ’s diverse setlists will have the audience dancing to one song, and headbanging to the next. Each performance is full of surprises, with natural frontman Clancy McInnis’ antics grounded by the band’s tight, well-polished material.

Selina Heyligers-Hare

Selina Heyligers-Hare is a powerhouse vocalist, guitarist, & pianist, born and raised in Whitehorse. Playing a wide variety of genres including rock, funk, soul, blues and R&B, she has been described as a very soulful and versatile artist who plays moving originals and a wide range of covers. Her repertoire consists of a variety of musical styles from Stevie Wonder to Janis Joplin to Aretha Franklin. She has performed countless times in and around the Yukon, at many festivals and different events. She is also a member of the funk band Major Funk and the Employment.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY articles[/button]

Gordie Tentrees

Yukon musician Gordie Tentrees has produced 6 CD's and travels the world extensively on tour.  He often finds time to visit us at home!His latest record "Less is More" was the 2016 Top 20 International Canadian Album (#12), and for the second year in a row the TOP 20 (#18) International Canadian Artist for radio play on the International Folk/Roots charts.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY article[/button]

Ryan McNally

Yukon musician Ryan McNally  made his presence known in Whitehorse as a virtuoso blues guitarist and singer.He has collaborated with many Yukon artist.  His rockabilly band, Sasquatch Prom Date, He fused folk and electronica in his collaboration with Kyle Cashen as Old Time Machine.  His CD "Down Home" has Rob Bergman (upright bass) and Lonnie Powell (drums).  Versatility and creativity.And by the way we have an in depth intimate story on his 1965 F150 Mercury pickup

Nicole Edwards

With a voice equal parts grit, smoke and confection, Nicole Edwards has garnered a reputation as the Yukon’s premiere jazz-blues-folk-rock diva. Nicole Edwards is originally from South River, Ontario, but has been based in Mt. Lorne, Yukon since 1997.[button link="" color="orange" newwindow="yes"] WUY Article[/button]

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