Briana Tomlin

I'm a wedding and family photographer serving Whitehorse, Yukon and surrounding areas. I'm a dog mom, step-mom, chocolate addict and a traveler at heart. I also love boudoir photography. Are you ready to say yes to yourself and join me in the studio for the experience of a lifetime?An experience that will transform the way you see yourself. 

Robert Postma

Robert is an award-winning landscape and wildlife photographer who has traveled extensively through Iceland, Africa, South America and his home country, Canada. His photography passion has led to develop many skills in the areas of night, aurora, landscape, wildlife and travel photography. He has been published thousands of time in calendars, books, magazines and corporate publications. His willingness to teach, coupled with being a really cool and handsome fellow make him one of the better photo teachers out there who can help take your photos to a new level, no matter where you are at with your images. 

Erik Pinkerton

Erik Pinkerton earned the German equivalent of his Red Seal in photography in Dresden, Germany in 2015. After working for 2 years in Studios and as a freelancer, Erik and his family moved to Whitehorse, Yukon in 2017. Erik works mainly as a commercial photographer creating high-end photos for all marketing needs. His diverse body of work is based primarily around a product, interior and exterior architecture, and environmental/portrait photography which also includes live events and wedding photography. Erik is a fervent supporter of the arts and can often be found photographing concerts and archival photos for local theatre groups.

Christian Kuntz

I am a professional photographer in the Yukon specializing in portraits, headshots, fashion and commercial photography.I was born and raised in France, but I am a real Yukoner now!Right after graduating from the NY Institute of Photography in 2002 I got a business license and started creating Portraits of the colorful people who live here in the far North. I have been shooting full time ever since. I shoot on location and in the studio, and also have a small portable studio for quick and painless headshots on location.

Peter Mather

Photography provides me with the excuse to adventure and provides me with an opportunity to tell interesting, important and inspiring stories. I hope that my photography inspires us to be empathetic humans, with compassion for people we don't understand, our natural world and the animals that share this small planet with us.I am very proud to be a fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers, to be represented by National Geographic Image Collection and Minden Pictures stock agencies, and to be an ambassador for Panasonic Cameras.[button link="" color="orange"] WUY article[/button]

Marty Samis

A passion for photography has been instilled in Marty from an early age. His photographic education is largely self-taught, the result of experimentation and experience. A move to the Yukon in 2009 to work as a hiking guide in Kluane National Park allowed for countless opportunities to explore his enthusiasm for photography and the outdoors. The village of Haines Junction situated on the edge of the St. Elias Mountains and Kluane National Park continues to be his home.

"I use photography as a means for creative expression and as a medium to share an appreciation for the natural world. I enjoy capturing the subtleties in Nature that sometimes get overlooked."

Mark Prins

Mark Prins is a fine art photographer based in Whitehorse, Yukon.One of his specialties is the Yukon landscape, his people, stitched into very wide panoramas.

Gary & Brianne Bremmer

Together we are GBP Creative and we specialize in creating imagery that takes the everyday, and turns it into something meaningful.

We work with organizations and industries across the country to create marketing materials that help showcase what makes them unique and sets them apart from the crowd. Whether that's industrial companies, hospitals, not-for-profits, or Entrepreneurs, our images help showcase 'every day heroes' and the jobs they do.

Alistair Maitland

I’m a visual storyteller that loves to document people, their expressions and experiences. It’s for this reason that I focus on documentary, editorial, event, sports and portrait photography.MY GOAL is to capture a glimpse into the soul of a moment, person or event. I’m currently based in Whitehorse, Yukon. It was here that I discovered my deep love of photography and where I am provided the opportunity to photograph some of the most unique people, communities and events. If you like what you see, I’m available for assignments.

Grant Douglas

real people, real moments, real memories, real photography

Vince Fedoroff

Photographer for the Whitehorse Star since even he can't remember, when he's not busy covering absolutely everything under the Yukon skies, he trains his lens on its perennial denizens: ravens.

Mehak Khan

Hi! I am Mehak, a Whitehorse, Yukon based Family and Brand Photographer! I love freezing your moments, your love connections, your special days of life especially if it is your wedding, your unique personalities and even of your newborns, yes you heard it right! even newborns have personalities these days.

Brook Martel

I'm Brooke. I was born in the NWT and have been living in Whitehorse, Yukon for over 20 years.I love visual imagery and getting creative with painting, drawing, or taking photos -- this is where I thrive. There is way more to photography than focus, composition and exposing.. there is an art for selecting the right moment. My favourites are the 'in-between' moments.. so you'll notice in most of my work it's not your typical smiling shot; it might be an intense stare from your very independent toddler, the giggles from your children, or the face of a new mom looking down at her new baby.. ahh I just can't get enough of real, human emotion!

Anthony DeLorenzo

Anthony DeLorenzo is a landscape and outdoor adventure photographer who works with film and traditional darkroom printing. He lives in Whitehorse, Yukon and he is passionate about exploring the remote landscapes of Canada’s North—his own backyard. He uses a completely non-digital process from capturing images on film to making silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. His handmade prints explore the possibilities of the monochrome image through toning and alternative printing techniques. Since 2017, his work has been exhibited in Whitehorse, Carcross, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is an award winning photographer based in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. He received a Kodak Instamatic 110 camera on his 8th birthday and has not stopped clicking since. His passion for photography has led him around the world to photograph inspiring people and places.

Manu Keggenhoff

Manu is an award-winning photographer whose images have been published in a multitude of publications (including Photo Life, DigitalPhoto, New York Times, Globe & Mail, Canadian Geographic, Yukon–North of Ordinary, British Columbia Magazine, UpHere, and many more). In 2016 she landed in the Top 10 “Photographer of the Year” selection, curated by the german edition of “Digital Photo Magazine”.She feels at home in many photography genres—from landscape to portraits, from animals to events to conceptual art. Her passion is capturing the beauty of the canadian North: its land, the people, the wild. Manu’s work can also be found in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. She lives in Atlin, BC with her husband, a pack of white shepherd dogs and two horses.

Cathie Archbould

For thirty years I’ve captured the North from every angle—the land, the people, the lifestyles. My passion for photography and for this place makes each new assignment feel as fresh and full of adventure as my first. I bring decades of experience to every shoot, and create images that reveal the extraordinary in the everyday.

Nicolas Dory

The Yukon is my home and a state of diverse and stunning natural beauty. I have been a nature photographer for over more than 10 years and enjoyed every minute of it! I was born and raised in France, I came to Canada in 2008 to backpack during a year across the country. I arrived to the Yukon to experience a real winter in the Great North and I felt in love with the territory. To me, it is a real chance to play with the light and to witness the animal’s behavior and the harmony that nature offers, which creates a strong emotional state, a special feeling that I want to share.Photography is also a powerful tool for the advocacy of nature, that’s why I am stepping more into conservation photography, trying to awake minds contributing to save this beautiful nature.

Lacey Mcloughlin

I'm Lacey, I am a lifestyle, newborn, birth, family and wedding photographer in Whitehorse, Yukon. I am a mother to two sweet, fabulously determined little ones and married to my best friend.  

I create in many different ways, but my excitement and drive in photography comes from creating sessions with clients that are meaningful to them - capturing those cherished, fun, and wild moments that make up our lives.

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