From Friday, August 24 until Sunday, August 26, musicians and filmmakers are invited and encouraged to take part in the creation of a music video that will be completed in only two days. Music Yukon, Yukon Film Society and Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) will be teaming up to tackle the 48-Hour Music Video Challenge with help from those who lend their skills to the project.

“The 48-Hour Music Video Challenge is a challenge designed to allow filmmakers and musicians to work in a collaborative environment on a project that covers both disciplines and also forces them to work within the confines of a short deadline,” said Music Yukon director Andrea Stratis. “This will hopefully spark interest in both musicians and filmmakers to consider this medium in a different light and hopefully breed new creative partnerships.”

For the project, participating musicians and filmmakers are asked to bring their own instruments and cameras, and everyone should bring some creative ingenuity. The ultimate goal of the finished product is to be captivating and engage viewers and listeners through means both narrative and experimental.

Participants are allowed to pair themselves up in musician/filmmaker pairs or can be paired up by the organizers in charge. Those who want to participate and need to be connected with someone can contact the event organizers and be put into a pair. People are also allowed to work by themselves if they prefer.

“We hope that by providing this opportunity, it creates a bridge between the film and music industries to inspire collaboration and engagement,” said Stratis. “We also hope this creates strong material for an increasingly demanding content-driven online environment.”

The Yukon has very prominent communities in both music and film, and strengthening connections between the two communities could mean a more vibrant, well-rounded arts community, as a whole, something any artist in the Yukon would be glad to see progressing.

In order to participate, the first step is signing up online, which can be done on both the Music Yukon and Yukon Film Society websites. The registration fee is preferred in cash and can be dropped off at Music Yukon. If there is an odd musician-to-filmmaker ratio, or vice versa, the registration fee will be refunded to those who are not able to participate in the project.

Once the videos by the participants are complete, they must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and a link sent to the organizers by the end of Sunday, August 26. The completed videos will be shown at screenings in Whitehorse and Dawson City. The dates and locations of the screenings have yet to be announced, but the videos will also be shown on NorthwesTel Community TV. Prizes and additional guidelines will also be announced soon.

This is the first time the Yukon will be taking on the 48-Hour Music Video Challenge, so artists and creators shouldn’t miss the first opportunity to be part of such a project. Participants from anywhere in the Yukon and even from outside the territory are welcome to take part in the challenge.

The Yukon’s inaugural 48-Hour Music Video Challenge will begin at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 24. Check online at and for updates on locations, prizes and screening events. Questions can be sent to Takashi at [email protected]