Juno nominee Danny Michel is a singer/songwriter, producer and soon-to-be CBC radio host.

With a long list of qualifications under his belt and numerous touring dates set up across the country, Michel has made time to come up to the Yukon. And he says it’s because he wants to.

“I like to travel, meet new people, play for new people, it never really ends,” Michel says. “Whether I’m in the Yukon or Mexico, there are the same reasons, goals and rewards.”

Coming up Feb. 15 to the 17, Michel will be performing at this year’s 30th Frostbite Music Festival.

“I’m in my thirties, been a musician since I could walk,” he says nonchalantly over the phone. “I’m a producer, I produce other people’s records and I have six records of my own out.”

Most of his music catalogue was recorded in a home-studio and now Michel is wrapping up a seventh album.

Michel is multi-tasking as he is being interviewed, making his lunch and burning himself in the process. However, this distraction doesn’t take him away from talking about the music.

“I like so much music, I could never understand how musicians can play one style of music their whole life.”

When describing his sounds he hesitates: “It’s hard to put into a category, it’s all over the map, mellow, folky, alt-country, rock. I have raging musical A.D.D,” he says with a laugh.

Having been to the Yukon three times already, Michel felt a need to return to the North yet again. To satisfy that, he applied to play at this year’s Frostbite Music Fest.

With over a dozen March dates already booked for his Vinyl Café Spring Tour for CBC, it’s obvious he tours quite often.

“I tour a lot, I love touring, it’s my favourite.”

After wrapping up his spring shows, Michel will start to tour with his new album, which is still untitled. This year’s Frostbite goers will get the chance to hear fresh tracks from the record. “This is the first time playing my new work,” he says.

When taking the stage, he’s been said to loop live samples from his guitar and incorporate other instruments to create a richer sounding performance.

However, Michel is an artist of few words when explaining his live shows.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s a fun, diverse bunch of music.”

This year’s Frostbite Music Festival runs from Feb. 15 to 17. For tickets, to volunteer or to find out more, contact the Frostbite Music Society or go to www.frostbitefest.ca.