A New Sparrow is Arriving

Starting July 24 and running until August 5, The Keno City Music and Art Workshop will be taking place. One of the featured musicians is Yukoner Kim Beggs.

Thirteen years and five solo albums have earned Beggs a solid place among Canadian musicians.

This fall, Beggs will be launching her fifth solo album, called Said Little Sparrow, which is the follow up to 2013’s Beauty and Breaking.

A collection of 12 tracks, and 16 months in the making, Said Little Sparrow is the first album that Beggs has produced on her own.

“Producing this album was an incredible journey,” she says. “I was able to work with five different sound engineers who are from Whitehorse and Toronto.”

The album title – and the title track – pay tribute to Beggs’ mother.

“When I was younger and feeling down and out, my mom would always say, ‘Woe is me said little sparrow.’”

Another song on the new record, called “Walking Stick,” also adds a personal touch to the album. “My mom was adopted, but didn’t find out until she was in her 50’s. She then went on a journey to find her biological mom.”

Beggs says many of her songs draw from personal experiences in some ways. When asked about her song “Vampire Love Song,” she laughs and says, “Well, I haven’t been in love with a vampire yet.”

“Vampire Love Song” tells the tale of doomed love. “When I was a child, my first vampire film was Dracula. Over the years vampire shows have become more sophisticated. I am a huge fan of True Blood. In ‘Vampire Love Song,’ basically a vampire is in love with a woman, but he does not want to bite her to make her like him. She ends up getting married to a man she does not love, to appease her parents, and the vampire remains in the shadows watching her.”

The CD’s liner notes feature some special creative touches, including some illustrations done by Beggs. She also has the music chords listed for each song.

“One of my goals is to write a music book,” Beggs says. “For now, putting the musical chords in the CD is a less expensive way to do the same thing.”

The chords are accompanied by a number system and chart, making it easier to follow along and sing, as well as allow for the option of playing at your desired key.

Starting on October 4, Beggs will start touring in Canada with a first stop in Alban, Ontario heading west.

In addition to the tour, Beggs will also be playing a few special spots on the Home Routes Tour along the way. “The Home Routes Tour is pretty cool, because you get to play in people’s houses,” Beggs says.

Official dates for this portion of the tour have not been released yet, but check Begg’s website for more information: www.KimBeggs.com.

Said Little Sparrow will be available for sale on October 1, through Beggs’ website as well as streaming media outlets.

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