A Night of Romance

Young or old, you can see it in the dancers’ eyes – the mood is one of romance. It is one of the finest date opportunities in the Yukon — the annual Dessert and Dance, hosted by the All-City Band Society.

Duncan Sinclair’s tenor sax solo weaves melodically over the walking bass, through the beating drums, and over the punchy horns before vocalist Fawn Fritzen picks up the refrain, crooning a love song from years gone by.

The lights are low, highlighting the dancers as they sway, dressed in their finery, arm-in-arm on the dance floor.

The song ends, and suddenly The Big Band erupts in a pulse-pounding beat with trombones, trumpets, and saxophones. There is a lot of power in this 17-piece band and, as if under a musical spell, guests begin swinging around, spinning and twisting, with feet and hands flashing through the air.

Those less familiar with swing dancing are led through a lesson by Bruce Sahlstrom and 30 couples try out their new steps, stumbling and laughing and finally getting it right as they fall into their partners’ arms.

Stopping for a moment to catch their breath, some of the dancers return to their tables.

A waiter appears with fresh desserts; the chocolate and carrot cakes are moist and rich. Before long, the dancers finish their sweets and take each other by the hand, heading back to the dance floor for another hour.

This year’s Dessert and Dance will be held at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre on Saturday, February 8, starting at 7 p.m. There will be a silent auction tables with an array of unique items and gift ideas.

Tickets for the Dessert and Dance are $15 ($10 for students and seniors,) and are available at Riverside Grocery, Dean’s Strings, and online at AllCityBand.com.

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