“Under the Midnight Sun in the heart of Whitehorse,” says Jordi Jones of the Fifth Annual Sunstroke Music Festival.

The event will be held this year at Shipyards Park, June 25 and 26, with 26 bands from all over Canada performing.

All proceeds from this event will go to “the care and management of the abused and abandoned animals at the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter”.

Jones, one of the event organizers, said Sunstroke was designed to be a music festival that’s right in people’s backyards. There was no prominent summer music festival in Whitehorse and, this year, it is an entirely stand-alone festival.

Jones feels that two Vancouver bands – Nomeansno and The Pack a.d. — are the most anticipated: “The Pack a.d. brought down the house last year,” said Jones.

The Pack a.d. will headline both days of the festival. Nomeansno, a progressive punk rock group, joins it on Friday night to kick off the festival.

On Saturday, The Pack a.d. will be joined by fellow headliners The WhiskeyDicks, a group of “Celtic Gypsy Punk Rockers”.

The Pack a.d. is a two-woman duo with Maya Miller’s drums and Becky Black’s siren-like voice.

“It [Sunstroke 2009] definitely made our decision to come back very easy,” says Miller via an e-mail interview. “We both had an amazing time – we met so many great people and Whitehorse is just plain gorgeous.

“Have to admit, the being completely light out at two in the morning was bizarre, but we just drew the blinds in the room and it was all good.

“We’ve actually had people show up to shows in Vancouver, who saw us in Whitehorse, so that was really cool, too.”

Nomeansno is headed by the Wright brothers, Rob and John. The band plays foot-stomping punk rock rhythms.

Judging by the self-proclaimed tomfoolery that oozes from its website and the positive word of mouth already spreading about their upcoming performance, this is a band that is sure to have fun on stage.

The action begins Friday, June 25, at 4 p.m. and lasts until midnight. Saturday is noon to midnight, with free kids activities from noon to 4 p.m.

Day-long passes are only available at the entrance.