Electronic music gets its turn

It started out with the purest of intentions: for the love of music.

Five years ago, it was called Booms Day, an all-night concert of electronic music. There were a couple of a hundred fans, who would hear about it from friend to friend, and they would converge at “Paradise”. It is a hospitable piece of property five kilometres south of the Marsh Lake Bridge on the Alaska Highway that is more formally known as “Paradise Ranch”.

“Up until now, it has been word of mouth, talk of the town,” says Graham Cowman. “With advertising, I think you get more people out there.

“And I want to see more people come out.”

So, with the original organizers out of town this summer, Cowman became the producer of Booms Day’s spin-off event, Midnight Sun Asylum.

It will be held at the same location, on Paradise Ranch, on Saturday, Aug. 7, starting at 9 p.m.

Next year, it will be a combined event with the original organizers.

“I want to make this an annual event, like the Shambhala event in B.C. for people who can’t get out of the Yukon,” says Cowman.

Bringing B.C. to the Yukon involves bringing two Vancouver DJs up for the Midnight Sun Asylum. There will be DJ Kraig (funky breaks, Hip Hop) and DJ Jesse j (Bangin’ House).

Cowman, himself, will be performing break beats as Blown Breaka.

As well, there will be newer DJs there, which is important, says Cowman.

“We have a lot of up-and-coming talent here in the Yukon,” he says. “It’s always good to have the more-experienced DJs out there with them and it is the exposure, too.”

He says there is a lot of excitement in town as this musical genre takes its turn in the music festival season.

“They don’t get a chance to enjoy this kind of music outside of the bars,” says Cowman.

Along with an advertising budget this year, Midnight Sun Asylum has a sponsor, Pepsi, and food vendors.

Tickets are only available at the gate, for $20, and concert-goers are encouraged to camp overnight to avoid drinking and driving.

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