As I start this article, I should reveal to you that this CD is not for the weak.

There is much reference to making merry, but at this time of the season, you must admit, a little revelry is called for.

The Whiskeydicks have a new CD out called Get’er Done! and they have an agenda. They are out to create the bacchanalia with every performance.

In essence, they are a party band, with the ability to move a crowd lyrically, often using references to alcohol and its effects and its aftermath to tell a good tale.

More importantly, they have the talent to pull off different styles of music, sometimes within the same song.

Stylistically they range the canon of 20th century music, submersed and suffused in punk. Anarchy may spew from the beer-soaked lyrics, but the music is always spot on.

Witness, if you will, the song Nowhere Fast. Within this gem is a break of the classic rock hit Smoke on the Water and the standby standard Caravan.

Combined in this moment of well-executed madness, in a twisted gypsy metal mash up sort of way, is the nub of The Whiskeydicks strength and the mark of good band repartee: the ability to change gears mid-tune while playing with great effect and verve.

Whereas some bands might sample a tune electronically and place it in the context of the song as an element, The Whiskeydicks apply their musical abilities to the same idea and play the interpretation live as a cultural reference within the performance.

Ryan Enns (guitar and vocals), Patrick Ernst (fiddle) and Curtis Ernst (cello and bass) are all Whitehorse expatriates. Mike Bell (drums and accordion) from Prince Rupert and Zoe Robertson (second fiddle) from Vancouver round out the group musically as well as geographically.

In Cat Harsis, they take a kick at The Cat Came Back and finally rid the world of that monstrous feline.

Tamlynn’s Dizzle starts out as a heavy metal cello riff and quickly becomes a hip-hop showcase for another fine Yukon musician, Reid Parent.

The Whiskeydicks will be performing five sets over four days with an all-Yukon lineup at the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, Australia. For these shows, Yves Paradis of Nemesis will be joining them on the drums.

If you happen to find yourself down under over the holidays check it out, otherwise stay tuned as they play this neck of the woods a couple of times a year.

With the holiday season in full effect, merriment and parties are sure to ensue. With gatherings, music is essential. So if you want to party like it’s 1999 (plus 10) check out this album and pour me a tall cool one.

They have a web presence at

The Whiskeydicks’ Get’er Done! is available in the Yukon exclusively at Triple J’s Music.