What could be better than burning away the winter blues with a good, old-fashioned rock show? How about a rock show that features Pink Floyd covers and raises funds for the Whitehorse Food Bank?

Introducing Floyd For Food, a one-night-only event that will take place on January 24 at Club 867, featuring Whitehorse’s very own Pink Floyd cover band, Pigs on the Wing, as they reunite after a two-year hiatus.

Drummer Mike Miller and guitarist Dominic Gibson came up with the idea when they initially started talking about a reunion show for the popular local group, deciding in the end that their reunion would dbe made all the more special if it were thrown for a good cause.

“ I’ve always liked the food bank, they’re always needing the help, it’s definitely local,” says Miller, explaining that January is the food bank’s busiest month, and a time when they’re often low on supplies. Killing two birds with one stone, the show will also help to fill a gap in the live music scene that has been empty for the last two years.

“ I’ve found that there’s always a need for Pink Floyd, because ever since we went on hiatus, we’ve been asked when the Floyd band is playing again,” Miller laughs.

Pigs on the Wing made waves when they hit the stage back in 2012, covering some of the longer and more challenging Floyd favourites, like “Dogs” and “Echoes” — songs that some cover bands might shy away from.

Featuring members from various other groups in town, notably the Black Sabbath crowd-pleaser, A Bunch of BS, they played shows on and off for two years before the members went their separate ways to pursue education and various other projects.

Now, with a psychedelic reunion show in sight, Pigs on the Wing is back in the (metaphorical) saddle.

“It’s quite the thing to get back into playing 17-minute songs,” says Miller ruefully, though he’s no less excited and gratified by the group’s return to the stage. “We put so much work into it initially and only played a relative handful of shows last year,” he says.

Event attendees can expect, in Miller’s words, “…a full evening of rock, and all the best of Floyd for your listening pleasure.”

And of course, arrangements are being made for lasers, smoke machines, and more. There will be a brand-new opening band and lots other surprises in store; those interested can stay up-to-date on the proceedings via the Pigs on the Wing Facebook group.

“ It’s a good show for a good cause,” concludes guitarist Mike Smith. “We hope for a full house, with a bunch of money and food raised, and hopefully we’ll remember all the parts for ‘Echoes’!” he laughs.

Ticket information and other details will be available soon through social media of Pigs on the Wing, Club 867 and the Whitehorse Food Bank, so stay tuned.