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I wanted to get the story behind BC/DC which is, according to its website, “the world’s third most popular and dangerous band.”

The website also warns that they never give straight answers to the press. So after speaking with the lead guitarist, who calls himself MadCow (The Artist Formerly Known as Angus Hung), I may not have gotten the real story, but I did get a story.

The first thing Cow wants to make clear is that BC/DC is not an AC/DC tribute band. “That’s a common misconception,” he explains. “AC/DC is a BC/DC tribute band. All the songs we play are originals.

“Unfortunately, our laziness has always been our downfall. The members of that other band would come to our shows with notebooks, and study our songs and our moves. And because we never get to the studio to actually record our songs, they beat us to it and claim them as their own.”

Cow continues his complaint, “And in a most despicable move, they called themselves AC/DC, which is just one letter different from BC/DC, and AC/DC is closer to the front of the phone book.

“We had to get a restraining order against them,” he says. “They’d be at the end of our compound, taking pictures, like creepy stalkers. I couldn’t go out of the palace without being followed by them.”

There are distinct differences between the two bands. The guitarist of the other band, Cow’s counterpart, is known to wear a schoolboy uniform.

“That’s a poor consolation costume,” Cow says. “I wear a cow suit. It makes people stand and salute. It’s the ultimate power suit. I’m surprised others don’t wear one. I can do anything when I wear mine. Except fly.”

The members of the band – Cow, lead singer Brian “Bon” Johns cottson, rhythm guitarist Mangus Hung, bass guitarist Spliff Swilliams, and drummer P. Thuddy – grew up in Plugg, a small fishing village.

This isn’t the story I found on their website. In doing my background research for this interview, I read that BC/DC was “born of bush party ashes in the summer of 1999.” Cow, again, sets me straight.

“We’re all the sons of famous herring fishermen,” he says. “Three of us decided we wanted to be herring fishermen, and two of us wanted to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. And since one of the guys who picked rock ‘n’ roll was a bully, here we are.

“Now we’re incredibly popular everywhere we play, because of our good looks and incredible talent. People get woozy, we’re so talented. It’s something we have to live with. I look in the mirror every day and ask why did I have to be so far above average, why couldn’t I just be above average?”

Returning to Whitehorse after an absence of three or four years (“I’m not sure which,” Cow says, “I’m missing a year.”), BC/DC promises a high energy show, based on their amazing talent and good looks.

“You can expect a lot of sweaty people, lineups for drinks, clean washrooms, and mind-numbing volume. You shouldn’t expect free oysters or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.”

You can also expect some very familiar songs, thanks to a certain Australian band. If you don’t get too woozy from the amazing good looks of BC/DC.

BC/DC will perform Saturday, March 19 at the High Country Inn and Convention Centre at 9 pm. Doors open at 7:30.

I’m pretty sure about that part.

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