Kim Barlow Hits the Road

Singer-songwriter Kim Barlow hasn’t accumulated much worth selling in her 20 years in the Yukon, but she has amassed enough friends and fans to warrant a goodbye concert.

Kim Barlow’s Send-Off Concert will feature Barlow playing with Helene Beaulieu, Dave Haddock, Andrea McColeman, Lonnie Powell and Micah Smith, as well as special guests Kim Beggs, Natalie Edelson Bob Hamilton and Daniel Janke. In addition, Besty Sims and Martha Scott Stey are heading into town from Juneau, Alaska to join in on some Glacial Erratics hits.

While in the midst of parenting, packing, selling her Whitehorse house and searching for a new one on the east coast last week, Barlow found time for a conversation.

RW: Everyone seems to know you, so I need to ask the question that is on the whole community’s mind. When is the garage sale and is there anything good?

KB: Actually we don’t even really have time for a garage sale. It’s all going on the buy and sell — so keep your eyes open there. But, if you are looking for a bargain we are going to be having a fire sale on CDs and T-shirts. We don’t want to ship them so they will be going cheap at the concert.

RW: You heard it here first Whitehorse: forget the music, come for the schwag! Just in case that isn’t enough to get people in the door, tell me about the concert. Is it just for old fans, a trip down memory lane?

KB: We will be playing lots of new music but it will definitely also be a walk through the phases of my career since I’ve been here. The Glacial Erratics will be there, I will play a few songs from Spring Break Up (sans Mathias Kom of Burning Hell), Blue Hibou are coming… I think there will be something for old and new fans. Or maybe they’re both, lately I have been running into 19 year olds who say their parents played me as they grew up. That’s fun.

RW: Since you are leaving and won’t have to worry about paparazzi anymore, its time to share your favourite Yukon haunts.

KB: Keno City is the top of the list for locations. The landscape is spectacular and the people have amazingly strong personalities. The Keno City Snack Bar has to be mentioned. In Whitehorse, Midnight Sun Coffee and the good ole CBC have both been favourites.

RW: I couldn’t live without the Riverside Grocery.

KB: I worked there for a month when I first came to Whitehorse.

RW: Is that a good memory? What is your best?

KB: The first summer I spent here is forever imprinted on my mind. Everything after is wonderful, but not as clear. That summer was warm just like this summer and there were many naked midnight swims in Long Lake.

RW: What are you looking forward to down south?

KB: Being near family, growing things: apples, corn, peaches. I plan to have a big garden. I am excited about being close to Halifax, Toronto and Montreal and playing with my musician friends from there too.

RW: Will you be back?

KB: I sure hope so.

Kim Barlow’s Send Off Concert takes place at the Yukon Arts Centre on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m.

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