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Calvin Laveck, 15, never goes a day without singing, dancing, acting or playing music.

He recently performed in the MAD variety show as a Spice Girl, a nerd, a comedic character and sang the challenging Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera.

This is his first year in the Music Arts and Drama program and he is enjoying this hands-on experience immensely.

In the past, he has been in many dance performances, as well as recitals for voice and piano.

“I always get nervous before shows and my stomach churns, but while I’m performing it feels good … with people in front of me, I’ll take the risk,” Laveck spews excitedly.

Laveck was involved with the Frantic Follies production last summer and, aside from being part of the door staff, he also played the piano and acted as Sam McGee.

He is preparing for a job with the Follies again this summer and has already started taking banjo lessons … one more addition to the many music lessons Laveck attends each week.

He has piano lessons and voice lessons once a week, as well as music theory classes, choir and band practice for which he plays the tenor saxophone.

Laveck’s hectic week is a combination of these music lessons and also the three different dance classes he is in: jazz, hip hop and modern. Laveck loves dance, especially jazz.

“I like the style of music and the way you get to interpret yourself,” he explains.

Laveck admits his life is tiring, but he loves everything he does. He is thankful that his mother wouldn’t let him quit the piano when he had his doubts because now Friday is his favourite day of the week: the day he has piano lessons.

“It doesn’t stress me out … playing the piano puts me in my own little world,” he says dreamily, raising his eyes toward the ceiling.

Laveck has already completed many of his goals, like writing lyrics and recording his first song at his older brother’s recording studio in Kelowna over Christmas. Now he is looking toward post-secondary at either The Canadian College of Performing Arts or University of Victoria.

Other auditions Laveck hopes to pursue are for the reality television shows Canadian Idol and Triple Sensation.

Laveck laughs at the stereotypical accusation that only “gay guys” go into dance. He is the only guy in most of his dance classes and he likes that ratio. Also, Laveck dislikes it when people categorize dance as easy.

“Some of my buddies had to take ballet classes as part of their hockey training,” Laveck grins widely and shakes his head.

“They realized how difficult it really is.”

Even in the hours Laveck is not participating in a dance class or a music lesson, he is usually practising or reciting something in his head. Whenever he is at home, if he sits down in front of the piano he’ll stay there for long periods of time.

Laveck practises singing wherever he is.

If Laveck had to choose from one of his many talents and prepare a solo performance, he is certain he would pick singing because it is the element he feels most comfortable in. Plus he doesn’t have to haul any equipment around during preparation.

“My voice is a part of me,” says Laveck.

PHOTO: RICK MASSIE [email protected]

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