Life’s Experiences Can Be Bittersweet

“Every song is a love song,” says Tim Naylor.

Long-time professional musician, best known locally for his band, Mr. Vein, that haunted the stages of Whitehorse pubs, from the Kopper King to Coaster’s, Naylor’s blend of classic rock with a soul is coming back — with enhanced solo action.

“I’ve been performing in Whitehorse on and off for 18 years,” says Naylor, “and through that time, I’ve been writing songs and just collecting material.”

Naylor played in various bands throughout the years; from Love Rhino to Mr. Vein, but this show is a chance to display the solo song writing he has been working on.

Naylor is essentially a classic rock artist with influences from The Doors, some country (minimal, according to Naylor), the “best of the 1950s and ’60s, Elvis, all that good stuff,” and Pink Floyd; he is a mixed-bag of music and he loves it.

“A lot of great music has been done before. I use their structures, and pay homage to their talent. I look to musicians who broke the rules, who revolutionized music, and I see what worked for them,” he says.

Good music means people enjoy it, and if you’ve achieved that, well, you’ve achieved everything.

And what of Naylor’s Bittersweet, his sudden upcoming performance in Haines Junction?

Well, he previously performed an acoustic set for poets, storytellers and other writers who held a reading at the Haines Junction St. Elias Centre. After the arts centre staff heard his acoustic range, they invited him to do a show with a full production.

“I guess they were impressed! It’s pretty nice to get that recognition,” says Naylor.

Not that Naylor has been incognito since his Mr. Vein days: “We had a ton of airplay on the radio, CKRW, CBC, CHON-FM have all been playing Mr. Vein songs throughout the years, since we released the songs,” says Naylor.

He does want to emphasize that the Haines Junction show, Bittersweet, isn’t a Mr. Vein repeat, but rather one that allows him to explore his song-writing side.

“We may play some Mr. Vein because people know us as that, but this show is primarily a culmination of my solo focus,” says Naylor.

Why is the show titled Bittersweet? Because it’s written about life and love, and the happy and sad moments that permeate our histories, according to Naylor.

“I write mostly about that elusive moment, falling in love, keeping love, being in love. Fast or slow, my songs are primarily based on love,” he says.

Stepping up onto the stage with him is former Mr. Vein band member, drummer Daniel Dunphy, Paul Stephens, Andrea McColeman and guitarist Clint Watson.

Bittersweet rocks on Saturday Sept. 18 at the St. Elias Convention Centre in Haines Junction. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., show is from 8 to 10 p.m. Tickets are available in advance and at the door.

To check out Tim Naylor’s sound, visit his website at

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