Lucie D and the Immortals

There is a new sound in town! On Thursday June 21, Lucie D and the Immortals will debut their new EP, Les Thèmes de la Vie (Themes of Life), from 7 to 9 p.m. at Baked Café. The new collaborative band consists of:
Lucie Desaulniers, as lead vocalist
Lonnie Powell, on drums/batterie
Paul Bergman, as bassist/contrebasse, vocals and choeurs
Andrea McColeman, on piano, background vocals and choeurs
and Olivier de Colombel, on saxophone, vocals and choeurs.

The ensemble incorporates a jazzy and interesting pop sound, fused with a European flair that showcases their collective musical experience and versatility. The evening will consist of Lucie D and the Immortals performing both original compositions, during their first set; and fun, upbeat cover versions of hit songs for the second set. Also, a special guest performance by one of Barbara Chamberlin’s choirs will be kicking off the evening as the show’s grand opener on what will be one of the longest days of the year!

Counsellor by day at her private practice and musician by night, vocalist Lucie Desaulniers is a francophone from Manitoba who has always been involved in the arts and music scene. She grew up surrounded by musicians and began singing at a young age. “My father was a renowned musician in Manitoba, and basically his whole side of the family are theatre people,” she explained. Desaulniers is classically trained and started doing performances at the age of ten …

“I was even performing in bars at the age of fourteen,” she shared. After she moved to the Yukon Desaulniers sang in, and toured with, a major funk band of the ’90s, Inconnu, where she met and performed alongside fellow musician Andrea McColeman. After they finished touring with Inconnu, in and outside of the Yukon, Desaulniers and McColeman continued to play gigs on and off together as a duo.

In 2016, the artists of Lucie D and the Immortals came together, thanks to Jazz in the Hall. After meeting and sharing their passion for music, Desaulniers was the driving organizer of the ensemble, which developed into a unique band that continues to create new music and jam together.

“The band and I recorded our first EP this past February/March at Daniel Janke’s studio, and we are now releasing it with plans to do a full-length album,” says vocalist Desaulniers. “Also, all our original songs are sung in French because that is my first language,” she explained. The band is hoping to start doing mini tours in the near future that will be manageable for all members involved.

“The band and I want to give many thanks, in advance, to our wonderful sponsors—Government of the Yukon Economic Development, Yukon Media Development, Lotteries Yukon, and Jenni House—for making our debut release concert possible.” We are also excited to be performing at Baked Café,” Desaulniers noted.

The cozy and artistic location of Baked café, along with the new and unique sound of Lucie D and the Immortals, will make it a night to remember. Advance tickets are available and you can buy them by emailing [email protected] or by texting (867) 334-6281. Tickets will also be available at the door. Plus, the EP will be on sale on-site at the show. What a perfect way to kickoff Summer Solstice weekend and enjoy the longest day of the year!

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