APTN Celebrates Aboriginal Day

Kreviazuk, of course, is a world-renowned contemporary singer/songwriter and pianist; Arcand is a Canadian actor perhaps best known for his role in the popular drama series North of 60; and Secola is an award-winning folk & blues rocker, master guitarist, flute player, singer/songwriter, composer and producer.

Venture a guess? Give up?

Not only are all three accomplished artists; all three are of Aboriginal descent, and all three will be taking part in APTN’s fourth annual Aboriginal Day Live nationally televised concert event.

Aboriginal Day Live is Canada’s largest celebration of National Aboriginal Day and is slated to take place this year from two stages, in Winnipeg and Ottawa, on Sunday, June 20.

Yukoners, in particular, might remember the excitement last year’s show generated locally, and some may even have been in on the action when APTN brought the festivities to Whitehorse, basing its second stage at Shipyards Park.

This year, another celebration, another stage location and another star-studded lineup that is sure to please.

Joining Kreviazuk, Arcand and Secola on the Winnipeg stage will be Winnipeg singer/songwriter Don Amero; award-winning, high octane performance artists Red Power Squad; Native American singer/songwriter and actress Jana Mashonee; and Inuit throat singing/contemporary music group Tumivut.

Arcand will host.

The Ottawa stage, meanwhile, will be emceed by the star of APTN’s hit series Fish Out of Water, Don Kelly, and will feature the musical acrobatics of renowned Inuit music meister DJ Mad Eskimo; Juno Award-winning artists Digging Roots; pop sensation Inez; celebrated Inuit singer/songwriter Lucie Idlout; hip hop artist, emcee, lyricist and producer Plex; and Juno Award nominee Kinnie Starr.

The three-hour show will broadcast live on APTN and APTN HD across Canada starting at 4:30 p.m.

And while we’re on the topic of star power, make sure to also check APTN out in June for blockbuster movies every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Watch Saturday, June 5, for the APTN premiere of Robert Altman’s comedy, Ready to Wear. Focusing on the tightly knit, pretentious fashion industry. Actors, who are playing fictional characters, intermingle with popular designers and models who play themselves. Ready to Wear stars Sophia Loren, Tim Robbins, Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger.

Then, on Saturday, June 12, don’t miss The Sandlot, starring James Earl Jones and Patrick Renna. The story follows a young boy in the early 1960s trying to fit into a new neighbourhood by joining the local sandlot ball team.

If you’re looking for family fare, tune in June 24 for the action-filled family adventure,True Heart. With the help of a Native American Indian and a legendary wild bear, two children struggle to survive in the wilderness and elude evil poachers.

Make sure to log on to www.aptn.ca to see our full northern schedule and more information on current programming and initiatives, contests and memberships.

Next month: Get set for the summer heat with APTN July programming.

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