Barney Bentall—new and old

There will be two Barney Bentalls performing at Yukon Learn and PGI Yukon’s The Night Before Gala.

The one Barney Bentall is the we all know as the Canadian rocker who fronted The Legendary Hearts and gave us such hits as “Something To Live For,” “House of Love” [Is Haunted] and “Come Back To Me.”

The second Barney Bentall is the older version who had a seven-year break from the music industry and now has a fresh perspective and a sound that leans more toward country roots (that’s what the press release calls it … Bentall is not sure what it is called).

“The music industry has changed so radically,” he says over the phone, from a wharf while he awaits a water taxi. “Whereas it used to be important to get something on the radio, it is not that way anymore.

“So, I just create the music that really connects with me and I just keep it real.”

He didn’t completely stop playing music for those seven years while operating a cattle farm, beginning in 2000. Besides fixing fences, paying bills and negotiating prices, he learned to “follow my nose and play what I want to play.

“I’m happier now, when I get to dabble in all of the stuff, and it keeps me really interested.

“When the energy level comes up and it rocks, it is rock music,” he says. “But it can be ‘folky’.”

The two Barney Bentalls get along fine on stage. Playing at the Yukon Arts Centre Friday, June 25, he will be playing “some from the last two albums over the past three years and the old stuff.

“I do various sorts of things in the music business now, but I’ll still play the old hits,” he says. “I think it’s indulgent when artists don’t do that.

“I love those old songs, they’re great to play.”

His son, Dustin, is a musician and he, too, plays some Legendary Heart stuff … just as Bentall has played his son’s music.

“I just keep playing the music … that’s what it’s all about.”

Sharing the stage with “the two Bentalls” will be the Yukon’s own Diyet, who was on this same stage early last month to kick off her first CD, The Breaking Point.

Tickets for The Night Before Gala, a fundraiser for Yukon Learn, are available at the Yukon Arts Centre Box Office and

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