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A recent arrival in Whitehorse, Patrick Jacobson is already making waves. Having moved

from Vancouver just a couple of months ago, Jacobson has released his self-titled debut solo EP of melodic indie guitar rock. Fans of the genre can see him in Whitehorse on July 26 and August 15.

You may already be familiar with Jacobson, either from his gigs, his open mics appearances, or Shed Fest. You may have heard his songs on the TV show, The L Word, or the movie, Fear Island. You may even have seen him at the Capital or the 202 between 2004 and 2007, when he was on tour with his band, the Capitals. “I just fell in love with the place,” he remembers. “And I basically looked for excuses to move up here. I’ve been casually applying for jobs here through the years and then when an Air North position opened up in Vancouver, I took it with the idea that I would eventually end up here.”

Jacobson starting playing guitar at 16 as a catalyst for his songwriting ambitions. “I took some formal lessons but I just wanted to play well enough that I could start writing my own songs. So that was always my intent. I just wanted the ability to strum and sing basically,” he says.

More than just strumming, the constant touring and performing have turned him into a skilled guitarist. Inspired by the melody and harmonies of the British Invasion bands of the ‘60s and the newer Britpop of Supergrass and Oasis, Jacobson adds edgy guitar lines that drive the songs without losing their infectious singalong qualities.

Having released albums with his bands, the Capitals and the Top Drawers, Jacobson is releasing his new EP as a solo effort. His reasoning is more practical than artistic. “It’s diffi cult to keep a band together because everyone has outside commitments, and sometimes you have to switch out members of the band because someone can’t do it anymore. So I fi gured this time I’d use my own name for this project, since if I had to swap out members of the band, it wouldn’t feel like I had to rename the band. I could still play as myself and have other guys backing me up, which is going to be especially handy now, since I have to put together a new band up here.”

Joining Jacobson on the new tracks are the Capitals guitarist Robert Watt, guitarist Steven Drake from the Odds, bassist/ producer Winston Hauschild, and drummer/former Yukoner Adam Fink. Together they add sweet power-pop harmonies that bring Jacobson’s choruses to life.

While the songs are available through his website,, as well as Bandcamp and CD Baby, he is looking forward to releasing the songs on vinyl, which he’ll celebrate with a release party and a full band. “Up until now I’ve been doing mostly acoustic sets,” Jacobson says. “While I’ve been doing that I’ve been talking to other musicians, trying to piece together a band so I can start doing electric shows up here. That’s really what suits the songs the best, a full band.”

Still a newcomer to Whitehorse, Jacobson is quickly establishing himself and his music as vital fixtures in the local music scene. He performs July 26 at the Gold Pan Saloon and August 15 at the Watershed.

Outstanding Tracks: “The Tales You Tell” and “You Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

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