Storytelling heavyweights Ivan Coyote, Pat Braden and Yukon songwriter Kim Beggs will step onstage at the Yukon Arts Centre on October 28 in a collaborative, yet individual, showcase of their unique talents.

Up There is a northern extravaganza, with the artists exploring tales they have written, anecdotes of living in the North and their solid, narrative-based artistry.

“The artists I’m performing with are so talented. They each have their own projects. And then having us come together onstage, well it’s going to be special,” says Beggs.

Each performer has their own projects, and are invested in their brand of performance.

“Pat Braden from Yellowknife is a storyteller and musician. He will be telling stories and performing accompanying music,” Beggs adds.

“Ivan Coyote is a published writer originally from the Yukon, although she lives in Vancouver now. Her storytelling is powerful, and she will be presenting stories at the event.”

Beggs herself is a well known songwriter and will be performing songs from her experiences as a Yukon artist. The performers are all strong in their own realms, and are now joining forces to present Whitehorse audiences with an extra-special showcase.

“We do tour individually. For example, I am going to be touring my newest album,Blue Bones, on the West Coast and prairies while we are doing this showcase,” Beggs says.

This sort of collaboration was the brainchild of Coyote and Braden, who invited Beggs to join them to create an artistic triad.

From the first show at Yukon Arts Centre, then on to Nanaimo, Beggs is looking forward to performing with Coyote and Braden on into future shows.

“For now we’re just booked in at YAC and in Nanaimo, but if the opportunity to do more comes up, we will be interested,” she says.

Beggs isn’t leaving behind her tour release however. Between the YAC and Nanaimo is a Vancouver gig solely of Kim Beggs – with some special guests: Ivan Coyote and Pat Braden.

“Because we’re not booked as the three of us, I am going to invite them onstage during a section of my Vancouver show,” says Beggs.

Collaboration isn’t new to Beggs and Coyote, who paired up to create the song Maiden Heart on Beggs’ album Blue Bones.

“It was a great experience. Ivan wrote a story, and I wrote a song based on it. It was a true story, and we wove her storytelling in between my songwriting” says Beggs. The collaboration created layers of depth in the piece. Coyote also recorded the collaboration differently, going live on her own album, Only Two Reasons.

Up There runs Thursday, October 28 at the Yukon Arts Centre. For previews of their sounds, Beggs recommends sampling each of the artist’s sites.

Pat Braden is at, Ivan Coyote is at and Kim Beggs is at